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Record of Coming Events.

Trams to Rhyl.

Deed of Assignment.

The Council.!

Trinity Literary Guild.

The Golf Club.

Poultry Stealing.


The First Step.

Peaceable Prestatyn.

Presentation to the vicar.

The Eisteddfod.

Crusade Against Sunday Trams.

Prestatyn's Healthy Manhood.

Girls' Friendly Society.

United Church Meetings.

The Lights.


IIEarly Lambs.

Tariff Reform.-

Speeches at Prestatyn.

Like the Old Oak Tree.

A Radical Trick.


A Radical Trick. Mr H. A. Tilby (Hhyl) spoke in eulogistic terms of the work done for the cause by Mr Pennant. With regard to the present Government, he said that some people imagined that because they had got in with a tremendous majority they would remain in power for 20 years. Well, the first thing they did was to try and destroy free speech in the House of Commons, for that was what their proposal for more effective debate amounted to (hear, hear). They had passed a very large number of measures, but were we any better for them ? Was the name of Great Britain more respected ? Were the unemployed less, or were our relations with the Colonies any better ? The Government had had messages from all parts of the coun- try, through bye-elections, that the sooner they retired the better. Their majority was one which had no cohesion, for whereas 116 Liberal members had petitioned the Prime Minister that the expenditure on the Navy should be decreased, 190 Liberal members had sent in a petition to the opposite effect The result of this sort of thing was to be seen everywhere, for even in villages which had been Radical strongholds an entire change was taking place. With regard to the Disestablishment question, which Mr Pennant bad referred to, he (Mr Tilby) had been reading lVIt Herbert Lewis' election address the other day, but not a word could he find in it regarding this important matter. Yet when Mr Herbert Lewis was speaking at a public meeting in Prestatyn a short while ago, he said that every Welsh member was pledged to Disestablishment, and the measure should have his full support. But this was only an ordinary Radical trick (hear, hear). Mr J. H. Ellis (Rhyl) gave the toast of Prestatyn Club, coupled with which was the name of Mr T. J. Scott. Mr C. Burt, as Chairman of the Club, and Mr D. H. Roberts (the lion, secretay) suitably responded. Mr Scott proposed the health of the Chair- man, and the same was acknowledged by Mr Pennant, who for the latter part of the pro- ceedings took the chair, Mr Fdwards having had to leave. During the evening a musical programme was contributed to by Messrs H. K. Osborne, Bert Jones, J. Roberts, J. J. Beer, and T. Fenton, Mr Charlton being the accompanist.

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