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WAR ITEMS. • Mehemet Ali, having been summoned before a court-martial, presided over by Reouf Pasha, fully I succeeded in justifying himself. He accused Suleiman Pasha of being principally responsible for Turkish 1 disasters. Mehemet Ali is talked of to command a force for the defence of Constantinople. d The corps commanded by Generals Leschjanin d and Benitzki have taken possession of Leskovitsa l' and Kurshumha, where they found plenty of cattle, j provision stores, and ammunition, so that it will V í unnecessary to send supplies thither from Servia. Mr. Long worth, a clerk in the British Consulat6 Salonica, has been sent on a secret mission to Thesf and Macedonia for the purpose of inquiring into alleged outrages by Albanian Basbi-Bazouks, ascertaining the feelings of the inhabitants. j It is said that Count Andrassy, in his reply to-to 5 Circular of the Porte, has pointed out that the want of deference manifested towards Europe by the Turkish Government allows of little hope being enter- tained of bringing about negotiations for peaee. An address of devotion to the Czar, presented to his Majesty by the St. Petersburg nobility on the occasion of his return to the capital, has been published. It expresses the wish that God may bestow his blessing upon the Emperor to enable him gloriously to termi- nate the present war. The weather continues very cold, and the ther- mometer shows 18 degrees Reaumur. The Turkish prisoners are dying of cold, and it is impossible to afford them any aid. 1 The total number of Turkish prisoners taken 9 Plevna amounts to 44,000 men, exclusive of the j wounded and of those who have since died. 3600 prisoners remained in Plevna. I The Czar has held a review of the troops of the dis- j trict of St. Petersburg on the square, before the Imperial Winter Palace. The troops consisted of- twenty-six battalions of infantry, twenty-five squa rons of cavalry, and forty-two pieces of artillery, f His Majesty was in good health, and the parade being favoured bv fine weather, passed off most bril- liantly. Prince Reuss, the German Ambassador to Turkey, reports that a number of Russian prisoners, including j Colonel Klevesahl and several other officers, have j arrived at Constantinople. j On the 22nd ult. the Roumanians occupied Orzel Palanka without fighting. t On the eastern front a Russian division of Tschugujeff Uhlans captured on the 23rd ujt. near Sida. Turkish transport, killing twenty-six of the esccr,f taking eighteen prisoners. Ruesia is sounding the various Mediterranean States as to their willingness to demand the opening of the Dardanelles. According to a telegram in the New Freie Preue, the Turkish prisoners taken at PlavDa are being sent, despite the severe frost, barefooted and half naked, to the interior of Russia, and consequently many are dying on the way. Although the answers of the Powers to the Turkish Note had been verbally given sometime since, the official replies have only just been sent in, and, though containing refusals, are said to be couched in far more conciliatory terms than might have been ex- pected from the nature of the communications first made to the Porte on the subject, expressing in all cases regret at not being able to undertake the task of pacification. The German Governments are going to ask for ad- ditional supplies to hasten the construction of torpedo boats. No fewer than 1200 field guns have been ordered of Herr Krupp by the Russian Government. It is announced from Ragusa that on Christmas- day the Montenegrins defeated a Turkish corps in- trenched between Bojana and Dnlcigno, taking a number of prisoners, three flags, and a considerable quantity of provisions. On Wednesday the Nicopolis bridge was carried away by the ice. Unless the bridges at Sistova be re- moved immediate!y they will also ge. The bridge carried away by the ice is, of course, completely de- stroyed, as the pontoons, for the most part, are broken and sunk. No floating bridge, of course, can be made to resist floating ice. The Russia, commanded by Captain Baranoff, has arrived at Sebastopol with the Mercene, 1400 tons, sjrew steamer, captured off Penbrekli, with 876 Turkish soldiers on board. The capture was effected without bloodshed, the Mercene hauling down her flag at the third shot. The Russian onward movement seems to have been arrested by the fearful storm that began on December 18. It has settled into steady, cold Russian weather ten to fifteen degrees below freezing point. The Grand Duke's head-quarters are still at Bogot. There can be no doubt that General Loris Melikoff is earnestly pushing forward opt rations for the cap- ture of Erzeroum. The weather, which had embar- rassed his movements, has become less rigorous, and be is bringing up troops against the city in numbers sufficient to invest and perhaps assault the place. Thenews fre u Bucharest of the Cesarewitch's de- parture from the army and return te Russia is again contradicted, and, doubtless, rightly so, as nothing has been heard of his having arrived in St. Peters- burg, as he ought to have done by this time if the re- port of his return were true. Large depots of supplies have been collected Biela and Tirnova, and now that winter has set Mr with great severity, the Intendance Department is discussing the proprietv of establishing depots at Drenova, Gabrova, and Selvi.. It is expected that a body of Turks will be sent from Salonica against Servia, no danger being antici- pated from the rumour that influence is being exercised at Vienna to prevent a junction between the Servian and Montenegrin troops. From the Servian side the taking of Pirot or Sharskoi, after two days' hard fighting, is now' officially announced. Twenty-five guns, a number of prisoners, ammunition, large stores of provisions, and some hundred horses were the trophies. The Servians were received with enthusiasm by the Bulgarian population.

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