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NEW COLOUHS.—The ingenuity of costumiers in inventing new styles of dress is sometimes almost equalled uy their industry in producing fresh shades of colour wherewith to deck them out. Some of these are not so much invented by the brains of milliners and modistes as originated by Dame Nature her- self, with the aid of chemists or horticul- turists. It is announced that during the past six or seven years the French gardeners have introduced to the world no fewer than 165 distinct new varieties of the rose alone, without mentioning other flowers, and many of these species are not only original in their shape, but also, and perhaps more often, in their colour. It is natural that the hues of these roses should be imitated by the makers of fashionable dyes, and it may not be long before we have ribbons of a Triomphe de France tint and velvets of a Duchesse de Vallambrosa" shade. As for the names, which are not borrowed from flowers or suggested by their long-soundiog titler, they arc christened on all sorts of pretences and with tbo most, various sponsors. Moat of us remember what a hit was made by the inventor who calked bis new colours after the names of great battles in luly, and how the actual victories of Magenta and Solrerino were for a time eclipsed by the glory of the triumphs achieved by the dyes to which they gave a name. 8ltlce that time it, has been the fashion to find ri,nieii aniopgst a more realistic clas» of objects, and the gtva, aim has bten to adapt the colour to some natural object more or l'ER romantic. It is thus that we have had the E*u-de-Nil and the sang de-t ceuf, each of which was a complete success, and it is thus that we now arrive at a very pretty trio of colours which announced as about to be the rage in Paris. f, are the setting sun," the "glare of Vfsnvii,s> the "flumo of punch." It will be » Y^SSwSI lady who cannot suit herself becomingly y out of such a list.—Globe.