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WATCH-NIGHT SERVICE.—A special service was held at St. Mary's Church on New Year's Eve. The service was commenced about 11 p.m., after which an appropriate sermon was preacned by the Vicar from the 26th verse in the 4th chapter of the 2nd Book of Kings. The congregation was un- usually large. BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS.—At these sessions held on Monday last, before the Mayor and Mr. T. Davies, A.P.S. James, Cilgerran, charged Mr. E. Philipps, Treriffith, and Mr. Jacob Trollip, with using their carts without a name thefteon. Fined 6d. and costs in each case. On Tuesday, before the Mayor and Dr. Thomas, Elizabeth Williams, an inmate of the Workhouse, was charged with stealing 2 lbs. of sugar, I lb. of French plums, and some apples and oranges, from the shop of Mr. J. Mathias, grocer, Priory-street, on Wednesday last. Sentenced to one month's imprisonment with hard labour. CARDIFF EISTEDDFOD.—We are glad to an- nounce that Mr. D. Ladd Davies, a clerk in the employ of W. H. Cory, Esq., solicitor, Cardiff, and a native of this town, was successful in two com- petitions at this Eisteddfod, held on Christmas evening. The prize for the best English speech on "Woman's Rights" was awarded to him, the ad- judicator (Asaph Glan Dyfi) greatly eulogising the specch. The prize for an impromptu address was also divided between Mr. Davies and another. WE are very glad to find that Professor Parry University College of Wales, has obtained the degree of Doctor of Music at the Cambridge Uni- versity and that Mr. D. Jenkins (Trecastell), a pupil of the professor, has obtained the decree of Batchelor of Music, at the same University. CARDIGANSHIRE QUARTER SESSIONS.—These sessions were held in the Town Hall, Aberayron, on Tuesday last, under the presidency of Captain Jordan, Pigeonsford; in the absence, through, ill- ness of Mr. C. M. Griffith, Q.C. The Chief Con- stable reported that the number of prisoners sum- moned and apprehended during the past quarter amounted to 346, viz., 314 males and 32 females. There were no prisoners for trials, and it appears that there is only one ^prisoner from Cardiganshire to be tried at the ensuing winter assizes at Swansea. FUNERAL OF THE REV. DAVID DAVIES, TAN- YGROES.—On Wednesday, the 26th ult., the mor- tal remains of the Rev. David Davies, Calvinistic Methodist Minister, were interred at Penbryn Churchyard. The deceased had been ailing only few days, and was cut down in prime of life, hav- ing just attained Ms 50th year. The funeral service was held at Tanygroes Chapel, where the Rev. J. Jones, New Quay, introduced by reading a portion of scripture and offering prayer, after which the funeral sermon was preacned by the Rev. J. Jones, Penmorfa, who took for his text the 7th and 8th verses in the 2nd Epistle to Timothy. Short ad- dresses were afterwards delivered by the Revs. John Davies, Aberporth, and O. Thomas (Congre- gationalist), Benlah, and the service was brought to a close with prayer by the Rev. James Jones. The Vicar of Penbryn officiated in the Church and at the grave. A very large concoure of people had assembled to pay the last tribute of respect to the deceased. Holloway's Pills and Ointment.—Rheumatism or Neuralgic Affections.—No diseases are more freqnent, painful, or difficult to cure than these. From their attack no tissue of the human body is exempt. These Pills go directly to the source of the evil, thrust out all impurities from the circula- tion, reduce distempered organs to their natural state, and correct all defective and contaminated secretions. Such easy means of instituting health, strength, and cheerfulness should be in the posses- sion of all whose stomachs are weak, whose minds are much harrassed, or whose braius are over- worked. Holloway's is essentially a blood-tempering medicine, whereby its influence, reaching the re- motest fibre of the frame, effects a universal good. IEUAN GWYLLT'S SCHOLARSHIP. On New Year's night, a very successful Concert was held at the Guild-hall. This entertainment was got up with the view of devoting the proceeds to augment the fund now being raised for the founding of a Ieuan Gwyllt Scholarship at the University College of Wales, at Aberystwyth. The singing on the whole was very good, and the pec- uniary result must, we think, have come up to the highest expectation. There was a full house, and the audience was appreciative and very orderly. Mr. Thomas Davies, Bank House, took the chair at 7.30 o'clock, and made some very pertinent re- marks by way of introduction to the programme. We append a minute account of the performances: Wylwn, wylwn" (a Requiem) by the Choir, with much spirit and effect; Pianoforte duet, "Sailor's Chorus," Misses Nicholas and Jones; the execution of this difficult duet was admirable; song "Killarney," by Miss A. Williams