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BANS OR HBBEEW OOKBEEOATIOIT. INTERESTING CEREMONY AT THE SYNAGOGUE. SYNAGOGUE.. On Sunday a special afternoon service waa held: at the Synagogue, Bangor, .the Rev. S. Friede- berg, B.A., the Rev. A. Buthowaky, of Liver- pool; and the Rev. J. Rosenzweig officiating. The holding of the service was in consequence of the wish of Dr. Adler, to hold a "Queen's Sun- day," and to complete a large new "scroll of the law," presented to the congregation. The Ban- gor congregation are the recipients of handsome synagogue vestments, beautifully worked in gold on dark blue plush, together with extra mantles end covers in rich brooadied silk; a fine "scroll of the law," ondl a pair of massive silver bells bearing the following inscription:â"Presented) to the Bangor Hebrew congregation by M.R., M.R., M.R., M.R., A. A.R. A.R., F.R., D.R., H.R., of London." The scroll which is regarded as a handsome copy was purchased from the Rev. N. Lipman, of London. On the comple- tion erf the Sefer Torah and the opening of after- noon service, the Rev. S. Friedeberg, B.A., de- livered an address, taking his text from Psalm 19 "The law of the Lord is perfect, restoring the soul." In the course of his remarks he referred to the zeal of the pious wellwisher of this con- gregation whose magnificent presentations were made the occasion of a special ceremonial. Re- ferring to the collection about to be made in aid of the war fund, the preacher said that duty to their Sovereign and country enjoined by the Bible and later teachers was a virtue etjxmgly set in the Jewish heart, even in countries of Eastern Europe that oppressed and persecuted their brethren. The love of the Jew for the land of his birth was remarkably strong, and as touching as it was remarkable; while England, this dear country, this happy land which had recognised equality, had no more loyal and devoted subjects than her Jewish sons. They had no fear that Anti-Semutism. would invade these shores, and they had no fear that what had happened in France would happen here; that after being for years the apostle of equality and liberty die Ehould permit and foster hatred and persecution against her Jewish citizens. Once England was convinced of the righteousness and justice of her course, and once she committed herself to it she never swerved but pursued and persevered in it to the end; she had extended to them all the privileges of citizenship without reserve, and they loved her with a devoted love. Closing his eloquent appeal the preacher exhorted his con- gregation to let their impulses and loyalty and compassion have full sway, and that they would give now without stint, though they had to deny themselves some personal pleasure. They were privileged that day to help in a. glorious and. hu- mane work. Let them rise to the occasion and I respond nobly to the call and give of their means for God and country. The collection realiged :05. The small syna- gogue was crowded; a large number of Christ- ians also being present. A number of apologies were received from public men in Bangor for their absence. In the morning, the Rev. S. FriedtebeTg, B.Al, examined the children of the Hebrew class in Hebrew Bible and religion. Dr. Witton Davies, Professor of Hebrew to the University College of Wale<i, who was present, presented on behalf of the Synagogue, prizes to Alex Barnett, Rosy Lew, Sarah Wartsld, and Annie Levy. Later in the evening a reception to meet the visiting clergymen was given to members and friends by I the treasurer, Mr M. Wartski. The synagogue was, beautifully decorated with plants and flowers by ladies of the congregation.