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General News. "f. n- THE UNIVERSITY BOAT RACE will be rowed on April IIth.  ??K'cK Dm-?ALE has ben struck off the j roll of olicitol". r° A toWERniL OF EARTRQUTKE WM hIt ^â„¢ritfc' diei1 at Bostonon in A wi)mk\l '(I Pitt, died at Boston on .uv 0f absolute starvation. ? ?". \? B()ïT': i, l\but to attempt to swim taSe'lotoLi^f^Wniiks. frkiiti CorxTY <?A"L was damaged to the i ?",f "1000 bv live "? Saturday. ,,t,nt,)f'tIO00 1); tire on Siitiir(l:iy.  ?E?-DLOR" ?t? Mug House Inn, Wor- CP.s? ter, has been fine,1 forbein?drunk in his own h" ^HKrssELL GORNEY, M.P., has resigned the post of Hecorder of London. It is worth £ 3,000 >1r HENLEY, M.P. for Staffordshire, and the oldest member in the House of Commons has resigned. ANOTHER "STEEPLE-JACK," John Croall, was killed at Glasgow last week, while repairing a chimney. DAVID HERMONOI.E'.h was found frozen to death in a park at Proton on Friday week. He was subject to fits. Mr STANLEY is to give a lecture on his African discoveries before the Royal Ideographical Society in a few weeks. A STATUE of John Stuart Mill, erected hy public subscriptions on the Thames Embank- ment, was unveiled on Saturday. A WOMAN was removed I:Lt week to the Bris- tol Workhouse. On searching her lodgings, £ 200 was found concealed in her boxes. Fll TEKN LAIJ)" CLEKK.S are now engaged in the Coorts frittic Office of the London and North Western Railway at Birmingham. MU .JoH DE MORGAN, the people's champion t) .m???" ?'??"?''?? prison fur con- ?.umt "f tvuVt, a:i.l ref uses to apologise. lie prsfY i"?? ??"? '?"? r'"? rh,emn- ,t' l' In: r?nt work on" Confession "M to Wbou "dit undJv tiie notice of r.u-n.ment ) ?M (:t!i?-;T"t pl?telnyer was on batur- '?) v t?n?cked <?'" ,Iwl run over by ? '?? I ,n 1 } .1 I rosin- in Birkenh.-ad, while ende?vounng to (-ro  +. j .vM :u?thcr!.???tivemmohon j ?)- HrHE 'KOWK. of ManevtHe Hon»o, [ ) J '1' Wmitv Clare, while omi?, was iired at on TuM- ,l,y through the h:dl door, with revolve. No ('aÙ", '.?-?Hucd for the outrage. Vr WoL\-rt:HA?"T"x Do and Poultry Show, opened on Saturday, Mr Wilit,?Iiiireli, '? i. iLth, t'h?t.r, and ?A. E D.rhyJ 4. .Shrewsbury, were among those who took priM f?rt?'uttry. fi)rtile attendant at Preston Asylum, who w.i i- I'?t week remanded on the ehar?c of inciting all inmate to murder two other attendants, been acquitted on this charge, but committed for fill. il!citill,f t" mh. (IS TI KSDAY morNiNfi, about a mile from ('owntry, 1 man named Davis, a weaver, t ]mw hi„i.,if in !'?'? '? a train, and was cut w pieces. T?' dee.?e.t had been sunerinn for ,ùme time of the bad trade. named -Ioseph Garner, a.saddler in business in Price-street, iiirkenhead, has •itte'.ii 'ted suicide by cutting his throat with a razor. He was taken to the Borough Hospital, wlure lie !i"s in a dangerous state. AT uliiOKWAY, near Chester rieiu, a policeman fuUiiilia a wood tile body ntaman with his throat rnt Tiie case is supposed to be 01W of suicide. In »miu' for assistance the policeman broke I' I In %4 nil Lll!e I)oli(,-?2iiiitil bi-oke Iiis Jt. fL?"litilt-lill! iiirowlv e, i djK'l "?'? ?'? AS ? nui ^Itiir. H?LE. tIe pekstirmn, !Ms b.:en doing another walk, this time at Brighton. For: thirteen days he walked a quarter of a mile every I i*ecutivj ten minutes, night, and day. In ail miles. Tili: BISHOP or SALISBURY has \n ;¡ a by reader for the parish of Charlton \,?'