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CARDIGAN MECHANICS' INSTITUTE. The annual meeting of the members of this In- stitute was held at the Guild-hall, on Wednesday evening last, presided over by the Mayor. The following persons were present:—Messrs. Dr. Thomas, Levi James, Lewis Evans, D. M. Palmer, W. Woodward, W. Lewis (Brecon Old Bank), W. Joseph, Revs. L. Beynon and T. Phillips, together with a good sprinkling of the younger members of the Institute. The balance sheet for the past year is very satisfactory, and shows the Institute to be yearly increasing in the number of its members, and also progressing in its financial position, the balance in its favour at the end of the year materially exceeding that of the previous year. A strong desire was also manifested by all the speakers for a more spacious building for the Institute, a want which is now universally felt, and we hope that the prediction of the Mayor that before the end of this year he hoped the movement would be practically set on foot, will be verified. The Mayor having taken the chair, proceeded to read the balance sheet, from which it appears that the number of members at the end of the year was 288, 67 of whom had been admitted during the past year. The number of volumes borrowed during the year was 1908, the number of volumes added to the library being 38. The balance in favour of the Institute was £30 17s. lOd., as compared with a balance of jE25 10s. 7d. the previous. The chair- man having made a few pertinent remarks on the satisfactory state of the Institute, and the desira- bility of having a more commodious room, conclu- ded by moving the adoption of the balance sheet, which was seconded by the Rev. L. Beynon. The result of the voting papers sent in was then made known, and the following gentlemen were declared duly elected committee-men for the en- suing year:—Messrs. D. M. Palmer, Levi James, James Williams, J. R. Daniel, W. Picton Evans, and Rev. L. Beynon. Each of the above gentle- men, who were present, suitably returned thanks. Mr. L. James then proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. S., Owen, the secretary, for the very able man- ner in which he discharged his duties, and he con- sidered that the success of the Institute was in a great measure to be attributed to his indefatigable exertions. Seconded by Mr. Woodward. The Chairman next proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. T. Griffiths, the Auditor, which was seconded by Mr. Lewis Evans. Mr. Woodward, in the course of a few remarks, wished to impress upon the committee not to wait, but to at once take steps to procure a suitable building for the Institution. A vote of thanks was also passed to Mr. Wood- ward, for lending the Engineer, Architect, and Builder, for the use of the Institute, and also to the Secretary for presenting the Christmas number of the British Workman. A vote of thanks to the Chairman brought the business to a close. CARDIGAN TOWN COUNCIL. A meeting of the Council was held on Thursday last, at the Council Chamber, the Mayor in the chair. There were present-Alderman Davies, Councillors Asa J. Evans, Rev. W. Jones, W. Woodward, Lewis Evans, and O. P. Davies. THE LOWER MARKET. The Mayor said that last Saturday the market had been confined to the upper portion, and found quite adequate, and the public seemed pleased at the alteration; but Mr. Trollip said that shortly be would require some sheds in the yard. Town Clerk I am in a position to offer jE22 rent for the lower market. Mr. Woodward I have not the least doubt but that £ 25 will be offered for it. On the motion of Alderman. Davies, seconded by Mr. L. Evans, it was resolved that the question of letting the lower market be deferred to that day week, and that the public be invited to send ten- ders to the Mayor for the same and that an assur- ance be given that it would not be taken away from the occupier otherwise than for market purposes, of which six months notice would be given. THE WATER WORKS. This matter had been adjourned for a month, but the Town Clerk misunderstood the resolution come to at the previous meeting, and had put it on the agenda. It was again adjourned for a month, in order to secure the opinion of a professional man. In connection with this matter, Mr. Woodward said that it had been reported in one of the local papers that he would support any scheme but his own. He did not say such a thing. All he said was that he would support any scheme that would embody the three chief things required, viz., a supply of good water, a plentiful supply, and a high level reservoir, which were indispensable. FINCH'S SQUARE DRAIN. The Surveyor reported that the amount incurred in mending the above drain, in accordance with the views of Mr. William Davies, grocer, was jEl 15s. 9d., half of which he had promised to pay, but now he refuses to pay his quota. The Town Clerk was instructed to write to him, and demand payment forthwith. CLOSED GUTTERS. A letter from Brynhyfryd, St. Dogmell-, was read calling attention to the condition of the gutters near Bryncws and Tyhir, which were stated to be closed. The Surveyor The gutters are