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PWLLHELI. ST. TCDWAL'S LIGHTHOUSE.âThe Trinity Board haviidg.decidecl to make oertain improvements at this lighthouse, hive entrusted the work t3 Mr John Hunter, coutraotir, i-toath Beach, who b,s recently carried out the extensive works in connec- tion with the main outfall sewer at Pwllheli. PETTY SESSIONS. These sess-ions were held on Wednesday, before Mr R. Carreg (in the chair), Mr B. T. Ellis, Major O. Lloyd Evans, and Mr J. Thomas. OAME TRESPASS. Richard Williams, mariner, Penybryn, Mynytbo, was ohMged by Robert Griffith, gamekeeper, N?nhnton, with game trespass. Mr Arthen Owen appeared for the complainant ani Mr William George defended. The facts of cho oase Wero reported a fortnight ago when the esse was di&missed, the infirmatica not being on oath. Cross-examined: WITNESS said that the defend- ant toH him he bad a witness to say that he was shoot-ng on the road. Re-examined: I saw bim shooting in a field. Mr R. O. JOSES, agent to the Nanhoron Estate, deposed to the defendant having appealed to him for forgiveness. Mr GKOME oontended that the oomplainant was entirely mistaken, and tbat the defendant was not on the field firing at game, but he fired on and along the road to discharge hia gun. A lad nimed JOHN MoRuis DnrltS said be saw defendant on the road. He was on his knees on the road where he discharged the gun, and the giimekeeper-then went to him. TIMOTHY ROBEBTO, another lad, gave similar evidenoe. Defendant was fined 28 61 and costs. Mr B. T. Ellis, and Major O. Lloyd Evans did not sit in the above case. ALLEGED ASSAULT ON A BINJUR. Jacob Williams, County Court bailiff, Pwllheli, summoned Robert Roberta, Ty'nlon, Kdeyrn, for assaulting bim. Mr Artben Owen appeared forth. complainant, and Mr Ivor Parry defended. Mr ARTHBN OWEN said the defendant was charged with assaulting the oomplainant, who was a bailiff of the County Court for that district, whilst in the exeoution of his duty. 00 the 14th inst., be had to exeoota a warrant of execution upon the goods of tbe de- fendant. He took Se-ge,-&:it Humphreys, Morfa Nevin, with him there. He had bad to levy at this place before, and the defendant had threatened to kill him. Complainant went and seized a cart, when tl-e defendant pushed him roughly aside two or three times. Corroborative evidence was given by the Call. FUlttANT, who added that the defendant set a dog after him, but tbe sergeant managed to keep him off. Cross-examined: WITNESS said the defendant was a terrible man. Mr PAnny Are yon a terrible man 1-No. Mr B. T. ELLIS He is terrible in the law, not in himself (laughter). P.S. HcttTKBEts said he saw the defendant pnsh the oomplainant, and witness interfered when de- fendant pot Ibil fist to witness' faoe. Dsfendant then whistled for the dog, and witnees bad great trouble to keep the animal away, and if witness had not had a stick the resnlt would have been serious. Witness threatened to apprehend the defendant. Mr PAzity contended that if an assault had been committed it was due to tbe bailiff seizing the goods under the ba'f boor. The Bench retired, and after some deliberation returned, when the CHAIRMAN sail that the magis- tratee oonld not agree, therefore, the oase would be dismissed. Mr AJBTBEN OWIN asked if the disagreement was on the point of law. The CHAIBMAN said it was. Mr OWIIII said be wished to know sithstheooaH apply for a case..


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