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Record of Coming Events.

Trams to Rhyl.

Deed of Assignment.

The Council.!

Trinity Literary Guild.

The Golf Club.

Poultry Stealing.


The First Step.

Peaceable Prestatyn.

Presentation to the vicar.

The Eisteddfod.

Crusade Against Sunday Trams.

Prestatyn's Healthy Manhood.

Girls' Friendly Society.

United Church Meetings.

The Lights.


IIEarly Lambs.

Tariff Reform.-

Speeches at Prestatyn.

Like the Old Oak Tree.


Like the Old Oak Tree. Mr Harold Edwards, who was heartily- received, likened the Constitutional cause to the great old oak tree which sheltered ail classes and all interests. It was not the work of a day, but had grown up through the centuries. They as Conservatives held the fundamental principle that we should con- serve and keep all that is best in the constitu- tion of the country. That was directly oppo- site to the principles of the present Govern- ment (applause). Sudden changes were not good for anyone. Three years ago the Liberals were returned with a tremendous majority, but it was useless expecting any good return from a bad investment. The Government 0. had come into power with a certain mandate from the people. But what they had-done was to bring in hastily-conceived measures which were not required by the public. The recent Education Bill was an example of this. They were all anxious to see this great question settled, but not in the way the Government had proposed (applause).

A Radical Trick.

Account Books. '