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BY To S?CUL it?? ?'? MI""Y AP?HTMMT ?SSS&? ANCH.R.H. THE PRINCISS OF WtLM. JJESSRS GROWN & (10". MERCERS, C H E B T E R. SEALSKIN JACKETS, FUR-LINED CLOAKS, FUR BOAS AND NECKLETS, SABLE AND BEAR MUPFB. blankets, RUGS, &c. MOURNING ORDERS SAOMPTLT EXICOTED. 9817jjj ..Scholastic MOUNT HOLSE SCELOOL AND KINDERGARTEN, UBFER BANGOR. Principal MRS E. HURREN HARDING (Assisted by C lieaident »nd 5 visiting Teachers). i THIS SCHOOL offers a Thorough and All-round Edaoation to Girls and Junior Boys. Modern Methods. Cc>rtifisated Teaohers (three honours). Gymnasium. Tennis. School Library. Successes in ifta is Oxford, Cambridge, Trinity College,London, and Sonth Kensington examinations. KINDERGARTEN DEPARTMENT under a fully CERTIFICATED (Froebel) MISTRESS. Next Term will oemmence January 18th. Pros- pectus on Application. 9019fw j^R | J UGH gRERETON (Assistam TO "Mb Wxstlakk-Mohoan AT Banqob Oatbsdbai) ,18 OPEN TO RECEIVE POPILS IN SINGING, PIANOFORTE, AND THEORY OF MUSIC. Preparationfor Local lixaminations. Terms Moderate. Addmae-CLRLLIPA, Banoob. 11377a So WINIFREDS BOARDING- SCHOOL, BANGOR. FOE THE DAUGHTERS OF CLERGY, GENTRY OF SMALL MEANS, AND OTHERS. visitor: LCRD BISHOP OF BANGOR. PBOVOST XEV. H. MRYNELL, M.A. â HON. CHAPLAIN, PRO. TEll.. VERY REV. THE DEAN OF BANGOR: FLAHIS School is conducted by Ladies c £ expe- X lit?nce, and oSera an edooation preparatory to TJntverstty CaF:i6o*tea, with deHnite Cbmob teaoh- ing, Terms, f3) per annum. For prospect", apply to Miss LOWE, Ec. mWi-r..i- 'I fed's, Bangor. !<?&% MISS NIXON (Member of the Incorporated Society of MuKtiane)., olvzs LCSSONS IN PIANO, SINGING, AND THEORY And prepares Candidates for tbe Local Examinations. L LANDUDNO and the Neighbourhcod Visited. Brvn Hvdd, 11169r Upper Bangor. 11169r ioL I s 0 N S. MISB ISABEL HEWITT, who has studied M. uuder Ma T?ODOM LAwaos and HMB -SrntiMMKR (Pupil of JOACUIK), and MISS MARGARET HEWITT (Pupil of Messrs Chkodore Lawson and Jobs Sacndkbs) give LESSONS at Own or Pupil's Reeideuoe. Opxx to Enoaoxmbnts FOB Conckbts, AT HOMIS, Ao. Bodafon. Upper ttangot. TTLTATN DU lno. LANSDOWNE HOUSE SCHOOL. Prinoipals: MATTHEWS AMD STANDRING. Assisted ly an Efficient Staff of Resident and Certificated Teaohers and Visiting Masters. PUPILS are very successfully prepared for the P Cambridge, H.A.M., and other Local Exami. nations. Adjoining the above in York-road new premises have been built for the LLANDUDNO KINDERGARTEN, TECHNICAL AND ART SCHOOLS, AND SWEDISH GYMNASIUM. 9541-9440 TRINITY HOUSE SCHOOL, Colwyn Bay. THE REV. J. H. ASTLEY, M.A.. EMMANUEL COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE, KECEIVES BOYS from 7 Years of Age to PRE- PARE for the Public Sohools, dzc. For Prospectus, References to local and other parents of pupils, cie., apply to the PRINCIPAL NEXT TERM commences JANUARY 25th. 11231-3928a LLANDUDNO. COLLEGIATE gCHOOL. Principal:âMb W. A. WHISTON. 8ccck?res this Year in London University, Oxford Local, and South KeDsington Science and Art Exams. 10834t PORTMADOC COUNTY INTERMEDIATE school. Biad Mastib J. RHYõ EVANS, M.A. (Cantab.) B.A. (London). Soixkcb MIBTXB E. W, FULTON ENGLISH, M.A. (Cantab). MiPTKK«a ELLA MORGAN, B.A, (London). Assistant Mhtwiss 11. E. CAllR. THE School was on opened on the 3bd Sxptxmmr Chean Scholar Tickets from all Stations in tbe district. For foither particulars apply t, W. MORRIS JONES. Solicitor, Clerk to the Governors. rortmadoo, September, 1194. 