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NEVIN. SALR or Won. -Avery successful sale of work was held at the .Boar Sohool, on Thursday, tihe 16th inst., the proceeds of which, after paying a debt of B30 on the cburoh, will be divided equally between the Bangor Diooesan Church Extension Sooiety and the Ladies' Home Mission Association. Tbe room had been very elaborately deoorated for the oooasion with mottoes, plants, fiags, and ever- greens, and Dresented a very ay appearance. A very striking feature of the decorations was a huge hall of flowers about five feet, in diameter made by Mr Taylor and Mr Joseph Williams, of the relay office at Morfa Nevin, and suspended from the roof near the entrsnoe. The sale was opened by the Lord Bishop of the Diocese, who in the course of an intsresting address, alluded to tbe excellent work done by the two sooietiea above-named, and expressed a wish that in the future tbey would leceive additional support from residents and visitors, as otherwise it wonld be impossible ia many parlebee to maintain additional curates and provide an equal amount ot services. The stalls were in obarge of the following ladies General stiLlI Mrs Jones, Vicarage, assisted by Misa Evans. Penymaes Miss Jonet4 and Miss B. Jones, Ynysfor Miss Davies, Llaniestyn Reotory and Miss Griffith, Portmsdoo. Tea stall; Mrs Evans-Hughes, Derwen, asaisted by Mrs Morgan, .1eyrn Rectory Mrs Carreg aod Miss T ughm Philips, Cafnmine; Mrs Jenkin Davies. Bottwtiog Reotory Mrs Smith, Mrs Wilson, Miss Owèn, L'wynhndol; and Mrs Evans, Brynoyrau. China stall: Mrs Millar, assisted by Miss Morgan, Edeyrn Reotory; Misa Anderson, and Misa Lizzie Jonea, Brynoyrau. Plants Mrs Wales, assisted by Miss Madge Davies, IJaniestyn Mies Hughes, Tyd- weiliog and Mr Wales. Photograph* Mr Millar. easist,ed by Mr Arnold Morris. A novel feature of the sale was a large model of tb. PortdiDllaen life- boal, designed by Captain John Jones, and made by Mrs Wales. Tkia made a capital pinoushion stall, as the oars ÃP either side and the rigging lent themselves to effsotive deooration. The coxswain was Misa Carver who, asaisted by Mr Kidman, Miss Layton, Misa Staoey and others soon disposed of the cargo at very good prions. A fairy well in one oorner of the room was well patronised by the juveniles, and the two fairies, the Misses Millie and Betty Morris, looked oharming in white draseeg. An art gallery got by Mrs Fayerman pio/ed a great attraction, and was pronounced by all who visited it one of the best ever seen on suoh ooca- sions. Musio was jrovided by Mr Kidman, Mr Ball, Miss B. Jones, Mr Poirflili, and Mr iiarry Morgan, and eleotriu shocks at one penny eaob by Mr Smith and Mr Joseph Williams, Misses A. Humphreys, Owen Roberta, and Owen Parry made vary tfkoienfc packeri, Mr Harry Morgan and Mr John Rupe., who presided at the weighing maohine, kUrxoted a lnrge number of young lady customers. Mr Hugh (Jriffi;h and Mr Robert Owen wte model door-keepera. Mrs Morria very kindly- lent the piano and plan's, and evergreens and flusrers were sent from Oetnamwloh, Madryn, Der- wen, Llwynbudol, Bodfean Hall, Penmaen, and Bodegroes. The sale waa opened for a short time on Friday evening, when au aootion by Mr Maurice Jones disposed of the few articles ramainiug on the stalls. The total amount realised was about IJOL




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