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NO ty Messrs W. Dew and SoD. .n_- IORTHCOMING SALES. MONDAY, JinoABY 9th, 1893, MADRYN FAT STOCK BALK. OUTLYING PORTIONS of the BARON HILL BBTATK. 30m GREAT UNRESERVED FAT STOCK SALE AT IUDRYN FARM, ABER, NEAR BANGOR. "EIM CES8RS W. DEW & SON will otrr for SALE JR BY PUBLIC AUCDOt on the premtMa *g above, situate one mile from Maofairfeohan and AbIr Stations. and five miles from Bangor, on the Oheater and Hoiyhead Railway, on MONDAY, Jaeuabt 9th, 1893, 37 Prims Fat Cross-bred Shropshire and Cheviot Hogge. 18 Cheviot Wetherc, 45 Cheviot Xwee, 6 Shropshire Shearing Ewe, 24 Shropshire Eves, 27 prime Fat Welsh and Cross- bred Hillocks, 2 Show Bullocks, 3 Fat Cuws, and 3 Fat Bulls. LonchSon at 12.30. Bale to oommenoe at ONE A Brake will meet the 1055 a-m. train at Aber, and the 11.36 a.m. train at Llantairteoban Statious to ooavey intending Purobasats. «. Two wetks' keep will be given. The whole stock will be disposed of without the slightest reservation. Catalogues may be had at any of the principal Horns in North Wales, Chester, Liverpool, Man- oheater, and Birmingham of Mr OWBN JONB. at Kadryn Farm or of the AOCTIONBMS, Wellfield, Bangor. 78651 PRELIMINARY NOTICE. COUNTIES OF ANGLESEY AND CARNARVONSHIRE. IMTORTANT RALE OF THE OUTLYING PORTIONS OF THE BARON HILL ESTATE. MESSRS W. DEW SON have been M iDstrooted to OFFER FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, Freehold F?rme, Other Lands, and Houses, in the following pariabee,vix COUNTY OF ANGLESEY. PARISH OF LLANYNGHENEDL, comprising m im Of 1720 ACRES or thereabouts. PARISH OF LLANLLIBIO, comprising an VSaOl 744 ACRES or thereabouts. PARISH OF PENMYNYDD, comprising an -ana of v6m of 507 ACRES or thereabouts. PARISH OF LLANDDYFNAN, aompriging an km of 727 ACRES or thereabouts. PARISH OF LLANDYFRYDOG, comprising an 285 ACRES or thereabouts. PARISH OF BODWROG, comprising an area of 472 ACRES or tbereat-outo. PARISH OF LLANWENLLWYFO, compris- ing an area of 35 ACRES or thereabouts. PARISH OF LLANGWYLLOG, comprising an was of 1166 ACRES or thereabouts. PARISH OF LLANFAIRYNGHURNWY. oom- prising an area of 435 ACRES or thereabouts. PARISH OF LLANRHYDDLAD, comprising an area of 185 ACRES or thereabouts. COUNTY OF CARNARVON. PARISH OF BEDDGELERT, comprising an an area of 3988 ACRES or thereabouts. PARISH OF BETTWB GARMON, oomprising an area of 898 ACRES or thereabouts. PARISH OF LLANWNDA, comprising an area of 340 ACRES or thereabouts. SUMMARY OF ACREAGE. ANGLESEY 6276 ACRES. CARNARVONSHIRE 5226 11 TOTAL ACREAGE ..11,502 ACRES. Further details will appear in fntnre advertise- ments, and in the particulars and plans of Sale, which are now In course of preparation, and in the meantime any information May be obtained of M?MM R. 6. TATLCB, Son, A:1I;e:iefJ Court,Gray's Inn, London; or of Mr W. M. Pawron, Estate Office, Baron Hill, Beaumaris; or of the Avonowuits. Wellfltld, Bangor. 7568tdja Balsa by Mr GeO. J. Telton flRMR'R BIDE, CHURCH WALKS, LLANDUDNO. MR GEO. F. FELTON II in8truoted by Dr. w LcM FaMa. who is relinquishing his Private Convalescent Establishment, to prepare for SALE BY AUCTION on the Premises as above, on WED- NESDAY, JAmuAs-i 4th, 1893. the Residue of the Xxoellent HOUSEHOLD FUBNITUBE, a Small Collection of OIL PAINTINGS, Fine Toned COTTAGE PIANO, bY HIMS ANI) BOV; alio a Hooded Spider PARK PHETON, by MOLLINIB, Leamington. A most stylish vehiole, equal to new (may be viewed any day by appointment). SALE at 12.30. On view the Morning of Sale. CatalDel and all particulars may be obtained of the AOOTIOIIXB, 139, Mostyn-street, Liandadno. 3253-7853p Sales by Mr J. W. Rogers. TOURIST HOTEL, LLANDUDNO. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. MR J. W ROGERS announces receipt of JU. instructions from Mre SIMMON, who is leaving Llandudno, to SELL BY PUBLIC AUC- TION, upon the premises as above, on THURS. DAY, DBCBKBIB 29th, the whole of the very Superior HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Plate, LiDen, Glass, China, brilliant toned COTTAGE PIANOFORTE, Oil Paintings, and other Biffoota BALE at ONE o'olook sharp. Catalogues from the AOOTIOWBBB. s3228-78?5 Sale by Messrs P. and J. Williams. Jti MI88 EDWARDS (DICBASBD). RHYL, NORTH WALES. Important Sale of Valulble FREEHOLD PRO. PEBTY situated in the, main leading thorough- fare from Railway Station to Beach and Grand Promenade. ââ -WTBSSRS P. and J. WILLIAMS have been JJL favoand with inatrucUtoe to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the ROYAL HOTSL, Rin, go TUESDAY, JAMDIBT 10th, 1893, at FOUR ealook punctually (subject to Conditions of Sale I to be then produced) all that JTEtEEUOLD DWELLING-HOUSE AND PREMISES, dsoaft and being No. 94, Bodford-street, Rhyl, the tDtrJ area bsior 328 Square Yards or thereabouts. im Mioamoiation comprises 3 Bntertaiuing Booms. 