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MINISTERIAL CHANGES. The Timet says that very considerable chinas have been effected in the composition of the Minis- try. The President of the Council, Lord Kipoa, who has for soma time desired to retire, will take the opportunity offered by the close of the Sfl3iion aii give effect to that intention. Very urgent private affairs have induced him to roaitfti otJb. Mr. Childers will also, and for the same reason, retire for a while from public bailees?, but he will continue to discharge the duties of the Duchy of Lancaster eo long IS his services may be req uire Mr. Baxter, whose resignation we hove alrealy annonnoed, retires without the slightest iaterrup-.m of the personal or political relations which uoitj with the party and the Administration. Mr. Bruce will receive a peerago and will elleei Lord Bipon 18 Lord President of the C.inncn, a it is probable he will take tho title of Lard Du ffryn. ??Mfiht will 6UMCCJ Mr. Chillers in the Duchy of Lancaster. Mr" Low? who wi)) i?ve the Exchequer, wi!i au? ceed Mr Bruce in the offica of H..e Sdorotiry. Tie Chancellorship of the Exchequer will bs holi by Mr. Gladstone together with the offici ot Firit Lord of the Treasury. These otfias have been fre- quently held by the same Minister, the latest 2: .I,- 1 stances being those of Mr. Canniag in 1:1. a-i» c Robert Peel in 1834 5. The increase of fc.i-i?>» since that period will, however, retire as "I to the>taff of the Treasury. Mr. Dodsc 1 ml'. t.!r' fore, take the financial, and Mr. Ar'.tvir P'II the Parliamentary, Secretaryship, ani L)ri t- Cavendish will join the Board on a footing wbib willgive him precedence over the junior L)rd3, n il assign to Hm the duty of specially oo-operatiag and assisting the Financial Secretary. Mr. A. Greville has been offerod a Ljrdship of the Treasury. Mr. Adam's claims and services will not be over- looked in the new arrangements. Several other changes, including tho appoin, of a Master of the Soils, are in cantomplatiaa, bat have not yet been oarried into effect. The Pall Mall Oatttte is informed thit )frk,rt)7 has alio reeigned the First Commi^ionership of Works, and will be succeeded by Mr W. P. Alia. MR. BRIGHf AND THE CABINET. (FHQM OUR SPECIAL COBRESPON'DS^l' ) BIRMlNGHA.il, Fwdat. The news of Mr. Bright's acceptance of otE;? h â¢' been received with much satisfaction by the Lner* < of Birmingham, who have to some ext iil [Olt c .n dence in the Cabinet on account of th pl-y Ot \1', Forster towards the Noneonform?ta. II u h .[; I that Mr. Bright's return to ,ill b3 flio by a st..gth??.i-g of the position of tho llisseoi and by some measure calculated to alUy irritto?' regard to the Education Act. It i. nt c i p,.b.ble that the B,r.i.Rb.. Con?rMt.'? M_?' offer any OPPO?itiOn to ?r.Bftght'a eloc:¡')O, J\ they are likely to hn? f'?"?'?"'? '"?? theM?);eBerale)eetioa. Mr. H?'<??,' ?' time ago, to a deputtion from th) ''?'?.,? Liberal ApociatioD, that one cond tioa 01 n,, ,? ance of 011i09 wonld be that tae (? )v?!r? n "r briB(;intU!U to repeal thaumi?ttj cm;e' o. lata tteform Aot.