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Grand Bazaar at Trefrtw-1

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Grand Bazaar at Trefrtw-1 Let brotherly love continue" must be a. prevailing sentiment at the picturesque village of Trefriw. On Wednesday we attended the opening of a three-day grand bazaar there in aid of the funds of the Ebenezer Congregational Chnroh. It was inaugurated by Colonel Higson, Plaa Madoc, who described himself as a "High Churchman and a Tory," and was under the patronage of Alderman Samuelson, Messrs P. Mclntyre, T. Dutton, J. Pain Daries, John Judford and Joaeph Coventry, most of whom, if we mistake not, are Churchmen and Con- servatives. We were told that Mr Mclntyre "had been most kind" in assisting the move- ment, also several other prominent residents. Ebenexer was erected in 1891 at an outlay of IE1740; but a house and vestries have been added subsequently at a cost of £550, so that the debt, after the raising of M200 up to 1891, amounts now to:CIOOO. The following is a list of the bazaar officers and stallholders RXRCUTIVE COMMITTER. I Chairman, Rev. Peter Price, Trefriw; secre- tary, Mr Herbert Hughes, PlasCoch, Trefriw; treasurer, Mr John Roberts, 2, Rhiwlas Villa; Mr James Buchan, Mr Henry Nottingham, Mr Thomas Williama, Mrs Hughes, Plas Cooh; Mrs Evans, Vedw Cottage; Mrs Barker, Ty'n- y-berllan. LIST OF STAXLHOLDLBS. I No. 1, Refreshment stall: Mrs Hnghes, Plas Coch; Mrs Evans, Yedw Cottage; Miss Thomas, Tynewvdd; Mr John Holland, Tynewydd. C-t- No.2, FIlDCY stall: Mies White, Nant Cot- tage; Miss Barker, Plas Celyn; Miss Evans, Bodaelog; Miss Williams, Min y Don. No. 3, Fancy stall: Mrs Nottingham, Ty'n Twll; Mrs Barker, Ty'n y Berllan Mrs Wil- liams, Co-d Gwydir; Miss Williams, Guelder Rose. No. 4, Fancy stall-: Mrs Hnghes, Wigfa: Miss Davies, Ship; Mrs Williams, Factory, Mrs Williams, Pandy Ucha. No. 5, Fancy stall: Miss Eva.na, Neuadd Mrs Owen, Roualeyn: Miss ierce, Tan y Celyn; Miss Owen, Bryn Afon. No. 6, Fruit and flower stall: Mr McDonald Miss Martha Roberts, Rbiwlas Villa; Miss Annie Williams, Factory; Miss Kina, Trefriw- terrace. We must compliment the management upon the pretty appearance of the hall. It was really tasty, and all the stalls looked well. Colonel HIGBON, who was accompanied by Miss HLison ?rriv?d at three =, aad was introduced -to the assembly by the pastor. In declaring the bazaar open, the Colonel said he had been informed that sixty years ago they worshipped in that hall, but it became too small and inconvenient, and through the kind- ness of the grandfather of the present Lord Ancaster, they erected a chapel at a cost of EW; that became too smalf, another was erected, which in its turn required enlargement; and he congratulated them upon their success. Of aonrse they could not expect to slear off the £1000 debt at one sweep; but they must not be daunted and bear in mmd the adage If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again." Rev. P. PaiCK moved a vote of thanks to Colonel Higson and Miss Higson for their pre- sence. That was not the first time he had ex- perienced the kindness of Colonel Higson to Nonconformists. Tnat day he had given them a perfect example of what Christians shonld be to each other applause1. Mr E. D. HITOHRS seconded the resolution, and was certain it would have been difficult to get a gentleman of Colonel Higson's position to get a them sixty years ago, because Nonconfor. mity at that timu in Wales was looked upon in a different light to what it was now. He had conversed with Colonel fiigson,and found him to be a thorough Christian gentleman (applause). Colonel HIGSON thanked them on behalf of his daughter and himself. He was afraid he could not lay claim to the manygood qualities th-y had attributed to him. He was a High Churchman and a Tory, but he believed in every man exercising his own judgment, and wor- shipping in his own way. f the sentiment were generally acknowledged there would be less bickering, less jealcusy, and less dissatisfaction than at present. The religion of Jesus Christ was not worth much if it "id not teach them brotherly love; and if a man went to church or chapel three times on a Sunday, and the next morning tried to see how he could do his neigh- bour,he was not a Christian. He thanked them very much for the warm reception they had given him, and wished the bazaar every success (ap- plause). The s'allholders then plied their various avo- cations to the strains of the Trefriw String Band, under the leadership of Mr Thomas Wil- liams.

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