6 Bedrooms, Dreseing Room, Box Room, W.O., Kitahra, Obin* Pantry, Larder, Sonllery, Chial house, and W.. outside. a S«n.âThe Aoommmw be« to draw parttoaler .1â to tJu above Property, as it occapiea with. ?TL.M a&* of thOSONt"ItiOnPiU thiSfAVOUnto bwtb few$, and is admirably adapted for a _?,tn?) man. Also it could be *"iiy oonvetted I EeB 5aaea Pro.i.. for ebiob purposes it 14 -tly _!ted. Them Is plenty of Land at the magjt and SSSN can be found for the erection «t StabHo* should soeh be desire& Possession may Juii ea cempletion of porches*. Par farther particulars apply to the ACOTIOSMBS, attksirOttoee, Market-street, Rhyl; or So W. B. WILUAMS, Esq., Scdieitor, Rbyl. 7856t <ar MMtwMt ? P8Ãa"IJ- ? tt? "We<tt' WMse Oh<MMa'-aBd 'Gwg*" Steaa.BtMet. Aat?MMMMryteMvenby £ Miwm pom 000 sbohm Soholastle. I BYWELLHOUSE, RHYL, NORTH WALES. MR B. H ayward Browne, M.A., TRINITY COLLEGE, OXFORD, PREPARES BOYfI FOR THE VARIOUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Prospectus and List of References on Application. N.B. Boarders only taken. 7700a VIOLIN LESSONS. MISS ISABEL HEWITT, Assooiate of the London College of Music, PUPIL or MA TBBODOBB LAWBON, Gives LESSONS at Own or Pupils' Residences. Bodafon. Upper Bangor. z6407 HOWELL'S ORPHAN GIRLS' SCHOOL, DENBIGH. DRAWING MASTER. ON TUEPDAY the 3rd day of Janoabi next the Looal Governors will proceed to the elootion of a DRAWING MASTER for the above Instita- tion. He will be required to attend one day in the week, and to devote not less than six hours. Salary £70 per annum. Applications with Testimonials to be sent on or hefore the 31st INSTANT to Me J. P. LEWIS, Clerk to the Local Governors, 77, Vale-street, Denbigh^, Denbigh, December 14th, 1892. 7829rit, LLANDUDNO. COLLEGIATE SCHOOL (OFF ABBEY-ROAD), Six Passes with one distinction in Cambridge Local Exam.; One in Prelim. Law One in Oxford Looal; Seven in College of Preceptors Eighteen in dt. John's Junior Ambulance Exam.-All within the last Twelve Months. FIVE Resident Aaii&tants (Three Univeraity  Men). Upper and Lower Schools ard Kinder. garten. Special Commercial Forms. Domestic under rs Whibtoh. W. A. WHISTON, PrinoipaL AUTUMN TERM, TUESDAY, SIIPT, 20th. 7421-3065 LANSDOWNE HOUSE SCHOOL LLANDUDNO. PBIWOIPAM MISSES MATTHEWS AND STANDRING. THIS SCHOOL offers a thorough Educetion,with good Home Training for Girls, on moderate terms. Pupils prepared for the Looal Examina. tions. The Preparatory Department now includes KINDERGARTEN. 2380m. i MANC:tfESTER GRAMMAR SCHOOL. FEE £ 4 4s per Term. THE NEXT TERM begins TUESDAY, Jamoabt 17th, 1893. Entianoe Examination, MONDAY, Jancabt 16th, at 9 a.m. Prospectuses, Forms of Application, £ o,, may be had at the Sohool OWEN W. COX, Clerk and Reoeiver. N.B.âBoarding House now Open under the sanction of the Governors. 2971â7222fw. FRENCH, GERMAN, ITALIAN. B SCHELLING, Undergraduate of London iM. University, late Langworthy Scholar at the Grammar School, Manohester, and Scholar of the University College of Wales (Aberystwith), both in Modern Languages, also late temporary lecturer in German to the Univerbity Corege of North Wales (Bangor), LESSONS in the above at his residenoe, GIVES LESSONS in the above at his residenoo, 2, Gordon-terrace, Garth, Bangor, and in North Wales generally. Mr Sobbluni) has had large Mperience ae a teacher, and can produce the highest references. Schools attended. s6577 R" YL pROPRIETARY SCHOOL. SrxciiL Pbetabatioh FOB UNIVERSITY MATRICULATION, LOCAL PROFESSIONAL, PRELIMINARY, AND THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS, 01 "I COMMERCIAL LIFE. FEES DAV-Pcpils, 8 to 12 Guineas per Annum. BoaBDBBS, 45 to 100 â â â PROSPECTUS, &a., on application to E. W. REATINGE, ESQ., RBYL; or to the Hbasmastbb, Rzv. R. O. THOMAS, ID (late of Deganwy Sohool), BALA GRAMMAR SCHOOL. Hbap-Mastbb J. C. EVANS, M. A., Formerly Powia Exhibitioner and Scholar of Jesus College, Oxford, and late Assistant-master at Christ College, Breoon. NEW BUILDINGS admirably fitted with every convsnieooe for Boarders. Preparation for the Universities, Civil Servioes, Preliminaries of the Law and Medioine, and the Oxford and Cambridge Looal Examinations. Soatb Kensington Soienoe and Art Classes and a good Commercial Course, Boy. attend the place of toorsktp teUeted by parent* BOARD and TUITION (ipolusive obarge), tm per annow. This School is a Centre for the Oxford Local Examinations, 1892, A Clast for the London Matriculation Examina- tion in JUN., 1893. has been formed. No extra obarge for joining this olasa. On Janoaty 17th, 1893, Two Entranee Boarding Scholarships, one of 915 per annum and one of £10 per annum, will be Offrted for Competition to BOYS entering under 14 years of age. For particular* apply to Ebus-Mssxaa. 