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Lung Affection: Quite Recovered. Trallwyn- terrace, Upper Llandwrog, Carnarvon. Dear sir,â I believe I should have died before this but for GWIL5TM EVAS' QUININE BITTERS. I have been suffering from an affeclion of the lungs, which had got into uch a bad h+" that for two years I was unable to lie ,1(\ ar hick grown, so weak that I perspired' freelv rrn n 1 â â : sitting. I took six hot of GWILYM J L'. QUININE BIT- TERS, and? am now quite recovered and able to follow my daily occupation in the quarry.âYours, sincerely, Humphrey Williams. Welsh Terrier:- at Hie. Liverpool Show.-The roth annual Liverpool Dog Show v.ts opened on Tuesday. The following awards were made ill (he Welsh tn- rier classes :âDog, open 1, L. Crobtree; 2, Walter S. Glynn; 3, J. Clement James. Limit: 1, Walter S. Glynn; 2, Evan Jones; 3, Tom Macc. Novice: 1, Evan Jones; 2, Walter S. Glynn 3, Tom Mace. Puppy 1. Evan Jones; 2, Walter S. Glynn 3, William Jones. Dog or bitch, maiden 1. Eviuii Jon: 2. Walter S. Glynn; 3. Tom Mace. Bitch, op" 1. Walter S. Glvnn; 2, Mrs H. D. Greeve; 3, G. R. Marriott. Limit: 1. Walter S. Glynn; 2, Mrs. H. D. Greeve; 3, G. R. Marriott. Novice 1, Walter S. Glynn 2. W. C. Roberts; 3, J. Clement. James. Puppy 1, Walter S. Glynn; 2, J. Clement. James. THE MOST MUTRITIOU8 COCOA. E P P S'S MMTEFULâCOMFORTING. COCOA FOR BRbMKFAOT AND SUPPER. /01' COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, iiiv. IK J. C0LLIS BROW N H.. -1 CHLOROiiiiifi ran CHUUT spacxrio JOB CROLIULA. Tkb. ?' OOLLXS aROwxt VBNTOB, and, m oonpocltioa of Chlorodyn# cannot poMibly bo di*oo- â¼end by Aaalyaia (orvaaio dino. QtfriDff dUmiafttion), and si&M the to* molahu never been published, it ieeri« dent that any statement to the effect that a compound la identical with Dr. Browne'* Qhlorodyne must btfats*, T?a. J. COLLI 0 B&OW?B't ?-? CHLMtODYNB.S<a.(tOB. oellor ?' ??sB- WOO& ttM<a imbHty in Court (hat Dr. J. COLLI8 BROWNE wns UNDOUBTEDLY the IN V E N'TOR of 0 H I,OROD YNE^that t .«⢠-i f tho defwlact Free- rrvn r-is untrue* and he v ?n it had been uworato/â S". risne*, Ju.y m'a. tfm. f J. OOl.iLlit IIALOWNZ'S I ON OSOJ'YNK \n !H(I *??? 1* -LI.I.TIV 11, > n I A. OOTJT, CATTCBE, > :-j. H ivi l s, H^B02gATl6M. tAHBKtaA. DTSIMTIKT GBNRIAL BOARD of HBALM, REPOUTths.,IA us 0  donsinerew Dr^lXBBO^ygj^ J'S!S<6?& t ?M-rlg?l TOT JLLITBTBATBD I/OHDO* TITw, z4wml o a:ioiovPtlLa h)Mtdw? travel witMst ttt and its Mperai Ma?Ltt th4 M<ttMtM efJfsKtH. *?°?? Sj&*?ft'??E best leoonsmendafclaa/* Boyl Irish Fusiliers. Cork, Dn. 8.1 wish to give pab mony to the infinite value which your remed? for Djeantery and Diarmcea (Dr. BHOWKB*8 CKLOROD7KS) i prooed tc _181 meg^bers of the lIal 8erTIoe Co. 1. tlie rcccnt ti 8 viwtiz I ¡'C¡(hL wall bottle just, before Ie.in« London for West Africa, 604 bAnns U8d it MmU ith benâc.a¡ re.ul. k*" ?o of my :=e. wiii «a? taS?  o< th? -1184). 18hõaJ4 be TÃ1'7 glaQ to ftÅIámø4 It to anyone abOut to à aft1 III.. OIimate, where they m w» m«h ,çoaed to tbu °??°?°SSlTE.?'' "larS^t*. T?B. ?. OÃX.LU BROWNA-V 03WI,YNB rapidly cato abort all ottackii of EfXUIBT, SPASMS, JUM OOIiIO, PALPITATIODR. HYSTXRIA. :[KNO TAPFTCAUTION.-Tlhe ]i,IX34NSF, SALE of th'? R EM E PX h. i,. t.?y (jpll. 'LOM??ATlfi'? <⢠â â â ?ii M I .b. T?.d.?Mrk. Of 1.1 'j.PCJ..te, Sole Mannfnonirpr. J. T. DAVEN!)r. M, OrMt Ra<.e)J BhMt. W.C -o Pi01an'. I k\ for Gout, Kheumatio Oout and Gravel; the !Ikn t ) {<BlBBPnlSHBBaaMBiaBMBMMBBBwaBBaMBSSWl Medicine for Infants, The Univer.? B<mtdy for Acidity of the Stomach, Children, Delicate Fe- 'i'iio Universal B«medy for Acidity of the Stomach, m?e'. Md the Sick- He&dMhe, Heartburn, Indigestion, Sour Bructetions, male#, and the Sick- Bilious Affections. neBS of Pregnancy. Sold Throughiut the World. N.B.-ASK FOR DINNEFORD'^ MAGNESIA.