10966c HIGH-CLASS TAILORING AT ,REASONABLE PRICES MADE UP ON THE PREMISES IN LOFTY AND WELL VENTILATED WORK-ROOMS. Fit and Style Guaranteed. New Overcoatings New Suitings New Troi^ermgs New Mackintoshes New Troitserings FOR New Mackintoshes AUTUMN and WINTER. AN IMMENSE STOCK TO SELECT FROM. INSPECTION INVITED. BAYNE AND DARGIE, BRUNSWICK BUILDINGS, Bkuuwiimoto. UPPER BANGOR la-asMim SNOWDON FLAKE FLOUR. USED BY ALL WHO WISH FINE PASTRY AND BEST FLAVOURED BREAD. FIRST PRIZE and GOLD MEDAL at Millers' and Bakers' Exhibition, London, 1892. THOMAS LEWIS & Co.. ikosam CITY STEAM MILLS, B A N C R. Scholastic â, â HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, PLAS MENAI, ,UPPER BANGOR. [E,BXAZLISHEID 1870. MRS EWAN, assisted by MISS SWAN (1st Class ij'i Honours, Higher Cambridge Looals) and reBidentOertiticated Jtistretees rweives 12 Boarders, and 40 Day-pupils. Over 150 oertifloates have been obtained since 1881. A Special Classwijl be formed for candidates; wishing to prepare for the Entranoe Scholarbbips of he University College. The following are the results of the Midsummer Examinations;- 1 Higher Cambridge Women's|in FrenchA Arithmetio 2 Senior Oxford Local (Ut Div.). 1 Junior â â {distinction in French). 2 Junior Trinity College (violin), 1 Primary â â rimary (piano). I School will re.open on JFB1DAY, Jancaet 25th, at 2 p.m. 10775fw MR WESTLAKE MORGAN, ORGANIST OF BANGOR CATHEDRAIj, Member of the Council and Examiner toT the Incorporated Society of MusieiaoB Vice-President and Examiner in Harmony and Organ-Playing to the Guild of Organists; Pupil of Eir Walter Parratt (Orgsnist to the Queen), Dr. Gladstone and Dr. Mann, Gives LESSONS in Singing; Intoning; Piano- forte Organ; & Harmony. Schools Attended by special arrangement for Singing and Pianoforte. Evening Harmony Class. Text-books: Goss, Stainer, Naofarron, and Prout. Pupils specially prepared for the Local Examina- tions of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, the Associated Board, and Trinity College. Pupils' RbCknt Successes Two Open Scholar ships (Pianoforte), R.C.M.; I.S.M. Locals (only candidate with Pianoforte Honours in North Wales, July, 1894; Honours, December, 1894). Address :-Tuc Cathbdbal, Banoob. 11021) PIANO & THEORY of MUSIC. MisS HEWITT (R.A.M.; Senior Honours JH. Pianoforte and Theory), Organist of Beau- maris Church, and late Masio Govsmess at Mount House School, GIVES LESSONS at own or Pupils' Residence. Schools ViBited. Pupils Prepared for Locul Examinations. Bodafon, Upper Banoob. 11422n FRENCH, LATIN, AND GREEK. MONS, JACQUET, B.A. (2aris). Ex-Professor JJU. of the University of France, prepares Private Pupils in the above Languages for the Public Ex. ammations. Buch as-London Matriculation, Dublin University, College of Preceptors, Oxford and Cam. bridge Local, Preliminary Law, Medical and Phar- maceutical Examinations, Scholarships of the Uni. versity Colleges of Wales, eto. Schools attended, l'erms and References on application to Mons. E. Jaoqoit, 9, Upper Garth-road. Bangor. BALA COUNTY SCHOOL. Headmaster