7381p OSWESTRY CJBMMAK SCHOOL. Founded 1407. Hkadmaitkb J. J. LLOYD WILLAMS, M.A., Late Classical Scholar of Teses College, Oxford, formerly Headmaster of Carmarthen Grammar Sohool. Master of Lower School: G. COBLEY, ESQ. Sohool Chaplain and Fifth Form Master: The Rim. H. F. BENNETT, B.A., Worcester College, Mathematical and Science Master: S. G. W. STEPHENSON, B.A., Late Scholar of Jesos College, Cambridge. Fourth Form and English Babilects: W. D. WIL. LIAMS, B.A., Christ's College, Cambridge; with other Non-resident Masters. I mX HE SCHOOL Is a Higb-claw 9ob0?1 of the rpint Grade, and is shuated in a beautifully wooded Park of ??& &arm OD an eminence onttM* the Town. Classical, Mathematical and Modern Bides. Large Olaaerooms and Dormitories recently built. School Chapel. Covered Fivee-oourt, Cricket and Football Grounds in a Field of 16 aores close to School. Leaving Scholarship value £60, Corrie <, Prim valts AM I List of Honours includes 14 Scholarships 11004 Exhibitions. Five Ftrat-etaaaea and 19 Second and Third-el asses in Honoun at Oxford and Cam- is mooduagboe% Hmn ad xr Apgy to BMDK&NM& nXT TBRK be&$ SATURDAY, SMMtom lith, im. 72311 Soholagtlo. BT. WINIFRED'S BOARDING ScaOOL BANGOR. FOR THE DAUGHTERS OF CLERGY, QBNTHY OF SMALL MEANS, AND OTHERS. VISITOB: LORD BISHOP OF BANGOR. PBOVOST REV. H. MEYNELL, M.A. BON. CHAPLAIN, PRO TEN. VERY REV. THE DEAN OF BANGOR THIS School is eonduoted b Ladies of expe- JL rienoe, and offers an education preparatory to University Certificates, with deNnite Cb= 'eaching. Term., £30 per annum. For proapeotua, apply to Miss Lon, St. Winifred's, Bangor. 1396d Bangor. 1396d MOUNT HOUSE SCHOOL, UPPER BANGOR. j Pbincipal MRS E. HURREN HARDING. A THOROUGHLY efficient BOARDING AND A. DAY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, in the o? t Eduoational Centre of North Wales, Completely sheltered from East and North. RBbtDZNT WBTBBBBEH AND VHITINO MASTEBS. Ordinary Terms include French, Cookery, Book- keeping, Drawing, Scieiico, C'l»s"iDp!ng, and Kin- dergarten, 8S well as tbe nsual Entsiisn Subjeots. For prospectus, references, &c., apply to tin PBtNCDAU NEXT TERM WILL COMMENCE JANUARY 20tb, 1893. 87339 FRENCH, LATIN, AND GREEK. MONB. JACQUET, B.A. (Paris). Ex-Professor JM. of the University of France, prepares Private Pupils in the above Languages for the Public Ex- aminations, such as-London Matriculation, Dublin University, College of Preceptors, Oxford and Cam- bridge Local, Preliminary Law, Medical and Phar- maceutical Examinations, Scholarships of the Uni- versity Colleges of Wales, eM. Schools attended. Terms and =.C. on application to Mons. E. JtC?oM, 4, Graigfryn, U-road. BwWr. LLANDOVERY COLLEGE JggMUNCE gCHOLARSHIPS. Examination: FRIDAY, Jakdabt 13th, 1893. 1. Three Scholarships for Natives of Carmarthenshire :â The Golden Gro>e- £ « a year. The Lloyd Jonem-A;25 a year. The Ystridâ £ 10 a year. y. Six Bouse dcholatahlpgOne of ie35 a year; one of f,25 a year; two of AilS" YMr each; two of A:10.y- each. Six Fonndatioa Scholatshipa value £8 6* a year each. There ia no religious rel¡datlon. Three grades of pepen ara set, Senior, Intermediate, and Junior, according totbeegeof Candidates. DIBTINGTIONB. 8CH<5laESHIP3.-Three open Classical Sotaobrshlpj, Oit rd three Open Mathe.alkal Sfh( larshipn, £80, Oxford; one open Mathema'lcaljBchc,Ur»bip, Oembrliige; two Hlstsry Kihibitloui, Oxlord; Powia Exhibition, tenable at Oxford or Cambridge. ⢠OXFORD ANDCAMBRIOGE BOAKD.-43 Higher CertlB- cat. (br»'keted in 37tb pa re, in the number 01 uertlAcstes in 1890, in 13th placlo 1891, !ond in 7th plfe in lbgtl. S3 Dis- tii ctions biacteted 2nd in Maihematies in 189:, and 4th in 1890 «n<1 19, 2nd in Mechanics in 1890 and 3rd fit 1891, and 2nd in Eiiklish In 1f92), 43 Lowei Oertiiicatts with 1S1 First Clauses. London Melricnlationâ12 pa»«ei>. Numerous Minor Scholars'iipe ana Exhibitions and puni In Preliminary and En rauce Examinations.â' wo Scholarships £00 each, and two S26 each, awarded _oo.l1y uon tha results of the ni<her and Lower Certlflcate Esawiu.tious, CUT;- Onotcd at the School under the Oxford andCambrtdfte Board 10an"lI Exhibition* for Oxford, Classical aud Modern Idel. Shorthand, Vrario" tabor»tory, Music, Dancing, t»ymna- siatu, Pttes Coartf, Prill »nd Sanatorium. 140 arders in 6 Hoatt8. Board au" Tuition Fees with Retd Master, 48 g.i. a r jrenr. JtBUM)' Mth-Bc?'deM Mta'n previous NL.tt.rm tegins January 14th-Wa?ders ntu?n previous da/. For parucul? apply to THE WAKUEN, 182c College, Llandovery. TO BUILDERS. TENDERS are required for the erection near Deganwy, DC:+- (1) COTTAGE RESIDENCE for Mr J. OWBN, Conway. (2) Two Semi-Detaohed COTTAGE RESI. DENCES for Mr PEAK, Llandudno Jnnctioo. Drawings and Specifications may be inspected at my Office, and Tenders are to be sent to me on or before TUESDAY, the 3rd January, 1893. The Proprietors in either case do not bind them- selves to aooept the lowest or any Tender. ROBERT GRIERSON, Bangor. Architect. Dec. 22nd, 1893. 