.?asa l avr. '? L All Saints, the vicar presentinglnni in fIt) Palace I Chapel, where at the time, after having j mnanned him, his lordship licenced a We-deyau (iivncher as reader in the parish ol Wunboi-ne. .I(liiN fy. TvLitTE. who escaped, from Birming- ham tranl ami was recaptured, has been sen- tenced to seven penal servitude for robbe.-y and assault. John Henry Jones traveller, Bir- mingham, was al-o sentence.! to seven years for embezzlement, having been previously con- victed. Ox FRIDAY KVEXIXO, while the ferry steam-.r James Atherton was crossing the Mersey, a lamp in the forecastle was upset, 121 consequence of the pitching of the steamer, setting fire to the wood- work. The accident was fortunately, discovered, and the threatened flames were extinguished by a few buckets of water. Diaixo THE YEAH 1877, the Toni. e Sol, -f„a ('"Urge issued amount of proficiency in muic, Thc?e included li,i-3 (?lemeiitai-v, intei-ine iiat," 1 .,? P 4 )i.?3 elementary, 1.007 intermediate; J?? certificates; there wore also a number for composition and other branche- of tile art of music. John AXf Lot is A KNIGHT, Clifton,JBristo] hive fined non for selling intoxicating! liquors without a license. A young girl, Marie l'ia4re,wlio lately attempted to throw herself over j t'lift-on Suspension Bridge,said she hadlivedthere three ui'iiths and saw wines and .-jiivits sold con- ( tiimallv, while champngne was sold and drunk ,id Iit a in by those using the house. THE JiOCHKsTEit COCXTY MAGrsTUATEs h?ve i?- u,1 a warrant a-rainst the Rev. Frederick Davis, ?f Manor H0I1,, orthfl"2t, on a charge ?fas?u!tui. ayourt??it'lina.carria?eouthe: North Kent Railway. ?h' Davis did not appear tn summons Nvh:l(;Ii I i;t-l I')eeii is-4ue(I iiiai, and has, it was -tat?d. ?ou? :tbroad, A liAHBAKors RUT! has met with !t? 1 deserts at the Stafford Assizes. He was a miner, iia'.a.- i S nith, and was charged with causing the of his stepdaughter, three years of a The tender age and helplessness of the child did! not save her from Smith's brutality, for lie iirhaved to her in an n i'utniuly cruel manner, ••ui'l u:i one occaslou kicKcl her ab-mt the iu.-« riviv » i X/i-j mi-viit couia n"t stand a prolonged course of this kind of treatment, and on its death Smith was locked up. He was sentenced to penal servitude for twenty years A TOtiunc COLLISION took on llallam, on ii new line which the Great Nor- tiie.n 'ouipany is construeting from virar.thamto perhy. Tli -re were two bailast trains employed in the n way in making the embankment, v.'liea by r 0at means they were allowed to meet at ml! -d. The result was that hoth (Ie "1u;n\ were and a collier, ?m?.n. who was riding on onf,\?s ki!!?!: iiMantly. i'ive other -ii were ?h<?ckin?)y! uijiuvd, I-ive (ith,-r lllc'?l NVLII'CL leg-* broken, the remainder receiving various j fractures. THE SKRNI;SI),\LE VAI.R COLLIERY* COMPANY an* at preseiit extending their mines, and have a liTiaibei' (if ~i,i;s at work. On Sunday evening j four sinkers and an miderlookei-, who had been \I'):i1.c; in the pit, knocked to be conveyed to the anil .-t-pped into ili'j hoj»pet. Instead | IIi (tseeiidisig, the hop-pet descended into the dib- b'KwMeli eoutaiiie'l water to the depth of nine '•'ft. I he lUiilei'looker fortunately was km>eked IIlIt of the hojjpet on to the scaffold hy the slack and he succeeded in rescuing two of the i 1111:11 from the water. rJ'he other two, named Cox j -Mavtiiidalo, were drowned. The cause of; tho accident will form a subject for impiiiy hy tile eoroiier. "x I rKsl ,Av, Cl'-irles Boler, a mariner, was 'â– 'â– i!iiled hy th" Newport (fsle of Wight) magis- t'-iiesoii the charge of attempting to murder Alfi'od Hughes, Henry Honeybunn, and James •ff^ries, schoolboys, whom lie shot with a gun. I'i'isi.Jier was in charge of a vessel a.t Newport 'Mav, an.l the boys threw "0me small .