not'closed, but are found inadequate to take in the flow during heavy rains. COMPLETING PURCHASES. The Mayor said he was sorry to say that he had found it impossible to get the Town Clerk and Mr. Smith to complete the purchases of the Commons. Promises were continually made, but not redeemed. Mr. Alderman Davies said it was time this mat- ter should be brought to a close, and moved that it be done by that day week without fail. Mr. Woodwrd seconded the motion, and it was unanimously passed. Mr. Lewis Evans The making of the rates is also very backward. The Mayor: I am sorry to say that the Town Clerk is much more ready to promise than to fulfil. He has done it so often that I cannot rely upon him any more. Alderman Davies: This business of the rates should be at once attended to. What little money we have accumulated in the Bank will be absorbed in interest, and we will get into difficulties, having two years rates in arrears. Mr. Woodward: The Town Clerk seems more willing to serve others than the Corporation, and I am sorry to see him making a guy of himself on the streets by wearing a peculiar red cap. It re- flects upon us as a body. Town Clerk I am not going to ask you, Sir, what I shall wear. Alderman Davies That matter is irrelevant to the question before us, but I say this much, that the Town Clerk ought to attend better to his busi- ness. The Mayor Unless the Town Clerk attends bet- ter to his duties I shall be under the obligation of appealing to you as a Council for advice. THE FREEMEN'S CHEQUES. The Mayor said although cheques were ordered to be drawn in favour of the freemen's claim, they were neglected by the Town Clerk, aud lie was sorry to see the old people applying to him for their money continually. THE BYE-LAWS. Mr. Lewis Evans The bve-laws have not yet been drafted. Town Clerk They were left in abeyance until a certain book bearing upon the question was pub- lished. Mr. Asa J. Evaus: That book has been published three months ago. NUISANCES. three months ago. NUISANCES. Mr. Woodward called attention to the filthy state of Old Bethania lane, aud Mr. L. Evans to the approach to Netpool. The Inspector was requested to see that the nui- sances complained of be removed. CARDIFF SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION. VICTORY OF THE UNSECTARIAN CANDIDATES. The result of the School Board Election at Cardiff, on Wednesday, was declared a little after 4 o clock yesterday afternoon, when it was found that the six unseetsrian candidates were re-elected at the head of the poll by an overwhelming major- lt;y. Corey, 3525; Batchelor, 3434; Rees, 3410; Price, 3317; Williams, 3282; Waite, 3274; Richard- son, 3237j; Boulangsr, 3183; Thompson, 2423: Evans, 2184; Jones, 2183; Grover, 1066' (out). .j.i. \r- j CARDIGAN SCHOOL B0aHh| The monthly meeting of this board wal^^H) Monday last, at the Council Chamber, the^^g ing members being present:—Messrs. T. IJ^F » (in the chair), Asa J. Evans, and O. P. Davies.' A bell and three clocks for the use of the Schools were ordered. RESIGNATION OF THE MISTRESS. Miss Lloyd; the mistress of the girls' depart- ment, sent in her resignation on account of ill- health, which was accordingly accepted. Cheques were ordered to be drawn for the pay- ment of salaries and sundry bills. BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS. MONDAY. Before the Mayor and Dr. Thomas, Acting Ser- geant James, Cilgerran, charged Evan Owens, butcher, Aberporth, and Evan Davies, Wernddu, Whitechurch, with using carts without a name thereon. Fined 6d. and costs in each case. THURSDAY. Before the Mayor, Messrs. T. Davies, and Dr. Thomas. Owen Williams, mariner, Greenfield- square, was brought up in custody of P.C. Jones charged with threatening to put the house and furniture of Elizabeth Evans, his mother-in-law, on fire. At the recommendation of the bench, this charge against Williams was withdrawn, but he was further charged with assaulting P.C. Jones in the execution of his duty. Fined £5 and costs, in default, two months' imprisonment. RURAL SANITARY AUTHORITY. The monthly meeting of this Authority was held on Saturday, the 5th inst., at the Shire-hall. Pre- sent—Messrs. J. T. W. James (chairman), B. Rees, and W. Mathias. The minutes of the last meeting having been read and confirmed, The Inspector reported that the family had re- moved from the overcrowded cottage at Eglwys- wrw, to a more spacious one. The offensive pig- styes which were on the roadside had also been removed. The imbecile woman who was living in the dilapidated cottage at Pontbrenseirianhadbeen taken to the Joint Counties' Asylum, by order of the Guardians. SUSPECTED CASE OF DIPHTHERIA. The Inspector reported that a child, three years of age, had died rather suddenly in Llandugwydd parish of what the parents supposed to be asthma, but as diphtheria was in the locality the house had been disinfected. THE INSPECTOR'S MONTHLY REPORT. The Inspector reported his district free from epi- demic diseases, with the exception of some slight cases of measles in the parish of Dinas. On the whole the district was in a satisfactory sanitary condition. WATER SUPPLY FOR ST. DOGMELLS. The approval