7862-3236p TO BUILDERS. TENDERS are required for the ERECTION of a JL RESIDENCE near Ffriddoedd, Upper Bangor, for W. Fabsar Roberts, Eeq. Drawings, Specifications aud a copy of conditions and form of Contract may be inspeoted at my Office on and after WEDNESDAY, the 28th inat., and Tenders are to be sent to me on or before WEDNESDAY, Jancaby 4tb, 1893. Bills of Quantities may be obtained from Mr W. J. GARGOITY, Surveyor, 6, Booth Street, Albert Square, Manchester, on payment of One Guinea, which sum will be returned to those personB who send in bona fide tenders. The proprietor does not bind himself to accept the lowest or any tender. ROBERT GRIERSON, Arohiteot. Bangor, December 21st, 1892. 7861-3235td TO BUILDERS. PERSONS desirous of Tendering for the JT Re-erection and Alterations of BRYN EGLWYS (Honse and Shop), Peamaenmawr, may see tbe Plans and Specification on applying at the Office of the Architect at Bangor. Tenders endorsed Tenders for Bryn Eglwys" are to be delivered to the Architeot not later than 12 o'clook at noon of FRIDAY, the 6th day of JANUARY, 1893. The lowest or any other Tender not neoees/Uily accepted. RICHARD DAVIES, Architect. Bangor, Dec. 23rd, 1892. 7869p LIFE LTIFBTI LLFBTU Save Your Children from Death B r THAI TXRUBLN DISIASB CROUP. MANY THOUSANDS DIE ANNUALLY. ALL MAY BE BAVED BY GIVING THEM Mortimer's CROUP & COUGH MIXTURE In Time. Also a Valuable Remedy for WHOOPING COUGH, Coughs, Measles, Colds, Influenza, Sore Throats, Hoarseness, Diphtheria, Fever, and aU Affeotioos of the Chest and Lungs. PATRONISED by the Pnblie for over 60 years. J. The following are a few from among THOUSANDS OF GENUINE TESTIMONIALS. The originals may be own at the Proprietor's; any one doubting their genuineness may write to addresses given. ) From the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Swansea. DxAs Bta,âOar children frequently suffer from attaoks of Gronp, and we have always found Moni. mer's Mixture a sure and safe remedy. My wife says she would not for anything be without it in the honse. Having bad experience of its beneficial effects upon our children, we gladly take every opportunity of recommending it to our frienda.â !? ,=very truly, J. SWASUA. Penrbos, Nawbam Road, Bedford. SM-1 reoeived the three bottles of Mortimer's Croup aud Whooping Cough Mixture, Please ecad me twelve more bottles, as my obildren have all got the Whooping Cough. I find it does them so much more good than anything else; in laot, I have never known it fail in Grorip or Whooping Cough. Kindly send by return, and oblige, yours truly, A. RBBL In Bottles, Is lid tad 2s 9d fteb Met by post to any address. Prepared only by MORTIMER LIMITED, CARMARTHEN, SOUTH WALES. Sold by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors. Wholesale Agents: W. Sarro* A Co., London. 7835c GluFmTH DA-vmls-. PBiacreAL I B ILLPOITJlB t-go DISTRIBUTOR, 23, UNION STBEBT (off Bip-atre8tl, RANOOR. ANGLESEY HILARY QUARTER SESSIONS, I 1893. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the next GZNRIUL QUABTOB Sessions or TUB PBACB for this County will be holden iu the COUNTY HALL at Beadmakis in and for the said County on WEDNESDAY, the 4th day of January 1893, when the Oonrt will open tit HALF-PAST TEN o'olook in the morning precisely. The Charge to the Grand Jury will then be delivered by the Chairman, and the Coort will thereupon proceed with the oriminal and civil business. The Clerks to the Justices of the several divisions are requested to transmit to me, to my office at Beaumaris, seven days before the Bessions, all Depositions, Returns of Fines, Conviotions and Reoognizances, which shall have been there taken, together with instruct)oD8 for ii?diatments, oge erwt '???Q?'J?pj?? Clerk of the Pesoe. Beaumaris, 12th December, 1892. 7819J » ROBERT OWEN DKCBASED. ALL PERSONS baring claims or demands agvnst A the Estate of Robkbt OWEN late of 220 High Street Bangor Baker &a deceased who died on the 25th day of MARcii 1892 are requested to send par. ticulars to me. RICHARD GRAY Solicitor 786.7b Bangor. Be MRS FUULKES, DSOBASKD. ALL PERSONS having any claim against the f\. Estate of the late Mrs &Tnzu FOULKES, Con- fectioner of Menai Bridge are requested to send particulars of the same to the undersigned on or before the 7th Day of JANUARY 1893. No claim received alter this date will be recognised. E. ROWLANDS, 7796td Oakland, Arms Menai Bridge. BE DAVID WILLIAMS LATE or BRYNMOR- FYDD, LLANRWST, DBCBASBD. PURSUANT to the Statute 22 and 23 Victoria Chapter 35 intituled An Act to further amend the Law of Property and to relieve Trustees," NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all Creditors and other Persons having aby DEBTS CLAIMS or DEMANDS against the Estate of DAVID WILLIAMS late of Bryumorfydd Llanrwst farmer deceased (who died on the Twenty-third day ot FSBBCAB? 