of the U. C. W., in grand style; Choral march "Come Merry Comrades," Messrs. Jenkins and party, in capital spirit and style song" Excelsior," Mr. R. P. Mitchell, which was very fairly sung; trio "0 Memory," Misses A. Williams, C. Lewis, and Mr. E. C. Evans. This trio was very well sung. Song "Y Gardotes Fach," Mr. D. Davies, in good voice; chorus Y Llu Nefol," by the Choir, in a very creditable manner; song "The Old Sexton," Mr. H. R. Daniel, who excelled himself this time; duet Y Ddau Forwr," Messrs. Evans & Thomas, in capital style; comic The Same Old Game," Mr. D. S. Jones, who fully sustained his reputa- tion. Part Second—quartet "Canu mae'r Eos," Messrs. W. Davies, J. Williams, E. C. Evans, and j O. Thomas. The rendering of this piece was VERY imperfect. Solo Thou art so near and yet so far," Miss Lewis, very well rendered; chorus Concwest Calfaria," by the Choir, with much fire and power; song Gweddi Wraig y Morwr," Miss A. Williams, U. C. W. This was the gem of the concert. Duet "Albion on thy fertile plains," Messrs. Davies & Daniel, which was much ap- plauded duet What are the wild waves saying," Misses Evans and Lewis, in a very tasty manner; song The Hunter," Mr. Jenkins, who is a capital vocalist; song "The Lost Chord," Miss A. Wil- liams, U.C.W. This was loudly encored, and the chairman in this instance allowed a deviation from the rule laid down at the commencement, so that Miss Williams responded with another song The Merry Maid of Arcade." Chorus "Chough and Crow," Misses A. William. C. Lewis, Mr. H. R Daniel and Choir. This took very well. It was the best choral performance of the evening. In addition to the above friendly comments, we would add that several of the singers were loudly encored, but adhered to the rule, so that there were no re- sponses. The singing of Miss Williams was deserv- vedly admired. Her voice is a rich mellow contralto, and we venture to predict for her a brilliant future. She threw intense feeling into her songs, and quite captivated the audience, more especially perhaps in her splendid rendering of the new Welsn song, Gweddi gwraig y Motwr." We hope this visit is not her last to us; as a vocalist she has undoubt- edly won golden opinions from all her auditors, who have any amount of knowledge of the" celes- tial art." ».».» CARDIGAN TOWN COUNCIL. A meeting of the Council was held on Thursday, the 29th ult., at the Chamber, the Mayor in the chair. Members present-Alderman Edwards, Councillors L. James, S. Davies, W. Woodward, W. W. Smith, L. Evans, O. P. Davies, Dr. Phil- lips, and Rev. W. Jones. On the motion of Mr. Woodward it was resolved that a committee, composed of the Mayor, Messrs. J. Lewis, L Evans, and W. Woodward, be ap- pointed to rearrange the Corn Market for the con- venience of the public, and to close the Lower Market. The water scheme having been discussed, during which Mr. Woodward signified his intention of withdrawing entirely from it because the Council had no confidence in him, on the motion of Mr. S. Davies it was resolved that the scheme be submit- ted to the consideration of a committee, composed of the following gentlemen—Messrs. L. James, W. W. Smith, Asa J. Evans, J. Lewis, and L. Evans, Mr. Woodward to be present to give any explan- ation required. The Mayor read a letter from Mr. George, sur- veyor of county roads, advising the Corporation to divert the surface water, which has proved of late so damaging to property at Bridge-End, into the meadow by the tar nouse. The surveyor estimated the work at £3 5s. Alderman Davies and Dr. Phillips were reqested to call upon Mr. D. G. Da- vies, and ask his .permission to divert the said water into his meadow. Cheques were ordered to be drawn in favour of the freemen. Mr. Woodward gave notice that he would, at the next meeting, call attention to the present state of the slaughterhouse. SCHOOL ATTENDANCE COMMITTEE. The monthly meeting of this committee was HRFTL on Saturday, the 29th ult., attheSlure-halL-Mr. R. D. Jenkins in the chair. The following mem- bers were also present—Messrs. W. Buck/ Rees, W. George, T. H. Brenchley, and Rev. I. Hughes Jones. RETURN OF CHILBMSN. The return of children of school age in each pa- rish was read, which was as follows :—MoyIgrove, 116, irregular attendance by 24 Blaenporth, 105, no information as to attendance Llandugwydd, 186, 107 of which attended the parish school, 17 at Blaenporth, 32 at" Trewen, and 20 at Cenarth, only 4 being reported as not attending a school; the return of Dinas was ordered to be returned for amendment, as it contained all children in the parish; Manerdivy, 90 children, with every neces- sary information; Aberporth return was deficient in particulars, and was returned. Mr. B. Rees, as one of the managers of St. Dog- mells British School^ applied for a certificate book, as children, in future could, not be admitted to a 'fl..