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FOREIGN AND COLONIAL. 1 A Berlin correspondent says^ Tfie^e is a report that the Pope is relenting and anxious to concert a mndus vivendi with the German Government, in Germany all Parties are agreed as to the advantage of effecting P. reconciliation, the Liberals being impo- tent to prevent the growth of disaffection among the lower classes, and the Ultramontanes looking with dismay upon the increasing number of vacant cures which cannot be filled, because of the bishops refusing to mention the names of their nominees in an official letter to the Government. The Minister of Agriculture and Education for South Australia has given notice that the Government offer a bonus of S5000 for tqerwt 500 tons of sugar grown and manufactured in the Northern Terri- tory" of the colony before the 30th of September, 1879. The "Northern Territory," which was lately incorporated with the colony of South Australia, com- I prises the central portion of the most northern dis- I tricts of the Continent, and embraces an area of about 120,000 square miles. Its chief town, Palmerston, is connected with Adelaide by the Ontral Australian I Telegraph, and the title of "Central Australia "would be more applicable to the colony than its present name, which was criginnlly adopted when it. only comprised one-third of its present area. Another bonus of J6500 is offered for the discovery of a new paying alluvial gold field in the "Northern Territory." Too condi- tions are that the discoverer's claim shall not be less than five miles from any alluvial gold-field at present being worked, and the bonus will not be paid until 5000oz. of gold have been obtained, within a radius of five miles from the claim first discovered. An English traveller in Spain describes the people of that country as "the posrest specimens of humantt-y he has ever seen." In a private letter from Madrid he writes: "When no living. Spaniard can remember his domestic politics as being anything but a scuffle of military and political adventurers, and no Spanish Old Parr even could recall a time when his country counted for anything in the politics of Europe, there is nothing wonderful about the contented imbecility of the present generation." After what he has seen in the Spanish, capital, the English traveller gloomily reflects that;fter all it may only take a few genera- tions, under the guidance of our political protestor*, to bring us down to that." It ii satisfactory to know that while our own harvest was not what was expected, the harvest in one at least of our colonies has been exceptionally good. The complete returns of the Canadian i harvest represent the yield of all kinds of grain as largely,in excess of the produce of any previous year. 30,000,000 bufrhele of wheat, 10,000,000 bushels of barley, and 48,000.000 bushels of other kinds of cereals are, as nearly as can be calculated, the results of the present year. The Austrian Diplomatic Agent, Prince Wrede, has made a declaration at Belgrade in the name of his. Government to the effect that Austria raises before- hand a decisive protest against any attempt of Servia to extend her action in a direction in which Austria's interests as a frontier Power would be affected, a re- sult which would be produced by any warlike or revolutionary proceedings in Bosnia or in Herzego- vina. In consequence of this communication, the Servian Government has given a formal assurance that the strictest instructions have been forwarded to the commandant of the Drina Corps to abstain from any offensive movement in the direction of Bosnia. The Mormons find there is an enemy in their midst. The Gentiles in Utah have sent a delegation to Wash- ington with the object of securing from Congress such legislation as will abridge the political power of Mor- monism in the territory. The objects aimed at are a secret ballot, the disenfranchisement of women, the disqualification of polygamists either to vote or to hold office, and an effective law against polygamy. The death ef Brigham Young was a great blow to Mor- monism, but it is Drobable that should the legislation now sought be granted the effect will have an even more serious effect upon the so-called religion." Mr. Archibald Michie, the Agent-General of Vic- toria, Australia, has received from the Obief Secretary of that colony a telegram dated the 21st ultimo, stat- ing that the Appropriation Bill, the Defences Bill (providing for forts and armaments as recommended by:.Sir William Jervois), the Exhibition Bit!, and other bills adopted by the Government and Assembly have been rejected by the Council, and that both Houses have adjourned over the Christmas holidays to meet early in February. The telegram further states that the Government and a large majority of the Assembly are in thorough accord in support of the rejected bills. There certainly is a party at the Vatic&n who wish to remove the Csnclave to Malta and to vote for Cardinal Manning as the best candidate for the Papacy; but the majority of the Cardinals, who are unwilling to leave Rome, will vote for an Italian Pope, and are determined that the confinement of the Pontiff and of his retinue to the Vatican shall not be continued after the end of the present Pontificate. The Emperor (says a Berlin correspondent) seems to have approved the substance of the propositions submitted by Prince Bismarck respecting the new commercial and financial policy. If details can be satisfactorily arranged, there will be an increase of indirect taxation, a heightening of the tariff, and an attempt to place the Prussian Finance and Railway Departments under the effective control of the Im- perial authorities. The latter measure, besides making the German Government paramount in matters financial, is intended to pave the way f. r adding to the Chancellor's authority in other depart- ments, and, accordingly, will be opposed by some minor Governments. The better to overcome their resistance by popular and Parliamentary support, some leaders of the National Liberal party will pro- bably be requested to join the German and Prussian Governments. An article has appeared in the semi-official Agence Russe in which it is represented that the mediation ssked by the Porte is contrary to international law, mediation being only possible when solicited by both belligerents, and becoming intervention when not asked for by both. It is further observed in the same article that by convoking1 Parliament earlier than usual, and by so dcing encouraging the Porte to resist, the English Cabinet will compel the Russians to march on Constantinople, thus causing the precise result it seeks to avert. — ——

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