1892 and whoBe Will was proved by THOMas ROBEBT JONKS the Executor therein named in the District Registry attached to the Probate Division of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice at St. Asaph on the Fourteenth day of NOVEHBBB 1892) are hereby required to send particulars in writing of their DEBTS CLAIMS or DEMANDS to us the Undersigned as Solicitorb to the said Executor on or before the Twentieth day of JANUABY 1893 after which day the eaid Executor will proceed to distribute the Assets of the Testator among tbe parties entitled thereto having regard only to the Debts Claims and Demands of which be shail then have had notice. Dated this Fifteenth day of DXCBKBBB 1892 GRIFFITH A ALLARD Llanrwst. Solicitors to the 7841o said Executor. BE EDWARD JONES, DSCEASED. Pursuant to the Statnte 22ad and 23rd Viotoria, cap. 35, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all Creditors and other PerBOUB having any Claims against the estate of EDWABD Joliza, late of Hendrawaelod Hail, Llansanttfraid, Glan Conway, in the County of Denbigh, and of No. 234. Crown-street, in the Oily of Liverpool, gentleman, deceased (who died on the Third day of August, 1892, and whose will was proved in the Principal Probate Registry of Her Majesty's High Court of Justioe, on the Seventh day of November, 1892, by William Humphreys da? William Humphrey Jones, two of tbe Execu- tors named in the said will), are hereby required to send particulars in writing of their claims to us, the underpinned, on or before the Seventh day of January, 1893. after which date the said Exeontors will proceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased amongst tbe persons entitled thereto, having regard only tt> the olaims and demands of which they then have had notice; and they will not be liable for the assets of the said deceased, or any part thereof, so distributed, to an)i person or persons of whose claims they shall not then have bad notice. Dated this Twenty.lfftb,#a>y of November, 1892, HARVEY, ALBOP, STEVENS, <c fHARVEY, 14, Castle-street, Liverpool, Solicitors for the aaid Exeontors. 7843o HE MRS MARY PRICE-JONES Dbcbasbd. Pursuant to the Act of Parliament 22nd and 23rd Victoria ohapter 35, intituled an Act to further amend the Law of Property and to relieve Trustees. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all creditors and other persons having any olaims or demands against the estate of MaRY PRicifioNza late of Albion Villa in Rhyl in the County of Flint formerly Wife of WILUAII PBICB- JOHKS of the same place Esquire but now doeaøed (who died on the 18tb day of October 1882 -and whose Will was proved in the St. Asaph Distriot Registry of the Probate Division of Her Majesty's Hieh Court, of Justice on the 22nd day of November 1882 by Miss MARY HlbTIIB MOCLSDALB, of Menai Bridge, in the Connty of Angie&ea Spinster and WILLIAM ROBBBT WILLIAMS of Rhyl aforesaid Gentleman the executors therein named) are hereby required to send the particulars in writing of their claims or demandsto me the nadersigaed the Solictor for the said exeoutors on or before the 7tb day of Ftibroary, 1893, after which date the said exeoutors will pro- ceedto distribute the assets of the said deoeased amongst the persons entitled thereto having regard only to the claims abd demands of whioh they shall then have bad notice and they will Dot be liable for the assets of the aid deoeased or any part thereof so distributed to any person or persons of whose olaims or demands they shall not then have had notice. Dated this 20th day of December, 1892. W. IL WILLIAMS, 34, Water-street, Rhyl, 7849y Solicitor for the Exeoutors. CHARITY COMMISSION. In the Matter of the Charity called Ruthin Hospital, in the Parish of Rutbin, in the County of Denbigh, and In the Matter of The Charitable Trusts Act, 1863 to 1891." By direction of the Board of Charity Commissioners for England and Wales, Notice 18 HEREBY GIVEN that the NGovernors of this Charity propose to effect a SALE of the PROPERTY mentioned in the sub- joined Sohedule. in ooo.idelaon of a perpetual yearly rent of £20, the Purobaser accepting the title and paying the expenses of the Governors in tbs matter. Farther Partioalars may be ascertained upon applioation to Mr DAVID JOMBS, of the Agency Offices, Rntbin, Clerk and Treasurer to the Governors. Any objection or suggestion relative to the pro- posed Sale may be transmitted to the Commis- sioners in writing, within 21 days from the first publication of this notice, addressed to The Seoretary, Charity Commission, Whitehall, Lon- don, S.W." Dated the 14th day of December, 1892. D. R. FEARON, Secretary. SCHEDULE. The reverfJou i fee simple npeotaot upoo tbe de- ter mination of two several loans both expiring on the let May, 1913, of and in an easement or easements ODD log of certain rights in respect of a reservoir and water pipea constructed od laid upon or in oertain tenements sitnste in the Pariah of Llanberis in the County of Carnarvon and respectively known as Bryn Do," "Bryn Erryu." Ty Newydd," bud 11 Vron OIan." 7864a Result OF DBA W HM? BtMM, JH) BABOOB WINNING NUMBERS. 