J. C. EVANS, M.A,, Formerly Powis Exhibitioner and Scbolar of Jesut College, Oxford, and late Assistant-master at Christ College, Brecon. Mathematical and Science Master: A, B. SULLY, B.A. (Lond. and Oxon). (Late Open Scholar of Lincoln College, Oxford.) Drawing, Book-keepine, Ac. G. V. PRIDHAM (Formerly Art Master in Norfolk County School). NEW BUILDINGS admirably fitted with every convenience for Boarders. Preparation for the Universities, Civil Services, Preliminaries of the Law and Medicine, and the Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations, and a good Commercial Course. Boys attend the place of worship selected by patents. BOARD and TUITION (inclusive charge), iE36 per annum. Recently Scholarships have been obtained DIRECT from School at the University Colleges, Lampeter I College, and Clifton College also there have been fevrral Martrieulatiov., including Two at London University (in let Division). USTINCTIOMS IN OXFORD LOCAL EXAMINATIONS. I Among the SENIORS 2 Certificates of Exemption from Hesponsions (tho Kirst Examina- tion at Oxford Ur>orsity ) â tlie 17th place in all England inEnglish. 42ml tfi»1 50th English. â 33rd placo lieligious Knowledge. JUNIORS, 7th, 13thand 24th Greek. â â 7th, 17th,30th and 68th in Latin. â nth,36th,32th,42nd&B8th English. â S6ih â â Mathematics. :k &: 2!1th ,Religiöà ;, Bala is a Centre for the Oxtoid Local Examina- tion 1895. For further particulars apply to the Headmaster. L Scholastic Trinity College Local Exami- nations. BANGOR CENTRE. THE neib EXAMINATION will take place in T BANGOB during the week commencing MAUH 25th. Candidates' names and fees must be sent to Dr. Rogers, PendyffryD, Bangor, not later than SATUR. DAY, MAucri 9th, 1895. zll503 S. DAVID'S WEEKLY t A New Church Paper for Wales Pind the herder Dioceses of Liverpool, Chester, and Hereford, WILL ON S. David's Day, March 1st, 1895, IN ENGLISH. PRINCIPAL CONTENTS WILL INCLUDE 1. TwoLeadiDgrt idea weekly, dealing with the Church in Wales. 2. Special Reports of Church work and progress in each Diocese, Irom our Special Correspondents, 3. History and Antiquities of the Cathedral?, Abbeys, and Churches, 4. The Place of the Welsh iu the History of Britain. (A Series of Articles by I rof. Bojd-Dawkins, M.A., F.B.8.. Hon. Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford.) 5. Special Articles on Eduiatinn as aflectiDg the Churchy and also on Chii rcli Musio. 6. The Welsh Church Pulpit. (First Sermon by the Dean of Llandaff.) 7. Church Npws in General. 8. Cor- respondence, &c. 9. Full Reports of DioiCeam and r:{d1 nf;;e,Ã"1 or¿1t:QC:;i:; &c. The first nnmber will contain an article co the Church from a Nonconformist point of view by a NoA- conformist. ALL Communications to be addressed to the Editor, A "S. Da\id's Wttkly" Office, Wright Street, (ireenheys, Manchester. Agents wanted. Published every Saturday at 8 a.m, frce Id, by post lid. Quarterly Is 3d. Half-yearly 38 6d. Yearly 68 Sd. P repaid. 11443E ARTISTIC & GENERAL PRINTING PROMPTLY and NEATLY EXECUTED ON REASONABLE TERMS AT THE North Wales Chronicle Commercial Printing Works, CAXTON HOUSE, HIGH STREET, BANGOR. 