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NEW ENGLISH BAPTIST CHAPEL.—The Bap- tists at Cardigan, who have for many years'con- templated the erection of an English place of worship in the town, a step which has long since been felt to be a necessity, are progressing so favourably with the preliminary work that notices for tenders will soon appear in the local papers. The commit- tee have already several hundreds of pounds in hand, and have obtained promises for a very large amount besides, which augurs unusually well at a start. LLECHRYD. -Marriage Rejoicings.—On Tues- day last this quiet little village presented quite a fay appearance, the occasion being the marriage of Ir. Williams, Crickhowell, to Miss Frances Rich- ards, which took place at Llwynadda Chapel. The bride received a great number of very valuable presents from most of the mansions in the locality, which manifest the high regard in which she is held by the inhabitants generally. A splendid spread having been enjoyed by some 30 or more friends, and the same liberality extended to a number of the aged and poor inhabitants, at 2.30 the happy pair left en route for London, amidst the hartiest cheering and good wishes of the villagers. NEWCHAPEL PETTY SESSIONs.-These sessions were held on Tuesday last, before Colonel Lewis and J. F. Jones Lloyd, Esqr. A.P.S. James, Cilgerran, charged David Davies, Trebarred, Car- digan, with riding-in his cart without reins. Fined Is. and costs.-Same v. James Ladd, Priory, Cardigan, with a similar offence. Fined Is. and costs. Davd Rees, groom, Coedmore, Cardigan, charged William Rees, Ffynonrees, Cilgerran, quarryman, with trespassing in pursuit of conies, on the lands of T. E. Lloyd, Bsq., M.P. Fined 15s. and costs. Elizabeth Michael, Cilgerran, spinster, v. Thomas Evans, carpenter, Cilgerran. Affiliation case. Adjourned until the next sessions. Holloway's Ointment and Pills.—None except the uncommonly hardy can hope to escabe contin- ued, unsettled, and unusually wet weather with- out some bodily discomfort or actual disease. Holloway's remedies have won a name and fame previously unknown in medical science for' their ability of successfully contestingwithcolds, coughs, quinseys, rheumatism, and neuralgia. This formid- able list of dangerous and painful affections is com- pletely under the control of these inestimable spec- incs which, used according to their accompanying directions, will soon mitigate the tortures, suppress all inflammatory tendencies, and secure the sound- est health. The very moderate price charged for these never-failing remedies places them within the reach of the most humble sufferer, whose ill-health by producing poverty exaggerates his personal pangs.


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