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THE IfAYOE'B POOR BSLZEF rUND. LIBERAL RESPONSE TO THE MAYOR'S APPEAL. Hie Woribip the Mayor of Bangor desires to sckuowlsdge the receipt of the following contribu- tions, as well as promises of assistance, to the Relief Fund. As will be seen the sum subscribed or pro- mised up to to-day amounts to £148 2a Id, and the coal distribution bas already commenced. Nearly 50 tons of coal bave been delivered in small lota of two cwt. each to nearly 500 poor families in Bangor. More it is unnecessary to say in praise of this excellent movement. The list is as follows The following amounts hava already been acknowledged â The Mayor, 920 Councillors Humphrey Williams, JE5; John Williams. t5; R. W. F. Commi'.t £ 212a 61 Alderman TLomal Charles Lewis, iC2 211 Councillors John Evan Roberts, B2 2a; Hugh Hughes, C2 2»; W. P. Matthews. 92 2s; HajZh Savage, £2 2s; Henry Lewis, 92 2s; Mr R. H. Pritchard (town clerk), 22 28: Aldermen Edward Jones, £ 1 1e; John Rvans, El Is., R. Langfotd Jones. £1 1e; Donald Cameron, £ 1 Is; Councillors Riobard Williams. £1 I a; Robert Hagbes, £ 1 1*; Richard Davies, Cl la Evan Williams, Cl Is Edward Jones, 21 18; H. Grey Edwards, jEl la; Eugene Clarke, £ 11«; T. G. Williamii, 91 1A; Robert Owen, El Is; R. Rowland Jones. j61 Is; P. 8.Greeory, £ l Isâtotal, £ 63 Is 6d. CONTRIBUTIONS DIRECT TO THE MnoB. Colonel Henry Platt,Gorrlditio«, £ 5 5s; Mr G. W D. Assheton Smith, Vaynol, 95; Mr Harry Clegg, Piss LIFLotair, t2 2J; the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Bangor, 91 le; Mrs J. R. Davie., Glanoothwy..Cl Is Con- tributor," £ 1 1«; "Friend," £ 1 IF, Mr W. Pushe, N. P. Back, £1 Ie Principal iieictial, 21: The Very Rev, the Dean of Bmgor, 10<âtot <l, £19 2i. WARI).4-Per Mrs Saunders and Miss l'i1)II: MrW. E. Thomas, Brynbyfryd^ £1 lø; Mr W. FriticiiL-William-, El le Mr H. Edwards, Snowdon Villa, £ 1; Mr Hughes, Belle Vue Hotel. 10i 6d; Piofesior E. V. Arnold, lOi; Mr John Wickoofi, 5s the Rev. J. Puleston Jones. 5,4 Miss H. M. Owen, CrpBoent, 5n: Mrs Jone8, Gwynfa, 5s Mr J. Smith, 5, Summer Hill-terrace, 5a the Rev. Ellis Jones, 5s; Mr E. Hnrren Harding, 5s Mr 8. Morris. 5s Mr E. Smith Owen, 59 Professor R. W. Phillips, 5s; Professor Gilchrist, 5s; the Rev. J. B. Shute, 5s Mrs E. Jones, Brynteg, 3s; Mr F. Eyaeo, Summer Hill, 2s 6d Mrs Roberts. 8 Summer Hill, 28 63 Mrs Charles Davies, Moun. tain View, 28 Ott; Mrs Evans, Fron Oleu, 2s 6d Mrs Jones, Brynteg, 2s 6d; Miss S. d. Roberts, Bryuteg-terraoe,2s 63; Mrs M,Evans,Summer Hill- terrace,21 Gdl; Mrs F.Kelly, 2e; Miss Ellis, Tanrallt 2,; Mr W. Speed, 2s sums under 2a. lls Gd-total, 99 Os 63. Per Mrs T. tewis and Mifs Williams Mrs Lewis, Gartherwan,,Cl; Principal Prioe, 10s 6d; Professor J. E. Lloyd, 10L, 6d; Mrs Getliin Davies, 10t) 6d Mr J. Glynne Jones, 10; Mra D. Charlaa Davies, 10s Mrs Hewitt, 5s Mr W. Lloyd Jones, 5s Mrs Lee, Pen'rallt, 5s; Mrs White, do. 2i 61 Mrs Williams, do.2s 6d: Rev. W. R. 8anriders.2s 6d; R B., 2s 6d Mr E. R. Davies. 