100 New Founts of Plain and Ornamental Type, Consisting of the Latest Faces have just been added to the JOBBING DEPARTMENT, which makes it now one of the LARGEST PRINTING PLANTS IN WALES. All the Machinery, Which is driven by a Powerful OTTO GAS ENGINE, was reoently over- hauled, and has been adapted to run at the Quickest Speed Possible. ALL Orders Carefully ATTENDED To. Head Publishing OQict: Chronicle" Office, High Street, BANGOR. Branch Puhlishicg Offices: DIRECTORY" OFFICE, UrpER MOSTYN ST., LLANDUDNO. CLOHIANTDD OFFICE, BRIDGE STREET, LLANGEFNI. Postal Address North Wales Chronicle" Ofnoe, Bangor. T.I.¡¡rophic Add, Bangor. 44 TTUSBANDS AND WIVES," by An I! Obefrvaot t)p"?"r (C. V. Cox). A booklet to be had frcm the printer, Tomkinson, Llandndcc, price 6d, jottage Id extra. 10035b DONALD CAMERON, MERCHANT TAILOR, CATHEDRAL BUILDINGS, BANGOR, fieepectfully invites the attention of Sportsmen and Tourists to his Present Choice btock of Bighland Tweeds and Homespun Cloths, Standard Patterns, and Invisible; Shades A so veil-known to every Sportsman far BIDside and Cover, for Sffoor and River, ".Ã. KIcker-boder Stockings, Hand-knitted, In Plain Colonse, Heather Mixtures and Gairloch Checks. Ateo the Clarence Hose, Registered Design Spats, Gaiters, Leggings, and Anklets, Shooting Caps, Tweed Hats, and Helmets, Waders, Fishing Stockings and Brogues, Waterproof Coats, Capes, and Rugs, Leather Trunks, Portmanteaus, Bags and Straps. Agent for Dr. Jaeger's Pure Wool Manufactures. ROBE AND CAP MAKER BT APPOINTMENT TO THE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF NORTH WALES PATTERNS AND PRICE LIST FREE. ARE OFFERING COAL VASES, LAMPS, /far OIL HEATING STOVES, .X \S~S SKATES, &c f &c., AT ??Y\ '?? RETAIL GREATLY REDUCED ?<\V>?? PRICES /C \V?? <\V\  \??' SPRING GOODS. \\?/ \'? MANUFACTURING IRONMONGERS, 4 159, 161, HIGH STREET, BANGOR. LLLLW J. E. PRLTCHARD, Corn Dealer, &c., 137, HIGH STREET, BANGOR, AGENT FOR R. SljCOCKIS rBONE MANURES, FATTENING CAKES, REDUCED PRICES UNIVERSAL CAKE.-Price, £5 29 6d. UNDr,,cORTICATE D COTTON CAKE -R3 17s Gd. DECORTICATED Ditto âC "IB S> FATTENING CAKE.-Price, £5 lOa Od. REARING OR DAIRY CAKE.-Price, £ 5 78 6d. DAIRY MEAL.-Price, 95 5ir Od. PURE DISSOLVED BONE- £ 6 5s per ton. BONK MANURE No. 2- £ 5 10s per ton. BONE MANURE No, 1-£5 10s per too.; DISSOLVED BONEâ £ 4 10s per ton. UNIVERSAL MANURE-E3 12s 6d person. VICTORIA DOG BISCUITS & POULTRY FOOD 15s PER CWT. 11130L There's nothing like Leather." = DICKS = THE PEOPLE'S BOOT PROVIDERS, I ARK NOW SHOWING A SPLENDID VARIETY OF WINTER BOOTS AND SHOES SUPERIOR TO ANYTHING EVER STOCKED BEFORE. THE QUALITY, STYLE, AND PRICE BEAT EVERYTHING IN THE MARKET. BOOTS to Suit all Classes of Society FROM THE INFANT'S AT SIXPENCE, TO THE GENT'S HIGH-CLASS HAND-SEWN AT ONE GUINEA. ââ A LARGE AND CHOICE ASSORTMENT OF DRESS SHOES. Football Boots âoâ Goloshes, Gaiters, Gymnasium Shoes. Al kinds of Boot and Mackintoshes Repaired at Low Prices. LOCAL BRANCHESâ 217, HIGH-STREET, BANGOR. 7, Bridge-st. and 3, Palace-st., Carnarvon. 30, Market-street, Holyhead. High-street, Pwllheli. E LEA AND Observe that the PERRINS' Signature ( is now Printed in Blue Ink diagonally across the OUTSIDE WRAPPER of every Bottle of the ORIGINAL WORCESTERSHIRE Sold Whott?e by the Proprietors, Worcester; CroMet °) CI Blackwell. Ltd., London; and Export Oilmen generaDy. ? "V /1 TI TII /I H &ETAILEVERYWHERE. 