! A Car Without a Conductor.|1914-02-28|The Rhondda Leader - Welsh Newspapers Online
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! A Car Without a Conductor.


A Car Without a Conductor. A fine but rather serious hoax was played on the driver of one of the cars from Portly up on Wednesday evening. Some passengers rang the bell, and the car started, but without the conductor. The game was kept up till the car reached Penygraig, where the motorman found out that the conductor was missing. He left the car at Penygraig, and went back to Porth in another car to look for the conductor. Printed for the Proprietors by Meoan. Evans" Short, Tonypandy, &nd published by the Proprietors, The Rboadda Leader," Limited, at their Offices, Ixosl- sior Buildinp, Do Winton Street, ToiLp psndy, in the COll- of Glamorgan.

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