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Psychological Sunday.

No Holidays for the M.I.S.

The Annual Competitive Meeting

Competitive Meeting.


Postal Facilities.

Postal Arrangements.

Pretty Wedding.

United Prayer Meetings

Social Supper.I

Juveniles Entertained.

Quarrymen's Dinner.

The Coronation Hall. j




The Church Social Tea on New…


The Church Social Tea on New Year's Eve. At the Churchroom on New Year's Eve a most enjoyable social tea was held, the com- plete success of which came as a very pleasant surprise after the terrible weather experienced on the previous days. Although these social teas are held not for profit, but for an opportunity of spending a pleasant hour together (as the price of the tickets and the quality of the teas prove), yet it is pleasant to think that the Churchwardens have been enabled by the profit on this tea to double the insurance on the Church, which was before inadequate, also to send a small subscription to the Lady Bates Nursing Fund by Nurse Jackson, who is, and has been, doing invaluable work in the parish. The tea was made very agreeable by the manifest good-will that abounded on all sides. The trayholders were:—Mrs Harris (Vicarage), Mrs Daniel Edwards, Mrs John Roberts (Clerk), Mrs R. J. Roberts (Rhewl Fawr), Mrs Bithel (Nielthorpe), Mrs Williams (Kidderminster House), Mrs Parry (Tan Lan), Mrs Ida Jones, Mrs Williams, (Garth Mill). After tea. Mr Bithel gave a recital on Mr William Roberts, Pentre, Llinegar's gramo- phone. Carols were also given by the Choir, a sweet solo by Miss Catherine Jones, and a duett by Mr Edward Davies (Choirmaster), and Mr William Davies. Then came the chief attraction of the evening, namely, the children's Nmas tree which had been beautifully decorated by Mrs and Miss Harris, and was loaded with all that makes life worth living for to the chil- dren. These were disposed of in groups, whereby it would be difficult for anyone to fail to get something after his or her taste. Mr Bithel superintended the raffle, and the toySi etc., were given out by Father Christmas a character well sustained by Master Morgan Harris.

Local Music Success.\

Subsidence on the Highway.

Old Age Pensions.



Wesleyan Circuit Quarterly…


Constitutional Club.

Cricket Club.


The Day Schools.