1st, 139 2nd, IE5 3rd, 103; 4tb, 184 5ib, 3GO 6tb, 532 Extra, 622. p MYATT'S PROLIFIC ASH. LEA YBD KIDNEY, ø AND OTHER,BARLY BRED POTATOS. 3PBCIAL QUOTATIONS ON APPLICATION. niCKSON'S Seed Warehouse", u CSMBTBB. 7806*1 ] PIER PAVILION, LLANDUDNO. THE YULE TIDE BALL announced by MRS DICKIN, PaoMINADB RIBOTAXIBMT, will be held on THURSDAY NEXT, Dec. 29th, 1892. 4; DANCING AT NINE P.M. The Dance Musio will be provided by prominent members of RIVIERE'S ORCHESTRA. The Pavilion will ba handsomely Decorated and Heated, and made thoroughly comfortable. miCKEXS (including supper) Gentlemen's, 7s 6d; X Ladies', 5s 6d. Visitors* Gallery will beopnu from 8.30 urtil 12 oolook: Admission, Is eaoh. Carriages at 3.30 prompt. Early application for TICKETS should be made at the Promenade Restaurant. 3024-1852i MRS GOODE'S TESTIMONIAL SUBSCRIBERS who wish to see the Presents int"nded for Mrs GooDz, are invited to call at Mrs MAYLKB'S, Mostyn-street, on FRIDAY and SATURDAY. MRS GOODB'S health prevents ber aooepting them in public. 3232-7851p VAUGHAN SCHOLARSHIP. THE EXAMINATION for ELECTION to this J. SCHOLARSHIP will take place at OIFOBD, on THURSDAY, the 12th day of JAlquikity, 1893. Candidates most be the sons of Freeholders of the County of Merioneth, in North Wales. or shall be natives of that Connty, or natives of any otber County in England or Wales, one of whose parents shall be a native of the said County of Merioneth. blo Person to be a Candidate whoM age shall exceed 19 years, or who, if matrionlated at the said University, shall have been so matriculated for more than Three Terms at the time of such Examination. Candidates firs requested to tiansmit to me, Fourteen Days at least before the day of Examina- tion, a declaration in writing of such Candidates being dnly qualified, together with tbe nature of their qualifications, a Certificate of Baptism, and a Testimonial of Good Conduot from tbe Senior Master of their respective Sohools or last Private Tutor, or if members of tbe University, from tbe Head or Tutor of their respective Colleges or Halls. Candidates must present themselves for Examina- tion at the HALL or Jesus COLLBOB, OXFORD, on THURSDAY morning, the 12th day of JANUARY next, at TEN o'clock. The Examination will be conducted by the Rev. W. RAwxsR Huo ass, SI.A. Follow and Tator of Jesas College, Oxford. J. CHARLES HUGHES, Dolgellcy, Solicitor to the Trustees. December 14th. 1892. 7845f LLANFAIRFECHAN CONVALESCENT HOME FOR MEN. THE above Home, which was established in 1885 for the reception of Convalescents, has been the means of relief and assistance to many of the working classes, 907 Patients having been bene. fited. Miss A. M. BETLEB, who helped to fonnd the Home, has not only given her services since its establishment, bat has placed over E1000 01 her own money to the use of the Institution, in order to purchase and adapt the premises for the pur- pose, and to carry out the necessary measures for its sanitation and effioienoy, and the many letters received from patients wbo have benefited by a residence there, whioh have appeared from time to time in the Annual Report of the Home, give ample testimony to her valuable and devoted servioes. Circumstances have arisen which necessitate the immediate withdrawal of Miss BOTLEB'S money; but friends who know tbe value of this charitable work are anxious that it should not be crippled for want of means, and for tbe purpose of assisting in the emergency have decided to invite subscriptions to be applied in re-placing tbe amount of Miss BUTLIleS mooey about to be withdrawn. Subscriptions for tbis purpose are earnestly solioited, and may be sent to Miss A. M. BCTLBB, Convalescent Home, Lianfairfechan or may ba paid to the Llanfairfeoban Convalescent Home Account at Messrs Williams and Co., Old Bank, Bangor. The following Subscriptions have been received: £ a. d. Miss Tomlin, Langley House, Prestwich 50 0 0 Miss M. Tomlin, Langley House, Prest- wich 20 0 0 Mr J. G. Child, Whitcburoh 25 0 0 Mrs Child, Whitohuroh .500 Mrs Hateley, Clifton 5 00 Mr Alfred Meakin, Congleton. 