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9ta MIf Salk.


9ta MIf Salk. fBy Vzu&.] This week all Llmdudno is basy buying or sell- ing, or trying to do both, at the Clarence bazaar, one of the prettiest char lias ever been held at Liandadno. the uniformity iu the colour and draping of the st-dli bdiug unmnatly effective, and tbe dresses of tho lady tail holder* and assistants remarkably ta*te'ui. sVhiie appears '0 be the favourite wear. combined with icie in heliotrope or pale blue, and tor graceful origin*li:y and appropriate design tha oostumd* at tbe Iniiao stall bea away the pa m. The animal teat wili stand the closest scrutiny from the moat tender-hearted, and tbe Macaw, a grand old birl of gorgeous hoe, appears to !horMUfb!y en j oy the )e"? he ni4btly hold*, being ato??d the white ::eD h:it=- ies and greenstaffsnch as his ornithological soul loves, Mr Vincent Walker's new souit.. The tin gee. gee." is a very pretty little idyl, and talus wonder. fully at his popular entertainment, and the refresh- ment stall does a brisk trade, especially in the- evening, when the 2a and Is auppsrs are a hnilh. ing feature. The R.8.P.C.A. is determined to show in Llan- dadno what it has long sines proved elsewhere, that it is not merely a prosecuting society but also re- wards even the most hnmble efforts to ameliorate tbe condition of the animala it protests. A move, ment is on foot here to shortly reword the marked and exemplary good conduct of a o-rtain donkey boy to his boast--& quadruped fortunate above its fellows in having S) bamane and manly a driver. This is a step in the right direction it will be followed by others equally sensible, and with the new blood lately introduced, I prophesy a bright and healthy vitality, as yet unkcown, for the noble sooiety in tbis neighbourhood. Apropos of the same subject, it cannot be too widely kaown that the Animal World has jusii published par- ticulars 01 a £50 prize to be given to tbe inventor of the most humane rabbit or vermin trap; and I rejoice to think that the consideration of scientific braina and practical Christianity will be given a snbjeot, too often thrust npon the ignorant, the callona or the hyper-sentimentalâthe three great- est enemies God's dumb creatures possess. It is but fitting that my final pargraph in these oolumna should be in connection with the society which has my warmest sympathy; and I coaple it with my farewell of Llandudoo, and the public who have borne with my journalistic utterances to gently, and, on most subjects, so sympathetically, I thank them all now, for the very kind expressions of their interest and approval which have reached me from time to time, and have been a great encouragement to me. I also take this Isat oppor- tunity of thanking most heartily all the subsoribera to my handsome testimonial, of whioh I am justly proud. Time is short, bat memory is long; and thongb my fareirall may be brief, tbe remembrance of Llandudno, a very affectionate remembrance, will aver be Wlt!1 me. Ta. BANGo. TOWN CLOCI.-In last week's "Tea Table Talk" some reflection was cant Ly "Vera" upon the time-keeping capabilities of the Bangor Town Olock. Messrs Welch and Co., watchmakers, Blbllor, ."bo have the oontract for looking after the clock assert tbat the time as indicatedbyitis accurate,and that the clock never varies more than a few seconds from the oorreot Greenwich time throughout the year.