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THE SIOUXmDIANS. A general migration of the Sioux ^Indians from the United States to Canada is anticipated, the camp of Sitting Bull being continually reinforced by acces- Mana of Sioux from Montana and i Dakota. Sixty lodges of them went over in the middle of last month. It seemd that after the battle with General Custer ■ an the Little Big Horn River ih 1876 the camp divided, Sitting Bull going north, and Crazy Horse to the Platte and thence towards the Spotted rail agency. Crazy Horse's followers stayed there until the death of that chiff, before which event they allege that the Unite(I States Go- vernment attempted to disarm and dismount them. Many, however, concealed their arms, and others did not go quite into the agency, but remained in camps some distance away. The late arrivals in Sitting Bull's camp state that when Crazy Horse was dying he addressed them as follows: I have always wanted to go to the land of the White Mother, but my father persuaded me to stay here. I shtllbe dead in a few minutes, and will then go to the White Mother's country. I- want you all to follow me; you see the Americans want to kill us. There is no peace for you in this country—you can live no longer with the Grea* Father., If you want to live and raise up your families, you must go with me to the land of the White Mother and the home of our grandfathers." These dying words of Crazy Horso roused the wbole nation, and they resolved to trove north. Those who have already joined Sitting Bull in Canada are under the command of nine chiefs, and were forty eight days on the journey. Oil the 20th day a scout overtook them, and told them that unless they turned back they would be overhauled by the United States troops. They assured the scout that they would immediately return but when he was well out of sight they packed up and started north again as fast as they could travel.

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