10 0 0 Lort Dartmoutb, Patshull.. 5 0 0 Mr Cooke, Dublin 220 Mrs Charlwood 10 0 Mr Fitzgerald, Aston 10 0 Mr Rowe, Dublin 10 0 MIs Cruso, Leek 500 Mrs Cruso, Child, Bart., Stallington Hall 50 0 0 Sir Smith Anonymous, Abergele 2 0 0 E. B. P. 3 00 Mrs Assheton Smith, Vaynol Park, Ban- gor 220 The Rev. E. Philips, Holliiigton. 5 0 0 Sir Charles Isbam, Menai Bridge 110 Lady iaham, Menai Bridge 110 Mr Robert Heath, Stoke-on-Trent 10 0 0 Mrs Moxon, Hacley 5 0 0 Mrs Piokering, Llaufairfechan 3 00 Mrs Cadman, Ackworth 10 0 0 Mr R. Hordley, N.S. Infirmary, Harts- hill (a thank offering) 5 0 0 Miss Fitzgerald, Aston 10 0 Mrs Bolton, Oakamoor 5 04 Mr Bowers, Caverawall Castle 5 0 0 Mrs Bowers, Caverswall Castle 5 0 0 Mrs Le Grix-White, Leamington 2 0 0 Mr George Palmer, Reading 50 0 0 Mrs Chance, Chad Hill, Edgbaston 5 0 0 Sir T. Percival Heywood, Bart., Dove- leys 2 0 0 Dr. Watkin-Jonse, St. Leonard's on-Soa 110 Mr J. W. Phillips, Boybridge 5 0 0 Mr Thomas Bertram Udall, Elortabill 5 0 0 Moser. Edge, Malkin, & Co., Burelem 2 2 0 Mr W. F. Gordon, Liobfield 10 10 0 Mr Thomas Roberto, Aber 1 10 Miss Lillie Cox, Aldridge. Walsall 2 0 0 Mr A. F. Coghill, Newcastle, Staffs, 20 0 0 Mrs Kettlewell, Llanfairfeoban. 110 Mrs H. B. Blandy, Reading 5 0 0 Mr Tomlin, Prestwich 5 0 0 Messrs W. A. Adderleyand Co., Longton 5 0 0 7866o MR A. ALFORD SARSON, L.D.S.. DENTAL SURGEON, LLANDUDNO, BEOS to inform bis Patients that be Las BREMOVED from Guses Houn, LLOYD- STUB", to I, SOUTH PARADE. 6912â2797j BANGOR AND NORTH WALES BENEFII BUILDING SOCIETY. Established 1872. Incorporated 1874. President: DR. GREY EDWARDS, BASOOB. SHARES, £10 EAOn. SUBSCRIPTION, 2/6 PER SHARE PER MONTH. ADVANCES, MONEY advanced on Freehold or Leasehold RJL Property for 5,10,15, and 20 yean, to be repaid by Monthly Inatalments. Tbe Aomuoto of this Society are audited annually by Messrs STBAD, TAILOR and STSAO, an eminent firm of Chartered Aocountants in Liverpool. For farther partioalars apply to Joza LLOYD Accountant, Masonic Hall, Bangor, Managing Director. 6515j Wanta. SHARES in Miscellaneous Companiee purchastd. iC7 Immediate cash settlements, also Reversions and Life Polialm-Pull partioalars to S.R.B. 903, Deacon's Advertising Offices, 154, Leadenball- itreet, London, B.C. TBSSp WANTED, Situation as WAITER or DAY WAITER. Tall, and exmtteot reference*, -Apply to lamlli Raper, 3, Deiniol-ttreef, Upper taogoK 7807* EVOLUTION. B IRKEI!T'S INDIAN IJLEAS BIRKETT'S CEYLON T EAS. B IRKEIT'S CHINA TEAS. < B IRKUT'S JLJLENDED IJIEAS. Many express surprise at the extent of our Tea Trade. We are not sur- prised. Sometimes the success is described as somewhat of a Revolu- tion. Omit the R and you have the precise designation. Hard work, aided by the accumulated exper- ience of over Half a Century, is brought to bear upon this branch of our trade. The Teas have gained a strong and intelligently grounded hold upon the consumer. We have sampled the leading popular Teas, and consider our 18 Canister at 2/- to be the best value offered anywhere. This Tea reigns su- preme by VALUE. Get a free sample and judge for yourself. 6414w ALMANACK For 1893. With pvkbj COPY or THE NORTH WALES CHRONICLE," TO-DAY (SATURDAY) Is presented a Large Sheet ALMANAC foR 1893. The Almanack for 1893 oontains a larger amount of valuable local informa. tion, including a complete list of Sohooi Bosrds, Town Councils, County Counoils, Boards of Gusrdians.and Distriot Offioials, generally throughout North Wales, together with a Commercial Directory of Bangor. For the office or the home this Almanack is invalaable. PRICE, WITH ALMANACK. TWOPENCE, Post Free 21d. Situations Vacant. WANTED a thoroughly experienced GENERAL SERVANT for small family. One who has twelve months' good character indispensable. Another girl k"pt.-Apply, H," North Walet Chronicle Olfioe, Bangor. â BOROUGH OF CARNARVON. WANTED an ACCOONTANT, Salary JElMptt W annum, and a CLERK MiMy JH70; know- ledge of Welsh neoessary. Candidates to state age, experienoe and references. Applications to be sent in by TUESDAY, JANU- ABY 3rd, 1893, in sealed envelopes endorsed 1, Accountantship or Clerkship as the case may be, addressed to the CHAIBMAN of the Special Com- mittee, Guild Hall, Carnarvon. R. O. WYNNE ROBERTS, Borough Engineer and Surveyor, Carnarvon. December 17tb, 1992. 7844p COLWYN BAY SCHOOL BOARD. WANTED, a Trained ASSISTANT MASTER YV for Colwyn Bay Sohool. Drawing, Har. monium, &o. Salary, 980. ,N.B.