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BARRY RAILvV AY LOCOMOTIVE MEN'S OUTING. On Saturday last the third holiday outing of the employees of the locomotive department of ,the Barry Railway Company was held, when, for the second time, the delightfully picturesque village of St. Fagan's was visited. The outward journey was started upon from Barry Station at 1).30, the Barry Company having kindly placed a special train at the disposal of a company of about 00, including employees, their wives, and children, and friends, the engine being gaily fcedecked with bunting and evergreens, and during the run fog signals were freely fired." Arriving at St. Fagan's the company walked to a large and suitable field adjoining the residence of Mr Robert Forrest, J.P., a Barry director, and kindly lent by that gentleman. In the field several sources of amusement had been provided through the thoughtfulness of the well-selected committee. During the day the Barry Dock Town and District Band, under the leadership of Mr James Wood, discoursed dance and other music, and the weather Å.ng all that could be desired everyone present thoroughly enjoyed the trip. The creature wants ,of the company were also adequately attended to, a large marquee having been kindly lent by Mr Forrest for the occasion, in which a substantial lunch and tea were provided, the members of the committee ably attending at the tables, the nro- visions being supplied by Messrs W. Buckland and J. O. Davies. Amongst those invited were Messrs R. Evans, general manager Barry Railway Company W. Mein, secretary do.; D. Roberts, shipping superintendent; J. Bell, C.E., resident engineer; Captain R. Davies, dockmaster; G. Butler, traffic inspector J. H. Vincent, H. H. Powell, R. W. Dyer, F. J. Evans, -&c. The entire arrangements were effi- ciently carried out by Messrs W. Buckland (chairman), J. Drew, James Baker, H. Lorimer, Evan Davies. T. Rees, R. Risk, Allen Jenkins, W. Jenkins, T. Withers, E. Evans, John Wilson, li. John, J. Hinton, E. Summers, J. Summerhayes, T. Hale, D. Ellis, W. Sharman, John Hicks, W. Padbury, G. German, and F. Waite. The inde- fatigable secretary was Mr W. D. Stradling, and the active treasurer, Mr J. 0. Davies. Amongst .the amusements provided in the field were swings, aerial flights, quoits, football, athletic sports, &c., Messrs Harry Collins and J. Evans supplying an 11 Aunt Sally and Bogie man," and Mr A. Flook provided an electrical battery (constructed by himself). FANCY DRESS FOOTBALL MATCH. An interesting and amusing fancy dress football match took place between ladies and gentlemen, tle teams being as follows :âLadies: Goal-H Bcnger, country-woman back-D Thursby, dash- ing girl of seventeen T Knobbs, old maid; forwardâE Holmes, charming young widow L Walters, marriageable duchess G Williams, belle Of the neld J Jenkins, Scotch girl; J. Taylor and W Walters, Irish girls; W Beddoe, summer costume C Lane, miner's daughter. Gentlemen CroalâW G eorge, nigger; backâGr Williams, nigger, and W Salisbury, pantaloon forward-C Buckland and T Price, clowns; R Davies, country farmer H Nottle, costermonger D Lester, country joskin P Jlowarth and W Griffiths, niggers D &alatlaiel. pantaloon. Referee (judge), Mr H Pearce linesmen, Messrs F Chivers and P Skyrme. After a pleasant match, the "ladies" proved victorious by three goals and one disputed to nil, the Scotch lady contributing two goals and one of the Irish girls (J. Taylor) one. THE SPORTS. Suocessful sports were held, the different events f)eing well-contested, and the following were the results :â200 yards scratch race, 1st, E. Holmes 2nd, W. Beddoe. 80 yards sack race, 1st, E. Mwards 2nd, P. Thomas. 80 yards backward race. 1st, F. John 2nd, J. Jenkins. 120 yards handicap, 1st, F. John 2nd, C. H. Lane. Egg and upoon race, 1st, P. Thomas 2nd, E. Johns. Men's race (over 40 years), 1st, J. Thomas; 2nd, L. Lewis. 440 yards handieap, 1st, W. Beddoe 2nd, J. Jenkins. Potatoe race, 1st, T. Davies; 2nd, J. Evans. Three-legged race, 1st, C. H. Lane and P. Deere; 2nd, F. Johns and D. Morris. There was nlso a number of children's races, for which suitable prizes were given. Messrs E. Jenkins and R. Risk were the judges of racing, and Mr E. Summers acted as starter aad handicapper. The prizes were distributed by Mr Buckland, and before leaving, the company, headed by the band, marched to the residence of Mr Forrest. where several selections of music were rendered, and Mr J. 0. Davies in suitable terms, tendered, on behalf of those present, a hearty vote of thanks to Mr Forrest for his kindness in connection with the outing. The vote was passed with hearty cheers, and Mr Forrest graciously replied, stating he was always very pleased to extend all the assistance in his power in promoting an enjoyable outing for the men in the employ of the Barry Company. (Cheers.) He trusted these holidays were the lueans of establishing harmony and good-fellow- ship amongst those attending. (Applause.) The company afterwards proceeded to St. Fagan's Station for the homeward journey, whieh was â saf ely accomplished, Barry being reached about nine o'clock after a most pleasant day's holiday had been spent. Several group photographs were taken during the day by Mr T. Newcombe, High-street, ¡ Barry.


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