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A CHRISTMAS AND NEW "FEAR POSTAL1 GRIEVANCE. A correspondent, signing himself M. P. writes ai follows in the Times: We have to face a new gredft "soeifdeviL" At a quarter-past four on thi^Ohristmas Day the postman is just delivering his morningvletters at the house I api temporarily staying a £ I^'Other words, the legItimate correspondenet) of the country has been delayed seven hours in order that cartloads of children's cards may he delivered. We are a curi- ous people. The habit Ctf sending wedding cards, based upon a sensible object, is being rabidly thrust aside; and vet the wholepopuMiOn-^ineni iwpmgri,and jet -WP chIldren-seems suddenly to have given itself up to the stationers and fancy shops and their endless variety of Qbristqaas, apd, Nevr Yeajf-'s, es-r-, People sit down with petain!hand, and envelop^ And postage-stamps before them, and bring up from the depths of their inner consciousness the names of people of whom they know., littlej and for.. whom they care legs, to address, in order to swell.put the total number they may deip>t^h/as .forroyig a grpund off boasting. On the otter hand, the number recpivediby the individual and be family are recounted, with a zest and pride marvellous for its childishness. We shall have a repetition of this disarrangement of the postal ssrvice on Nev Year's D,1T. Valentine's Day is a" flea-bite" to it. I dare say that fidme will say that this complaint is very cynical and very morose. Not doubting that in miny easca the 1+ sending of cards may serve a'T&ry useful purpose, and reproacht genuiae regard, I maintyiu that it has now become a bpge national plaything, which has definite evils and incon- venieuees in its trail. It is like the jBoat-race," and the "Harrow and Iton match,and will, I trust, dis- appear as suddenly as ".spelling bees" and most of the rinks. When Mary Ann the maid' can boast of as many Christmas cards as her mistress or the young ladies, it will soon go out of favour. Meanwhile, if as many Christmas cards as her mistress or the young ladies, it will soon go out of favour. Meanwhile, if the present fever continues, I commend it to this Chancellor of the Exchequer as affording a clue to a very productive tax. Is would beat, the Match lax. I at all events.

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