of the Authority was given to a resolution passed at a vestry, held at St. Dogmells, to bring the water from Tanybwnfil to the cistern, and from there to some convenient spot lower down in High-street, where a spout would be erected. The Inspector was requested to attend to the matter in the Spring. A HIGHAWY QUESTION. A letter was read from Mr. George Llewelyn, road surveyor, St. Dogmells, calling attention to the overflow from the cistern, which ran over the road. Should it freeze, it would prove dangerous to passers by. The Inspector The water complained of does not run from the cistern, but from an old quarry close by. The Chairman If that is the case, it is the duty of the road surveyor to attend to it. Mr. B. Rees contended that the water in question was an overflow from the cistern, and that it was the duty of the Inspector to see to it. The Inspector: I am positive that none of the water complained of runs from the cistern. The owner of the house has cut a channel across the road to carry the water away, which the surveyor ought not to allow, but should insist upon the owner making a proper gutter. The Chairman I am of opinion that the ques- tion does not concern us as an Authority. Cheques were ordered to be drawn for the pay- ment of several bills. BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The usual fortnightly meeting of this board was held on Wednesday last, at the Workhouse, pre- sent—Messrs. J. T. W. James (chairman), T. H. Brenchley, B. Rees, T. Jones, T. Llewellyn, Jas. Evans, L. Davies, T. Williams, J. Hughes, and Revs. J. M. Davies and I. H. Jones. MR. BIRCHAM'S RETURN. The Chairman said that Mr. Bircham's report for the years 1872 and 1876 was published, and copies were sent to them for perusal. By this report I find that the poor rate in the Cardigan Union is higher than any Union in the Principality, viz., 2s. 6 £ d. in the £ In 1872 it was 2s. 8id., so that there is a reduction of lfd. in the £ in 1876. From the report we glean the following statistics respecting the Cardigan Union :—the per centage of paupers on population, January 1st, 1871, was 7'8, Jan. 1st, 1876, 7*0 ratio of in-door and out- door paupers in 1872 was Ito 33'5, in 1876, 1 to 27 -6; rateable value in 1872, £52,475, in 1876, £54,164; in-maintenance, 311; out-relief, 6802—total 7,113; rate in £ of in-maintenance and out-relief on the rateable value of 1872, 2s. 8id.; in 1876, 2s. 6!d.; in-maintenance in 1876, 361, out-relief, 6,536— total, 6,897. CASES OF REMOVAL. The Clerk said he had written a letter to Cwm- aman, Aberdare, enquiring for the mother of David Evans, whose widow is in receipt of parochial re- lief at Newport, Pem., and should be removed to the Haverfordwest Union, but the letter had been returned to him, the person not being known there. ADVANCE OF SALARY. A letter from the Local Government Board was read, asking for the reasons for the advancement in the salary of Mr. D. Griffiths, rate collector, Newport, as no intimation of his re-appointment had been forwarded. COST OF MAINTAINING LUNATICS. A bill for £228 from the Joint Counties' Asylum was produced. Chairman: Is the Government grant included in this amount ? The Clerk Yes. The Government will refund to this board 4s. per week for each of the inmates, which will be over £100. The sum of £2 12s. per quarter is charged for each inmate. RETURN OF ORPHAN CHILDREN. Mr. W. Davies, medical officer for No. 1 district sent his quarterly return of the condition of out- door pauper children, which stated that they were well cared for, but two were reported as scrofulas. PAYMENT OF SCHOOL FEES. Mr. B. Rees called attention to the manner in which some school managers drew out their bills for educating the pauper children. He referred more particular to that of Dinas School, a.s' an average charge of 21d. was made for all the chil- dren, which was illegal. Pauper children must be charged according to the standard they are in, and the highest fee is not to exceed 3d. Rev. I. H. Jones The bill sent in by the mana- gers of the Dinas School is under the actual amount, as the children are mostly in the highest standard, for which 3d. can be charged. This alteration will benefit our school, and I am glad that you rose the objection. Mr. B. Rees: My object is to cause the manag- ers of schools to make out their charge in a legal way, by charging those in low standards as such, and those in the higher standards the same. A TECHNICAL POINT. Mr. B. Rees I have a point here (holding the Education Act in his hand), which I should like to get the Local Government's opinion thereon. It says here that the local Authority is to prosecute in case the Act IS not carried out. The Board of of Guardians pay the school fees, and the School Attendance Committee constitute the Authority. The latter decline to prosecute, or appoint an at- tendance officer. It may be well for us to know wlndi is the local Authority referred to in the Act, the hoard of Guardians or the School Attendance committee. Number of paupeis in the House during the last fortnight, 105; corresponding fortnight of last year, 85.

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