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Bazaar and Sale of Work; at Glastnfryn. 11 A batstar and sale of work wa- beld at the National Sebo.-Iroom, Glaaiofryu, near 84agor. on Wednes- day and Thursday, under the distinguished patron- age at the Lord Btsftop of Bangor, tbe Son. Miss Eleanor Donglas Ponnant. Lady Isbain, Colonel the Hon. W. E. Saekvillii West, Miss West, Mr and Mis E. A. Young, and Mrs Harry Clegg, Plas Llan- fair, the proceeds being m aid of the mission work j and Church expenses of the parish. | The sale of work was formally opened on Wednes- day by Colonel the Son. W. E. Ssckville West, who in bis opening remarks expressed the pleasure it gsve bim to be present al the proceedings, and if I the event wa* favouro # with (air weather the obtMto of the bazaar would b9 fa)]y maintained.â On the motion of the Rev. Herbert Jon8 a hearty vote of tbanks was aoanimua^ly accorded to Colonel West for the great Mrvioee he had rondeM?. The Lady Penrbyn. the Hoa. Miss Eleanor Maglas Pennant and others kindly contributed a supply of most useful article*. Contributions had also been freely sent by the parishioners and friends. Tbe sohoolrooa was nicely decorated with bunt- ing and evergreeo., arranged under the supervision ot Mr Robert Williams (of Messrs W. Francis Wil- liams and Co., ironmongers, Baogor), assisted by Mr Teggfcrty, Rev. Price Jones, Mr W. J. Boberis, and Miss Franois. The various stalls were heavily laden with choice articles, and were superintended by the follow 1"DIf:-Plain sewing stall (work r01 by the members of the Oburoh) Mrs Herbert Jones; Miss Roberts, Trsgarth; and Miss Friticis. Art needlework stall Mrs Oliver, Rhiwlas; and Mill Lewis. Olasinfryn. Fancy stall.â The Misses Rllil. Bangor. Toy stall Mrs Roberta Brynmenri?, and Mrs Tetany. Refreshment stalls Mr J. PritobMd, TMym*e<, BMgtr, MiaaPrttoh?rd. .utir; and Mrs Pierci:. Flower stall Messrs Bagbes and Jones. In the course of eaoh day's proceedings 8Qoc88fI]1Ima.ic..1 entertainments, arranged by Mr Tegwam, wera given. The proceeds amounted to a good sum. This is the first bazaar of its kind held in this parish, and its success refl -eti grart credit uoon the promoters of the movement, more especially the Rev. Herbert Jones and Mrs Jone?, Rectory, and Mrs Roberts, Brynmeurig. Before the conclusion of the baaaar Mr W. Roberts, Bryrm ddyfi. proposed a vote of thanks to all who bioi worked towards the eucoess of the bazaar, especially mentioning the ..t\\lbolder3. The schoolroom was crowded with people each evening. On Friday evening there was a Ciftr ILCA sale of the unso'd articldm.


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