-Itbis salary dates from Marob 1st. Should the selected Candidate enter on duties January 2nd, payment for January and February will be made at the rate of jM5 per annum. Applications with testimonials to be in my band on or before 29th December. ELIAS HUGHES, Bronderw, Clerk. Colwyn Bay. 7818a CONWAY UNION. APPOINTMENT OF PORTER THE GUARDIANS OF THE POOR of the j. above-named Union will, at their meeting, to be held on the 13th day of JANDABY, 1893, proceed to the appointment of a single man a* PORTER for their Union Workhouse, at a salary of JMO per annum, with Board, Lodging, and Wasting in the House. Applications in oasdidates' own band- writing, stating age (which must be under 40), previous oooupation, accompanied with Three Testimonials of recent date, to be sent to the Undersigued on or before TUESDAY, the 10th JANUABY next, marked Porter." By Order, T. E. PARRY. Clerk to the Gaariians. Boardroom, Conway, 16th Deoember, 1892. 7840r Sales. BICYCLE FOR SALE.-Humber Bioyole in D good oondition. Price, £3 10s. Apply William Jones, Cyclist Agent, High-street, Bangor. 6782o GOOD LORRY (Weight 11 Owt.) FOR SALE. GAlso LIGHT CABT.-City Mmera) Water Works, Garth, Bangor. 7863fw O BE SOLD, or LET, a commodious Lease- JL hold House, called BODLONDEB, ia the much resorted village of Trefriw. The House ia pleasantly situated within a short distance to the celebrated Sulphuric Waters. Immediate posses- sion can be had. Rent or price reasonable.âApply to Mr Robert Parry, Cbapel-street, Denbigh or Mr David Evans, Bodaelog, Trefriw. z7791 To be Let APARTMENTS TO &ET AT Bitoinoza0 A PtatUwyd-tenrace. Bangor.?a55p APARTMENTS.âTO LET, SITTING-ROOM A and BEDROOM in comfortable HODse; healthy locality, close to Plessure Garden and Ferry. Moderate terms.-Apply to Gianydon Cottages, 8, Upper Gartb-road, Bangor. 3649j To LET.âNo. 1, Peorallt-villas, Upper Bangor. 3 Reception, 4 Bedrooms, Bath Room.-Apply at 2, PenralH-road, Upper Bangor. 7837rj TO BE LET, 4, Penrallt Villas, Upper Bangor, j. Furnished or Unturniabed.-Apply, William Bayne, Menai View-terrace, 74938 To LET, ABSR HOUSE, Atersocb, near PwU- beli. The property containii Large Lodging House, Convenient Shop with Good Basinsss, 3 Aores ot Land. If preferred would let the shop and warehouse alone.âApply, Mrs t Roberta, Towyn House, lfarleob. 7850o BRYN BEIRIOL, GARTH, BANGOR. THIS Excellent Semi-Detaohed Vills TO LET or JL FOR BALE. Immediate poiasuirn.-Apply, S, Gambisr-terraw, Bangor or Mr B. J. Thomas, [1, Deane-road, Liverpool. 7787td v I I) DAVila, BILL PMTElt AND DISTRIBUTOR, 4, UNION STREET, BANGOR BERLIN HOUSE, 102, HIGH-STREET, BANGOR.  t K. DAVIES beg to c?U the attention of M. k tbe Pablio to their Large AMMtm<Bt of CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR CARDS of choice Designs from jd to 2s 6i each. Tfceir Showroom is now Open with a large and varied seleotion of Articles suitable for Biktudayb, Chbistmas and N8. Ybab GUTS. A Call is Respeotfully Soiioited. 7814fw TTHRISTMAS BAZAAR NOW OPEN.- \J KEN DAL,MILNE,ft CO. announce that,In rrapouas to a wide-spread deilre expressed b, their Cutoaers in previous yean, they lieve decided to ope,, JIAZv^R in oua of tlte LABOR CAttPET 8ALUOM (.o,.Ibl. b1 I'" Zl-t.,)for th- Sale of ?o YS, aAME?. DOLLS A?HMCAX NOTIONS, and U?ful mout- of mry "?xip. tioo. Cbiwtmis Cartl Department now open. Orders for I'rhat8 Cards w<cot»l io tbfi bwt nwwr. K FNDAL, MILNE, & CO. are now Exhibiting FOR PRESEiTg- 0-,TKELVE THOUSAND LADIEV.OEVIXE- )l¡';N'e",j CHILUItEli'd Purt lKIIHt Cambric aud Uvo PoCKKT HANDKERCHIEFS, *11 sixes aod qiuJities. Oummenci^g at 2* lid per duzeo, gi-a to 26t 9 ). â â FOR PBE3ENTSâ FOE !'?? A 'J????,?????[,,??QEKTLE!tES'8, and CHLLUnEX'S UMBKEL.LAS, aU MANU- FACTURED on the Pt:MldK. wwnquettly wear guaranteed. Commencing at 6. ild "h, r&lJgiDg to 00. FOR PBESEST8- ?,, t,,??, of WOOLLEN and SILK SHAWLS for LiU'IBS'acd CHILDREN'S WEAR In mry tint M.d bil.; EX?EPtt?NAL Mt EXCLU* 81 VE DESIGNS ihia m"?, Ai" Wses, q?liti?4 and piicro Wool, at 3e lid ach, ranging to lta 91, n Silk, oommtn.ug at 6a lid. â rangi"g 10 .90 6d. FOR PRESENTS-  APRONS a?4 OTEBALLS, 1. a -t TMMty Ig 1I.lillD, and ..k.. Age.,f.y ia thaj KENUIL, "OVKIULL, which K. U. & C.. I.- ?.4 ,?, THKEETHOUSAND maaufactored fr then. CommeaclDg at 20 114 each ranging to lid. â The HEMST'T HKa L4w? A?]?bN, p,.Imd fa LUROAN, entire I, new tbi, ..we, and .,y ..It? LURUA.N iisll)g, .i.gA OXE giilaINQ bt. f.? FOR PRESENTS- AJso an endless variety in LISSE SCARVES LISSK HANDKRiLCIiIEFS, SILK SCARVE, SILK: SQUARES, B,.ONV& DE QKEJfAtMS OCAKVB*, Bi ONDE DE GliKNADK FICHUS; the 11 KEN- MIL" SHLKTS for L DIK3 WAUTCOATS for L&DIKS; MADE UP LaCE of .1, kinde; EMPIKE BELTS, BLOUSE FRONTS, LADIEW Zl>U*VEH in all niatrriAla; REAL LACK POCKET HANOKERUUUFri, ant LVDIEV WOOLLEN CAPES (Dew Ihis.80D),&rld OPERA HOODS for COMERT, THEAiRK, and OPERA Wear. Catalognee of 36 Paget, 240 illustrations, may be bad on applicat i on. Puai t-reo. KEN D A L, MIL N E, & CO., DEANSGATE, POLICE-ST., Axo ST. ANN'S-BT., MANCHESTER. 152111' 1528T