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The Cataloguing of WelshI…


The Cataloguing of Welsh Manuscripts. Mr HXBBBBT Litwii, in the House of Commons on Thursday, drew attention to the Publio Record Office, which, he said, contained a large mass of document* relating to Wales, which were uneaten- dered and unindexed. At the present rate a verv long time must elapse before the necessary work of calendaring these manuscripts could be completed. All be asked now was that iu any future appoint- ment that might ba made at the Public RscordOffloe the claims of Wales should be considered. He -as informed that neither in the Publio Record Offios nor tbe BritishMuseum was theressingle official wh. knew enough Welsh to understand the place-names and other Welsh words which occnrred in these documents preserved at the Publio Record-office. Educationists in Wales were constantly called for production of good Welsh history. Without df5. paraging in any way the efforts of those literary Welshmen who bad in the past written histories of their CIOuntry,h might say that there was at present no Welsh history written from the modern critical standpoint. Only the other day one of the most distinguished historians in tbe country lamented this fact. He said that if he wanted to know the rela. tives between Owen Glendower and the Pope he knew where to find the materials. If he wanted to know the relations of the Welsh ohieftain with the King ot franoe he knew where to lay his bands upon the necessary information. He could even discover his relatiotis with the Spanish pirates, but when he osms to the relations that existed between him and the Coort of England he was entirely at a IOKS for the neoessary materials. The need of Wales in this matter was a speoial needand a good history of Wales oould not possibly he forthcoming until the mater"al to which he bad refarred bad been colleoted and ind^xe'. To show the real interest that was taken in this question he might mention that a private sooiety had undertaken the publica- tion of specimens of the Ruthin in-oonrt rolls, which-threw a flood of ligtt upon the social usages of the people during the middle ages, and yet It had been left-foriik Welsh society to undertake the expense and the work of publishing these docu- ments. He onty asked the Finanoial Seoretary to the Treasury to oarefully consider in any future appointment that might be male the claims of Wale. and that during tbe recess, or-eirly next ye r, be would aonsent io meet a deputation of W:Iob educationisto tooonsider the praoc.l steps to be taken to carry out the object they had in view. Sir J. T. RIBBSBT promised at an early day TA confer with tbe keener of the Pirblio Record Ofloo upon the subject. No doubt the papers to whioh the hon. member had referred were of the greatest interest, but, of conrw, they wonld have to take their torn with the other valuable paoera to be dealt with by the Kecord Office. As the offline would have the asnietance of two Welsh-speaking gentlemen to calendar the Welsh mannsoriptu, be hoped this par- ticular matter would be expedited.


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