10124f* ?S,AUCE, JARVIS & FOSTER. PRINTERS, STATIONERS, Lome House, BOOKSELLERS, BOOKBINDERS. Bangor. m808 THOMAS'S A nn u a 1 C I e a pan e e SALE NOW ON. LONDON HOUSE, BANGOR. A <h..??. Bst?Nished Over 70 Tears. B?S?. the "K." BOO T S. sta IS ever I, BOSTOCK'S J300rs' M. A. CROOKS, HIGH CLASS BOOT MAKERS, 222, HIGH-STREET, BANGOR, Sole Agents for the "K.' Make. GENTLEMEN'S DEPARTMENT: First-claes Walking, Shooting, Fishing, AND Diesa Boots and Shoei. Hunting, Riding, NL Livery Boots to Order. LADIES' DEPARTMENT Glace:Rid, GloveJKid, French Calf, Calf Kid, and Patent Caif Boots, Shoes ani Slippers by the lealiiog, Makers. CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENT. Varied Assortment of Walking and In-door Beots and ShceB. Bespoke and Repair;ng Department under the management of High-Class Workmen. 7350jtj ESTABLISHED 1851. W. FRANCIS WILLIAMS AND COMPANY, GENERAL AND FURNISHING IRONMONGERS. 224, 226, 228, HIGH ST. (OPPOSITE THE MARKET HALL) BANGOR, Ava the SOLE APPOINTED AGENTS for BANGOR, BEAU MARIS & MENAI BRIDGE FOR THE ''WELSBACH" INCANDESCENT GASLIGHT which is themost perfect Light yet Invented. Clean, Steady, and most Brilliant. Gives Treble the Light and SAVES HALF YOUR GAS BILLS. GREAT REDUCTION in PRICES for the COMING WINTER SEND FOR^PRICE LIST AND PARTICULARS. 4793fw HIGH CLASS TAILOHING -:0:- 213 HIGH-STREET (near Market Hall), BANGOR, J. W. ROBERTS (Late Cutter at 1, Neville-street, Southport). -:0:- FIT, STYLE, ANF SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. I Satisfaction can and is only given by very few Houses in the Kingdom. Price List on Application Terms, READY CASH ONLY. J. W. ROBERTS will visit any part of North Wales oa Receipt of Post Card. 11215fw COALS DIRECT FROM THE COLLIERY TO THE CONSUMER. INTERMEDIATE PROFITS SAVED!! The Direct Supply Coal Co., (10LLIERY OFFICES, SHREWSBURY, OFFER COALS OF BEST VALUEATFIRST COST. IN TRUCK LOADS (5 to 10 TJNS) TO ANY STATION. PLEASE WRITE FOR PRICES STATING REQUIREMENTS. 99771t DOYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE CORPORATION (Established by Royal Charter, A.D. 1720). chief Ojfi-ee: Royal Exchange, London. Blanch: 4, Rumford Street, Exchange, Liverpoo. rH8 AocomrtiMD FUNDS Njuiily 24,000,000 FIRE. Policies issued free of expense. Losses occasioned by Lightning will be paid whether the property be set on fire or not. LIFE. 1 The Corporation affords security of the highest rder, and declares Bonuses exceeding the average istril-ition of Assurance companies. The Conditions of Assurance have been lately revised. A Prospectus, Table of Bonus, and Balance Sheet will be forwardod on application to Amlwch-Mr S. II. SMITH. Old Bank, Bangor-Mr JAMES SMITH, Carnarvon-Kr G. R. REES, Ajtntt. ATLAS ASSURANCE CO. FIRE. [Established 1808.] LIFE. Head Office92, Cheapside, London. Liverpool Branch1, Tithebarn Street. Capital Snbachbed I Total Assets neMh- tal Asi3ets nearij, ?1,200,000. I ?2,000,000 The Company has Paid in Claims upwards of iCI1,000,000 STERLING. AGENTS AT Bangor Mr W. PUGHE, National Provincial Back of England Beaumaris Mr J. G. DAVIES do. Betbesda Mr W. R. LLOYD do. Conway H. OWEN do. Llandndno .Mr J. ADEY WELLS do. Menai Bridge.. Mr J.JONES do. Holyhead Mr J. E, WILLIAMS do. Amlwcb Mr O.L. HUGHES, Cemaee. 2».