2s sums under 2i, 4s 6d total, P5 2s 61. Per Mrs Henry L-wis and Miss Lee: Mr R. W. Rowlands, Gwynfryin, 21 le Me W. Dawson. 91 le; Mr Williams Ellis,IOJ Mr Wil. liams, Plas Lodwio, 10,: Mrs W. Rowlands, 5s; Mr J. E. Griffith. S- Mr Jones, chemist, 28 6d Mr J. Humphreys, 2s 6d Mr E. R. Penny, 2s 6d Mrs T. Vallance, to 6d Mrs Hartley, 28 6d Mr R. Winter Jones, 2* 6,1 MrsHopson, 2s Mr Williams, 2s total, 24 lie. Per M's D. Rowlands and Miss Williams: Mrs R. M. Griffith, 91 1,3 Dr. E. J. Lloyd, Ll iii; Mr John Hughes, Llys Menal. 10a Dr. Williams, 5<; Mrs Jones, Fern Bank. 5s; Mr T. Thomas, Menai View-terraoe, 59; Mrs Dobbie, So; C..non Foulkes Jooes, 2.4 6d; Mrs Owen, Menat View-terrace, 2s 63 Mrs Jones Hughes, 29 6d; Mrs Rowlands, TawelaD, 2i 6d; Mrs Merriton, 2s 61; Mrs Cost, 2s; an ma ncder 2s, 2sâ £ 4 88 6d. Per Miss Rowlands: Mr G. Marks. 5s Mrs Evans, 3s; Mr Lawless, 2a; sums onder 28, 2s 6:1-128 6d total, ;C23 15g. SOUTH W uD.-Per Mrs Roberts and Miss Wallace: Mrs Pritohard, Ttnycoed. JE1 la; Mr W. Haw Row land. 21 19; Mr Charles Pozzi, High-street, £1 Is- Mr John Pritchard, Bodbyfryd, 91; Dr. Price, High-street, 10i 6d Mr W. Thomas, 10i 6d; Professor Gray, 10s 6d; Mr Jobn Barratt, Chapel-Btreet, 10s; Mr W. O. Williams, draper, 5s; Mr Parry, iroomooecr, 59; Mrs J. Thomas, London Haase, 5a 6d Mr D. Williams, 330 High-street, 3s; Mr W. Williams, baker, 2s 6d Mr P. K. Jones, 28 6.1; Mr W.P.Roberts,chemist,2s 6d MrG.J.Thmnas, 2s 61; Mias Owen, confectioner, 2s 63 Mrs R. E. Williams, draper, 2s 63 Mr Hngh Owen, Greenwich House, 2s 6d; Mrs Roberts, 54, Dean street, 2s 6d; Mr J. Fairclougb, 2e 61: Miss Hughes, College Hall, 2s 6d; M, aR. Williams, Ship Inn, 2s; Mrs Kuihhs 2«; Mr R. Williams, baker, 2Jj sums under 2s, 17s 61â £ 9 lis 63. EAST WAND.-Per Mrs D. Williams and Miss Prit. ohard: Mr W. T. Roberts, Greeubant 10s 6i Mr D. Williams, 7, Gambier-terraoe. 10s 6d Mr John Lloyd, Brondsrw. 10-; Mr F. R. Barber, 5, Gordon- terrace, 10s; Mr T. T. Roberts, Eclas Hill. 5; Mr T. d. Lewis, Greenbank, 59; Mra Robert,, 3, Gordon-terrace, 5s; Rev. T. J. Wheldon, Garfleld- terrace, 5s; Mr Welle, 6, Gordoo-terrsce, 2s 6d; Mrs Rowlands, 7, do, 2s 6d; Mrs Coppleston, 1, Glandwr. terrace, q 6d; Mr Devonald, 5, do. 29 6d; Mr L. D. Jones, Edge Hill, 2s 6d; Mrs Stephen Williams. Garabier- errace, 2i 6d; Mr Frank Barlow, Gordon terrace, 29 6d; Mr T. Gotts, National School, 2e 6d Mi^ones, Erw Fair, 2s; Mrs Humphreys. 