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Loss OF A CARGO OF CURRANTs.-Information has been received at Lloyd's that the well-known fruit trading steamer Oriana, belonging to the Loudon Steamship Company, loading fruit at Catacola, Greeje, had stranded on Catacola Point in leaving port in stormy weather, and would probably become a wreck She had about 100 tons of currants on board. The telegram states that all on board were saved. A later r telegram to tbo owners stated that the steamer had broken in two, and is a total wreck. Guards were placed by the ship to protect the salvage. The Oriana i registered 970 tons gross, 724 tons net, and had re- ceived the highest class at Lloyd's. She was built at Newcastle in 1867. BERLIN WOOLS and GERMAN NEEDLEWORK.— The above are imported direct by M. LEADER, 9, NEW TWN-YAKD, SHOTIEDITCH, LONDON, E.O., from whorr price lists are sent, on application, of every descrip tion of fancy wools, canvas. filoselle. &c. A FAMILY FEUD IN IRELAND.—At Oappa- white, county Tipperary, a few days ago, a family feud broke out at a funeral amongst persons all of the name of Ryan, and all more or less distinctly related to each other. War whoopa—or, in the language of the country, wheels "-were uttered and attacks were made by the people upon each other with stones in the fist. Finally, one of the Michael Ryans received a stab in the abdomen and died. An inquest has been held on the body of Michael, and a verdict of homi- cide returned against some person unknown. WEIGHT'S COAL TAB SOAP (SftpO Carftonis Deter gens), Antiseptic, Detergent ,Disinfectant. The most healthful, agreeable, and refreshing Toilet Soap in the world. By its daily use, freedom from infectious diseases is secured the complexion improved; pimples, blotches and roughness removed; and the elan made clear, smooth, and lustrons. In our hands it has proved most effective in skin diseases." —TheLancet. Itis theonly true antiseptic soap." -Briti,h Medical Journal. In Tablets, Sd. aod-a. each of all Chemists. w. V. WSWHT and Co., South wnrk-streot. London. THE MEETING OF PARLIAMENT.—The an- nouncement that both Houses of Parliament will meet on the 17th of January for .the despatch of busi- ness has excited, says the Guardian, much curiosity, and not a little misgiving, with regard to the nature of the business to be despatched. It is not likely that England will before that date have been committed to war with Russia, and will then be called on to meet the consequent expenses. Nevertheless, the appre- hension is widely entertained that Lord BeaeonBfield is using his influence with his colleagues, and perhaps with an illustrious personage who is ubove parties and Cabinets, in favour of the idea that the time is at hand, if it has not absolutely come, when defence of British interests must assume a distinctly wart ike form. But unless other European Powers see their way to mediation, no obvious good can result from the armed interference of England. If the Czar and the Sultan are disposed to continue at war with each other, the English Cabinet cannot force them to peace if they wish to make peace with each other, the English 0, biuet will be unable to pro- long the war; if Lord Beaconsfleld flatters him- self that he can achieve much by throwing, as far as he can, the weight of England into the Turkish scale, he may find his efforts powerless against the vis inertias of Europe and it should not be for- gotten that the vis inertia of nations, more especially of empires, can, like their armies, be speedily made active and mobilised. Tremendous evils might result from a determined attempt to appropriate, as prin- cipally, if not exclusively, English in their bearing, questions which, as Mr. Cross observed early in May, are not only of English, but of European interest. It is premature now, and we trust that it will be equally unseasonable on the 17th of January, to regard war as, for good or evil, inevitable. THE WEATHER FOR 1878, — SAXBY'S WEATHER TABLE AND ALMANACK, Price Sixpence, cloth' One Shilling, predicts with unfailing accuracy probable changes and weather disturbances, with simple rules, which will guide the reader how to fore. cast weather probabilities. Invaluable to all con- nected with outdoor or marine avseations. Of all booksellers, or of the publishers, LETTS, SON, AND Co., Limited, 33, KING WILLIAM- STREET, E.O. A MODEL SAVINGS BANK.—The 62od annual report of the Liverpool Savings Bank which has just been issued shows that at the close of the financial year £ 1,735,753 was due to 60,072 depositors Diiriijg the year 13,212 new accounts were opaned, 3896 old accounts reopened, and 12,511 accounts closed. Tha deposits, including transfers from other savings-banks, were £677,2:35, and £47,403 was added to depositors' accounts for interest. The withdrawals and transfers amounted to f 581,719. The bank possesses a surplus of L6333 over the amounts due to depositors, and in addition to a separate surplus fund of £ 10,000, its total funds being upwards of a million and three- quartere sterling. The business is a growing one, the amount due to depositors now being about £ 800,000 more than in 1866. As compared with last year 2472 more accounts were opened and 2261 more were closed, while £43,471 more was received and X23,452 paid away, and 27,027 more transactions were made. The amount due to depositors increased by ;fl42 918 in the year. Branches have been opened at the north i and east ends of the town, and these have -been much appreciated. COMPORT WITH ECONOMY secured by purllian. inlt one of the Russian Home-spun Dres? >g Q-Cwt s at 12s. 9d, or an Italian Flannel one at Us iln. Patterns post free of E. Avis, and Co., Ladias Out- fitters, 213, Uppee-street, Islington N. BRIBING A PHYSICIAN.—The Paria correspon- dent of the Times says that a man named Bernard, notorious for robbing luggage vans, was brought before the 11th Chamber charged with attempting to bribe the physician at the Bicetre Asylum. He has been repeatedly convicted of theft, but by simulating insanity has procured his. removal to asylums, and then succeeded in escaping. He sent the Bicetre doctor two English S5 notes to induce him to certify his insanity. He was brought up in a strait waist- coat, closely guarded, and talked in an incolaerent i Btrain of his property, ships, Ac., but the artifice failed, and he was sentenced to five years' imprison- ment. ment. COASTLINE. —The best cement for Broken Articles 6d. Is 2s. Postage 2d. Kay Bros., Stoekport. Sold everywhere. THE BON MARCHE PROPRIETOR IN PARIS. The Timet correspondent at Paris says that M. Boucicault, the proprietor and founder of the famous Magasms du Bon March6, died suddenlv on Tuesday night. M. Boucicault was one of the nota- bilities of modern Paris. Starting with a little linendraper's shop at a corner in the Rue du Bac, he succeeded little by little in creating the vast and most frequented establishment of the kind in the world. The Magasins du Bon Marche, which extend over an immense service, contain all the products of modern industry in the way of furniture and clothing, of objects for household use or of lux- ury. Without leaving them, one could, fit up a most elaborate establishment, even to the stables, for M. Boucicault allowed customers to make their choice from his numerous fine horses kept for his personal use or for that of the establishment. The Bon Marche bad its reading-room, art exhibition, free restaurant, hairdressing-rooms, concert-room, &c. The proprietor latterly employed more than 500 persons, and his premises WAre visited by more than 25,000 persons daily. His business had become immense, and to the last he re- mained the soul of this vast organisation. He is said to have left an enormous fortune; but what is better, he leaves the reputation of a man who never forgot his early struggle, and was ever a friend to the unfor- tunate. DYEING AT HOME.—Judson'S Dyes are most useful and effectual. Ribbons, silks, feathers, scarfs, lace, braid, veils, handkerchiefs, clouds, bernouses, Shetland skawls, or any small article of dress can easily be dyed in a few minuted without soiling the hands. Violet, magenta, crimson, mauve, purple, ponceau, claret, &c. Ask for Judson's Dyes. Sold by J chemists and stationers. Sixpence per bottle.


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