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Welsh Museums.


Welsh Museums. In the House of Commons 'on Monday night, on the Soienoe and Art vote, Mr J. H. Lewis pleaded that in justice to Wales the should have her share of the museum grant. So far as education was oonoeraod, she waa now a separate entity, and on that ground she was entitled to be treated on the same footing as Soot- land and Ireland. He waa proceeding to urge the desirability of a museum of autiquitier and a national library for the Principality, when he *as interrupted by some laughter from i he Conservative benches. He remarked tbat he did not 8-*0 tbat 4bis was a subject for derision. Mr Bartley (aid that the-o institutions were as much wanted in otuer parts jof England Us in Wales. Mr J. H. Lewis: But WaItt ia a nation. Mr Bartley: Wher* ia the capital ? Mr J. H. Lewis: If Wales is not a nation, then I am not a Welshman (laughter). Sir William Harconrt said he Mt that if be entered at any length upon the subject he should be breaking the engagement he had made with tbe House. He did not think it could be said that. Wales had been neglected by the present Govern- ment. He bad reoeived three deputations this year from Wales to ask for pecuniary assistance from the Treatury, and be had conooded their request in every case. He gave £4000 to the oolleges, and 210,000 to Aberystwyth, and he made aRrant towards the new university. That he thought was good enough for one nart of the country. Theclaima of Wales in the matters referred to by the hon. member would be considered in a liberal spirit. Mr J. B. Lswis said he did not imply that the Chancellor of the Exchequer had negleoted the olaims of Wale., but there were certain directions in regard to which no grants whatever bad been made. The vote was then agreed to.

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