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matter very carefully. They hoped to get it at the right price. The Council had gone into the*question of cost. The agents fees were fixed, but of course it was impossible to fix counsel's fees. They would not go to any extremities as to cost without first consulting the rate- payers. But he did not think it would be necessary for that. They intended to take great care. Rates were not the only thing to look at, for they must have enterprise. A hand to mouth policy was useless, for they had to think of those who followed them. He then moved the resolution. Mr T. B. Griffiths' asked for information regarding the foreshore as to who would be responsible in case of erosion. Who would have to build a sea wall. The Clerk assured Mr Griffiths that the Council would not be responsible. Mr Clement Hughes questioned whether the town was in a position to go in for the works, for there mayjbe need for a sewerage scheme before long. Mr Banks said if a sewerage scheme were needed they were quite in a position to go in for it, for so far they had only borrowed £ 4,000 under the Public Health Act, whereas they had power to borrow £ 20,000. Mr Joseph Littler seconded the resolution with the greatest pleasure. He was not at all afraid of the scheme, and he had as much interest at stake as most people in Prestatyn. Mr Eyres asked several questions, but it was pointed out that the whole of these had already been dealt with. Mr Kelly proposed an amendment that the gas question be taken separately. Capt. Macdonald seconded. On being put to the vote, the amendment was lost and the resolution was carried with an overwhelming majority, only eight voting against.

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