8, Gambier-terraoe, 2. j Mrs Liew-lyn. 3, do, 2s; sums under 2s, 19. id- £5 6a 63. Per Mrs T. H. Lewis and MrsiB, Thomas: Mrs D. Williaml, Bryncgwen, 21 Is; Miss Pope, 10s; Mrs Jones, Mona View, 2s 6d; Mr Andrews, Garth-road, 2s; Me D. Edwards, do, 2s Mr A. Gray. 2s Dr. White,2e; anms under 28,4s61 -total E2 6s. Per Mrs E. Jones and Miss Roberts: Mr B Roberts, Albert House, 108 63 Mr W. Glynn Williams, 108 6d Rev. P. Jones Roberts, Frondeg, 5s; Mr F. Southwell, 216,1 sums under 2,. 12s 3dâ £ 2 Os 93. Per Mrs F. Southwell and Wrs R. Hughes: Mr Southwell, Port Penrhyo, 10s 6.1 Mr John Parry Tbomas, 2s 63; Mr W. Williams, Port Penrhyn Lodge, 2s 63 other sums, le-168 6dâtotal, £ 10 9s 93. WItST WARD.-Per Mrs Aronson and Miss Griffith Messrs Jarvis and Foster, £ 1 Is Mr L. H. Aronson, 21 Is Mr J, Griffith. B-ohive, 21 1s Mr Griffith Davies, High-street, 21 Mr Robert Roberts, postmaster, 10s Gd Mr J. Smith, Old Bank. 10s Mrs Morris, Upper Bangor, 10s Mrs .T. Roberts, Liverpool Arms Hotel. 5s Mr Robert Ross, 5s; Mr Samupl Hughes, 3s Mr R. Wil- liams, 21 6d: Messrs J. Welob and Co., 2s 6d Mrs Jones, City View. 2s 6i Mr R. D. Roberts. 2s 61 Mr Bennett, Plasllwyd-temce, 28 6d Mrs S. Roberts, do, 21 Mrs Thomas do 2s sums under 2s, 118 101; total, £7 14a 103. Per Mrs Nixon alld Mrs D. Owen: Mr R. Jones Roberts, £ 11» Mr and Mrs R. A. Holt, tilt; Dr. Hushes, Tanyfynwent, 91; Mrs M. Denmau, 10s 6d Mrs Savsce, High-street. 5s; Messrs Nixon and Jarvis, 5s: Mn Webster, Hieb-pitreet, So-, He Edgar Evacs, N. P Bank. 5s; Mr C. J. Jones. 2* 6d Mr M. Goldie, 2s 6d Rev. W. Elwarde, 2ø6d; Miss Griffith, Gwalia Honse, 2s 6a; Mr R. A. Gregory, erocar, 2s 63; sum nnder 2fi, 9s gd-ES 141 8d Per Miss William. and Miss Willmann Mr Josiah Hughes. tl la; Mr Toovid Owen. 91 Is. Mr TtWmL. Rlowe, British Hotel, 10s 6d Mrs Watkins, 5s; Messrs Willmann and Co., 5s; Mr Ashley Jones 5s; Mr J. A. Wilson, 5s: Mr E. D. Williams, 2s 61 Mr W. M. Williams. 2s 63 Mrs Graham, 2s 6d Mr John Bloom, 2s 63 Mr Fred Bloom, 2s 63; Mr Owen. Castle hill, 21 6d Mrs Pritohard. Vaynol House, 2s 61; Miss Jones, 101. West-fnd, 28 6d Mrs Ireson, 21 6d T. J. W.. 2s; Mrs O. J. Rowlands, 2s sums under 2s, 6s 63; total, £ 5 5s 6d. Per Mrs Griffith Evans ami Mrs Williams (The Mount; Mr Evans Goat Inn, 10s; Mr Watson, 5s; Mr Jones, chemist, 5s; Messrs Evans and Williams, 5a Mrs Evars, BrynklnMlIt. 5a iMrs Williams, The Mount, 5s; Mrs Morftn, Albion Hotel, 3s Mr Hughes, Harp Inu, 3a Mrs Williams. Museum, 2s 6d i Miss Davies f 1,4tioner, 2s 63 Mrs Owen. City Hotel 2i 6d Mr Lawless, Red Lioo. 2* Miss Edwards, Roll Ion. 2s; Mr Griffith. Hingle Arms Inn, 2s Miss Jehu 2s Mrs Svdney Thomas. 21 sums ander 2s, 8s lOd total, 93 7a 4d.otal, E22 9. M U. SUMMARY. 2 d. Snbscriba* b» City Ooonrillors 60 9 0 Dotation B.W. Fiiii ian Committal t 19 II OntritiKtions dierct to the Major IS 2 0 Collaeted in Worth Ward 21 15 0 wMt W»rd « 2 ut W.1.- 10 9 S south wwd Oil 6 Ió 18 1 Total ..1

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