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CHRISTMAS POLITICS. FOR the party politician there is no peaceâ even at ChristiLastide. This yearâfor the time of the yearâthings are unusually brisk, and the excitement is well maintained. Less than a fortnight ago Sir EDWARD Bkkd, M.P. for Cardiff, created an immense sensation by giving the Government puolic notice that he at "an item of the Radical Party was not going to sacrifice his conscience and independent judg- ment at the shrine of the Bedmonditea to please Mr Gladstone or anybody else. In the country of the blind the oue-eyed man is king, and, therefore, it may not seem an extravagant compliment to Sir EDWARD if WO say that he is unquestjpnably the ablest man amongst the Welsh Radical Kr.& But Sir EDWARD Rekd is a man of undoubted ability, a clear thinker, a nervous writer, and a capital speaker. The tone of the entire Gladstonian Press, in view of Sir Edward's avowed intention of resisting the demands of the extreme Irish Party, proved conclusively that be is held in high esteem by his party generally. Still, bis independence moat be crushed at any cost, so the Gladstoniaa leaders determined, according to the veracious testimony of their own organs, it was absurd for Sir EDWARD to argue that his letter waa only a warning not to give ear to the Red- mondites. Every careful observer of the events of the last few years must know fall well that whatever divisions may exist amongst the Irish M.P.'s the demand from all ia the same. Mr JUSTIN MoCabthv may be more benevolently disposed towards Mr Glidston* than the Radmonditee are, hot in order to get the support of the Irish con- stituencies the McCarthyites cannot allow themselves to be outbidden in the political auction mart. If the Redmondites cry "pounds" the McCarthyites must cry "goineas," and so the bidding goea on. A correspondent in Tuesday's Timet shows, as a matter of fact, that Mr T. P. O'ComroB months ago accepted the whole Redmondite platform as the minimum national demand. If Sir EDWARD Rbbd, therefore, is determined to vote against the Redmon- dites be will probably find himself ia opposition to the whole body of Irish Members and against Mr Gladstom's Goverument,unles8 the Government is prepared to "abed" its Irish allies by whose grace it is now in power. The extreme urgency of the situation was properly appreciated by the wire- pullers of the Giadstonian Party. The Government whips were on the scene with a view of improving the restive behaviour of the item that threatened to kick over the traces and upset the Ministerial coach. Alas the cracking of the whips was ineffec- tive, and it may be that the bad behaviour of Sir Edwabd RBID will bare an evil influence upon a large portion of the mixed team that Mr Gladstonk has to drive. In plain language, bir EDWARD baD met the "Liberal Thousand at Cardiff, explained his letter, and the Thousand by an over- whelming majority expressed confidence in their representative. Therefore Cardiff at any rate will have no extreme Irish measures, will be no party to the wholesale reinstatement of dishonest campaigners, and above all pro- tests against a free pardon for the villains who carried on their political agitation by means of dyaaaite and the dagger. Meanwhile, election petitions are being tried both in this country and in Ire- land. The two last events on this side of the Channel have been altogether in favour of the Unionist Party. Sir Pbtck-Joms retains the seat which he woo at Montgomery. Ha won it in the ttee of the most fearful opposition; the men whoa be beat were 10 enraged tbq took the firat opportunity