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Record of Coming Events.

Trams to Rhyl.

Deed of Assignment.

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Trinity Literary Guild.

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Poultry Stealing.


The First Step.

Peaceable Prestatyn.

Presentation to the vicar.

The Eisteddfod.

Crusade Against Sunday Trams.

Prestatyn's Healthy Manhood.

Girls' Friendly Society.

United Church Meetings.

The Lights.


IIEarly Lambs.

Tariff Reform.-

Speeches at Prestatyn.


Speeches at Prestatyn. There was a goodly muster at the Royal Victoria Hotel on Thursday evening last week. the occasion being the annual dinner of the Prestatyn Constitutional Club, over which Mr Harold Edwards presided. Host and hostess Sparks placed before the guests an excellent menu, and after dinner I the evening was devoted to speech and song. A special feature of the gathering was the presentation to the local club of the Flintshire Constitutional Clubs Billiard Challenge Shield, the Prestatyn team now being the county champions. Mr P. P. Pennant made the presentation in felicitous terms, and the same was acknow- ledged by Mr George H. Roberts, captain of the team. The usual loyal toast were given from the chair and duly honoured. [n giving the toast of "The Constitutional Cause," Mr Pennant said that in all parts of the country Constitutionalism was going up with the flowing tide, one of the chief causes of which was the attitude of the present Government, especially in its financial aspect, lor huge expenditure was being incurred and not the least arrangement made to meet it. They had done away with the sugar duties, which provided 3 1 millions, whereas in',the 2 present year they had to find double that from somewhere or other. With regard to Wales, it was very evident that the Government were fighting shy of a disestablishment and disen- dowment measure, and the Welsh members who made such a fuss were really afraid of it at heart, and that not without very good reason, for they had evidently not forgotten the result of their previous attempt in this direction (hear, hear). Many good judges said that the Government could not carry on for another year, and in that case be urged them to get their armour on (applause).

Like the Old Oak Tree.

A Radical Trick.

Account Books. '