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Doeth Eiriau y Doctor.


Debate on Socialism.


Debate on Socialism. After a brief relaxation, the Mutual Improvement Society of the Wesleyan Church had a crowded gathering on Wednesday evening last. The first portion of the meeting, under the presidency of Mr Rd. Williams, was devoted to the hearing of two instructive papers: Mr Philip Lea on Daniel," and Mr Isaac Hughes (jun.) on Nicotine," to whom a hearty vote of thanks was extended. The second portion of the evening, with Mr J. T. Hughes in the chair, was occupied with a lively debate on Is present-day Socialism in conformity with Christ's Teaching ? The affirmative was championed by Mr John Evans, Chapel House, and the negative by Mr Richard Williams. Mr Evans declared the numerous benefits that every individual would participate in in a very large degree if railways, canals, mines, etc., were the property of the Government, and not, as now, private enterprises. He gave a few Biblical quotations to show that the teaching of Christ was similar to the principles advocated by Socialists. Mr Williams strongly repudia- ted the statement that the elements of Social- ism were the same as those of Christ's teaching. He affirmed that the adoption of the principles of Christ throughout the land would be the only means, not only of im- proving the people's environment, but also that most important part of man. his soul. A warm discussion of thirty minutes' dill ation followed, those taking part being Messrs J. Evans Hughes, W. Roger Thomas (Ruabon, a native of Dyserth), Wm. Morgan (Dyserth Shop). Isaac Hughes, jun., and Mrs Sarah Hughes (Rosmari). The Chairman put the subject before the meeting to be voted upon, when the negative side won by a majority of two. A vote of thanks terminated a very capital debate.

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