-t?n ? at hlill. H" cidled to the1;' to Lfo away, hut as they ;kii(I continued throvring stones, prisoner a -mi and immediately fired on the boys. Hu y foli, one calling out, Fetch my father, I :lIn kilbl." It W:J,;i ,ta.te, that Honeyhmn. who in a ilangermis condition, had received 21 the head and breast. The other boys parts. The magistrates n.tniwteil their iatentioll of sending the prisoner I"r trial. A i.oxi; wo succESsn'L career of imiiosturelias ll;'cn cut satisfactorily short at Barrow-in- I nines. A? tli?. coii-t theri- on Monday, ,r:\n MUn?)?tw.i< ch?ed 011 three inform- ations ?''?t h..?in. For some months p?st .hp u'l v.-pir-seute'l that she was "ntferin from a /?)?hn,<tnc.:r. On?nturd.?-. however, some '?" '"?' "?))'i'u tui'n 6f mind insisted upon -? thr?ht.?. i)»(,bably with the view of 't-Vly u "?"" ?"?' '?'? mea.surc.s, wh?n they !lnd )t t.? ""ll,it "i ",Hle chooped meat tied up 'il.l Tl | rfUfiti wolilan Was promptly .?"?'t"v. and at the court "he tried to "IIi'. up"n tiie Tnagistrates by fainting in the 'k. lheir worships were unmoved by the •p.-ctacle. and sent the woman to gaol for six months. "'[iF (if tlii? firm of Uw Brothers J. :0] ''• idt?l'h.U?L'), (-(,'tun of JLUH- .?" it) Wnich ?vcnj Liverpool, :M:uwheter, 1,-union liouses are iii' oK'ed, hyc heel! ('"ti- "ijit.d. aceordi'ii,' t" the IM'u at f?,e and '?)'n marks, (,r c-JTo.OCK) sterling, the j Vi'V'iV't been very largely nndoistated on ?'t .oint..uT), ..??? nf the f:dlun- h?t wec?. ?'?. "')h.t,lo)t just received 4iLte, that H g¡'eat '.?;?u-;t.?.t::?d !;â– Hamburg <.n Ttie.stlay WI'e1' t tl f' f I ¡.. f I'  ?' y "v'i"g to the di-'c.ivcry of tile oodics of the •tlier-, the heads of t'uc tinn, in the river. 1 u- fity. It appears chat they liadboth put :Il'nd tot liir lives togjtlier by ojienin^ an .t" I tl t tl t •J 'M aud then plunging into the stream, where ji!;rlr were found on the following moni- ';I(r¡:O;'I'¡'; ,1er:till11 resulted in ,11 a.'l'eeahle I ¡¡r¡lfi. f,the Liberals. There wore three i'1'al candidates and "n'<'on?rvnt?-e. Not- 'din-/ tbe plethora of m'' poni!)!-f j.'?'dt h' following return Mr .) atucs Stewart, r,'arvnehs (Kxtreme Y,t),t;);t])?.?S?; Si.laiu"s i '?' (<\m.s.rvn.tiv?, 2.124: Mr Donald: ll.iber.d), 1,(i4S: Mr Scott Moncriclf j ;1'?)t Ijiberall, lO^. — On Tuesday, elec-1 .??!<ph'j;e.ttP'th :mdt?;th. Boths"aLt. ,I;l/'nt"tl"l, \.lIil ill both iho ''on?rvativc? found themselves in a h?pch'.ssnnnor- ;,v -M l.eith the ma- i or i tv of Mr <<rant :1\>  Lcith th"'ricy of L' (?'ant! "1' Mr Welch Tennant (<'o!'serv:ttiv? j,?"'?:v.hik in Path Mr C. S. Parker i ???' '?'? ?'' Mackie (lom'entÃŤ\t') by 1351 i 'I::  'i' ?'')horou?h. a center has been; ?..), the retirement of the Conservative] i;urV ;Ve' Asliton, on the ground that ow- 1 j,; ":uh- ¡Jay 11:<1 f, the clf'ction h( ?'?'b'd;).y n.d for the election he ?)'"?'"?oIetoc<nu])).jtM liis canvass. Lord j rha described as a moderate Iabcral, A?o?-??????Md?ai????Hl??n?! â– W S i ''u Iai,e(i, ?t the nomination on h.).,) p ?''? ?? 'dy elected, in succession to • Ib'udenell-Ilruee, elevated to the I 1Jrother, the Marquis


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