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ENGLISH GROusE.-On the grouse moors in Staffordshire and Cheshire the grouse have now packed they are very wild and shy, and fly together in covies of 100 brace. The birds are healthy, and there is a large stock left for breeding purposes. The Earl of Stamford and Warringtod has preserved grouse this season on his moor for shooting next year. AN ELOQUENT LONDON PREACHER.-The Rev. Capel Molyneux, for manyyears one of the most eloquent of London preachers, died at Cannes on the 27th ult. Mr. Molyneux resigned his preferment and retired from the ministry of the Church of England on the occasion of the Bennet judgment, remaining, however, in the communion of that body. After sur- rendering his living, he preached in St. James's Hall until the failure of his health compelled him to re- linquish all public engagements. KAT'STIC PITLS, forNeuralgia,Faceaohe,&c., 9Jd., Is. LID. Postage Id. Sold by all Chemists. Kay Bros., Stockport. ANOTHER DEATH FROM HYDROPHOBIA.—An inquest has been held at Wycombe Marsh, High Wycombe, on the body of a child named Frances Ellen Rumbelow, aged 7 years, daughter of a paper- maker, living in that neighbourhood. The deceased was bitten by ablack-and-tanterrierdog, and some days later was taken ill at school. A wound on her leg, caused by the bite, was very much inflamed, and her mother applied cold water bandages. On the follow- ing morning the child said the wound was not so painful, but complained of soreness in the throat. She gradually got worse from that time and died foaming at the mouth. A juryman expressed an opinion thaFhydrophobia would not be so prevalent if a heavier tax were imposed upon dogs, and the deputy- coroner (Mr. G. A. Charsley) said he hoped the Chancellor of the Exchequer would take some steps in the matter during next session. IHREATENINO TO "SCREW A PRINCES EAR. -The Royal naval cadets, Prince Alfred Victor and Prince Gtorge, were, when on their way home for the Christmas holidays, the heroes of an adventure that created no little merriment among those who witnessed it. The Britannia's cadets are about the liveliest body of passengers the Great Western Rail- way get in the course of a year. Exeter being the first station after leaving Dartmouth, at which they stop for a few moments, the cadets generally make their brief stay a period of some amusementl At various times the officials have been those at whose expense the cadets have had their fun, and consequently the "young gentlemen" have ma4e an impression upon the porters and others whose duties are on the, platform. Prince Albert and Prince George preceded the general body this year, but they, too, seem to have fixed on the Exeter Station as a fair field for amusement, and a pea-shooter and a good supply of peas were the materials with which they amused themselves. Au unfortunate porter, finding his ears well peppered with peas, and suddenly discovering the offenders, threatened Prince Albert Victor with a very consider- able amount of earnestness, I'll screw your ears out, you young rascal, if you don't stop that," much to the amusement of the pair, who, however, took very good care to get back speedily to their carriage without giving the outraged official an opportunity of carrying out,his tbreat.-Standard. INDIGESTION.—Ginger, in combination with Brandy, is ever Mi m valuable Stomachic. Messrs. Henry Brettand Co.'s cole- « hi^o ™116?',1' Li<iueur Omgor Bran Jy is most agree- able, and adapted alike to la valid, Sportsman or Traveller.


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