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LLANDUDNO PIER COKPANTS GRAND CONCEBTS. CONTINUED SUCCESS. Nothing could exceed the splendid success of the Pier Company's Concerts this season, nor the enjoyableness of the programmes. At the ninth grand special concert on Saturday night, the Pavilion was again crowded to its ntmots limits. It was feared by sowe that M. Riviere's benefit concert the same evening would inter- fere with the attendance at he Pavilion. But such was not in any way the case. In fact, there was a repetition of the crowd that was ex- perienced when the Meister Glee Singers were here. AH?the seats and standing room were occupied, and odd chairs were fetched from here, there, and everywhere in the ante-room, to ac- commodate just one more" near the stage. And the programme was immense. We really think Mr Bartle excels himself sometimes with these Saturday night musical bills of fare." Read the following for an arrangement of vocal and instrumental music: â Part I.: Quick march, Richard Wallace overture, The land of the mountain and the flood song, The Toreador (" Carmen,") Mr Andrew Black piano and orohestra, Hungar- ian airs," piano, Mr Bartle scena, Softly sighs (" Der Freischntz,") Miss Ella Russell; selection, "Lohengrin." Part If.: Valse de concert, "Op. 83; tarantella, "Gia la Luna," Mr Andrew Black eong, "Angel faces," Miss Ella Russell; humorous musical sketch," Jones's jubilee (by request), Mr Leslie Harris march, "The jolly coppersmiths;" "God save the Queen." Miss Ella Russell, the eminent operatic prima donna,made her first appearance in Llandudno with characteristic success. She sang the soena Softly sighs perfectly. Her full soprano voice came out grandly in the declamatory passages, and in the subdued portions of the scena Miss FusseII showed her. self a true artiste. A pleasing little Spanish song was given as an encore. In the second part Paul Rodney's charming Bong "Anel faces" was a delightful contrast; and its pathetic rendering elicited another rapturous encore,in response to which Miss Russell added a Scotch ballad entitled Ronald." Mr Andrew Black also made his first bow in the Pier Pavilion on Saturday. Some of the leading daily papers say that Mr Black is following in the footsteps of Mr Santley, a statement which is undoubtedly true. In the famous song from Carmen," Mr Black's powerful and refined baritone voice created a decided impression which resulted in a vociferous encore. In acknowledging the compliment, the singer treated the audience to a pleasing rendering of Annie Laurie." Later on he was again encored and repeated the last verse of Rossini's tarentella. Mr Leslie Harris was in usual form, and appearing late in the evening sent the people home in the most amused frame of mind with Jones's Jubilee and The grown-up baby." Mr Bartle's well- known skill as a solo pianist fairly brought down the house" with Liszt's Hungarian airs" and he had to appear a second time, The orchestral music was perfection. On Sunday night Mr Black sane Nazareth" and Honour and arms in fine style. The orchestra played Sullivan's In jiemoriam;" Beethoven's Symphony in 0 minor, The heavens are telling," &c. Monday night's concert was an excellent one. Mr Black's songs were "The Village Black- smith and The Vicar's Song from the Sor- cerer." The latter was a particularly good ren- dering, both in voice and mannerism. The encore songs were To Anthea" and The Free Lance." The chief orchestral items were the overture Di Ballo and the selection Ivan- hoe," both by Sullivan; a suite of airs from Philemon et Baucis," and a descriptive fan- tasia Shepherd life in the Alps." On Tuesday Miss Sarah Berry, con- tralto, appeared in addition to Mr Andrew Black,and the following was the programme Part 1. March, Radetzky;" overture, Carneval Romaine; song, Wilt thou take me to be thy slave P" Mr Andrew Black; harp solo, Mr Barker; recit. and cavatina, Di Tanti Palpiti,"Miss Sarah Berry; ballet music, "Dance of the hoars (Gioconda), Part II.: Overture, Merry Wives of W indsor"; song, Simon, the Cellarer," Mr Andrew Black; fantasie," Traum- bilder" (" Dream Visions"); song, "The pro. mise of life," Miss Sarah Berry; Russian dance, Pas des Patineurs," piccolo, Mr Arlom; "God save the Queen.' Mr Bartle announced that an extra piece would be played, the composition of a gentleman who was a public favourite-Mr George G,osomith- (load applause). The piece in question was a galop, the theme being the popular song "Noisy Johnny." The musicians here and there lapsed into vocalism of the jolly chorus character, and the whole thing caused quite a furore. There were loud calls for the composer, and ultimately Mr Grossmith appeared on the stage to bow his acknowledgements. There were additional shouts of Speech, speech," but G.G." de- clined, and a wag suggested that his speeches are so much a worcl! Miss Sarah Berry has sung well since Tuesday evening, her songs, including "The Enohant- j ress," When the tide comes in," Che faro," The Lady of the Lea," &c. Mr Black has IIolao continued in fine form all the week, encores being the rule after every song. NINTH GRAND SPECIAL. Next Saturday night another treat is in store, Miss Evangeline Florence, the celebrated Eiffel Note" soprano, and MrNormun SAlmond will appear. These are both front rank vocalists and are sure to attract a full houae. We are glad to note that Mrs Mary Davies, the Welsh prima donna, Is coming again on September 1st.