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The Dean of Bangor and Welsh Church Disestablish- ment. During the whole campaign that is being car. ried on against the proposal to disestablish the Church in Wales no more sincere and conscien- tious voice has been raised than was raised at Buxton on Tuesday night. Being the height of the Buxton season, the schoolrooms in Bath- street were crowded by a representative gather. ing, amongst whom were clergymen from nearly all parts of England, Ireland, and Wales, visitors staying ? Buxton, Md townspeople. The vicar (the Rev. C. C. Nalion) presided. The DIUN OF BANGOR said they had met to consider a very important subject, and to raise their voice in solemn protest against a proposal which, if carried out, v,,Oxc,! bring d* ls"ter upon the country. It Was not% in less than & proposal to disestablish and dis- tu z :n 'I p ro] ?h urch in Wa l es. which was endow the Church in Wales. which was part of the Church bf England (ap- plause). The Chnrch of England and the Church in Wales was one and the same body. It was now, and had been for 800 years, a part of the Province of Canterbury, and any injury done to a part of the Church was injury done to the whole. Disestablishment and disendow- ment were two distinct things. Either might be done without the other, but disendowment was the more important of the two, and on that account he should mainly direct his remarks to disendowment. Did they realise the consequences that mnst follow disendow- ment P It behoved Churchmen in England and in Wales to bestir themselvesJln defence of their Church, and to save the country from inflicting the greatest wrong upon the best institution which any country can possess (applause). No effort should be spared by Churchmen by ilectures and every legiti- mate means 'to open the eyes of their countrymen both in Wales and in England. What was being done was an insult to Almighty God, and an injury to our people which it would take many generations to repair. If the Bill passed into law destitution would result io not one parish, but in every parish in Wales. One reason for the attack upon the Church in Wales was that it was, so their oppo. nents said, an alien Church imposed upon them by Englishmen. How the Chureh could be alien in one country more thai another he was unable to see. The Church was Catholic, universal,and it was an undoubted tact that the British people received their Christianity io very early times through the instrumentality of that Church that the Blessed Lord founded in Jerusalem. It was their duty to resist this projected spoliation of the Ch arch. because He regarded her property as a sacred trust transmitted to them for the honon' and service of God (applause). The Dean proceeded to speak upon sacrilege, and said that to take away the property of any individual without just cause was of the nature of theft. I Let those who were supporting the spoliation of the Church in Wales ponder well over the work in which they were engaged (applause).

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