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For the Ladies. I Dressmaking at Home. I I A Fur Set. j I i This sketch appears a& the result of several queries made me lately by friends 'I Ol fur renovations, and as some of my readers may be equally desirous of fur- bishing up the peltry at their disposal I ¡ am inserting a sketch of a fur set this ) week which I hope will be helpful. ¡ In the first place, its chief intent, is to give an idea of how to bring last year's setâor that of several years beforeâup to date. It would not be quite advisable for an amateur to attempt to make up new skins, there are so many things to learn with regard to them and their treatment, whilst fur stitchery is quite different from the ordinary dressmaking kind. PRELIMINARY HINTS. But so far as renovations are concerned, the set sketched ought to be quite a suc- cess, if made at home, especially when combined with velvet for the purpose of eking out the fur in hand, the possibili- ties of which last should be carefully I ascertained before starting on the work. I In this case you must cut your cloth according to your pattern, and if you haven't enough fur for so wide a cape us that sketched just make it a little shorter and loss full. With regard to the muff, if the 1ur is a bit short use what you have for the front only, and make the back oi velvet. HINTS ON CUTTING ETC. If you use velvet for the cape and muff as suggested, be sure you have the mate- rial the right way up before placing the pattern on it. With regard to the fur, when mending the worn places, and any portion which has to be cut. place it fur side downwards on a table or board, and cut through the skin with a sharp knife, not scissors. When patching these places, or tawing edges together, see that the pile of the fur lies the same way, or close it will show very badly. ON MAKING UP. I The cape will need lining with domctte or a thin layer of wadding, as well as a lining of silk or satin. Join your velvet, according.to the pat- tern open and press the seams over a, warm iron held face upwards. Next tack the interlining carefully and very lightly in place, using a fine needle so as not to mark the velvet. Turn in the edges, make and sew on the collar, which should be interlined with velvet, then sew on the fur at the bottom, which should be done from the inside, so as not to catch the thread in the fur; then tack and fell the silk lining in place, make and sew on the left side the button and bobblies, which are covered with fur. Sew a cord to right for securing the former, and finish off. For the muff, join the velvet portion. make the wadded lining, which should be fairly thick, secure in place, then make tho silk lining, which has a frill at the edge, sew to the two ends of the muff, and finish off. A SIMPLE DANCE FROCK. There are sure to be a great many dances of the small and early as well as the other variety,, this coming festive season, so I am sure some of my readers will be glad to see accompanying sketch of a simple dance frock. Tho skirt is of the pannier order which is now popular, and the bodice is of the simplest cut and j ( make. the only triming being a little fringe and beads for the neck edging, and finish for the bniVl and hem, which last they weight a bit, and so improve the hang of the skirt. Taffetas, satin, or any of the other mate- rials now sold for the purpose will realise this little frock admirably at the mini- mum of cost if made at home. TO CUT OUT AND WAKE UP, The skirt can be cut lengthways of the material, as so many are nowadays, which makes for simplicity and speed of making up. The badice is cut kimono-wisc, and should have the centre of front to the fold, whilst i,.Iio belt is cut selvedgeways, though, if preferred, a folded sash could be substituted, and the material, I think, will allow it. In this case bead bobbles,' or fringes, should weight thtends. As to the making, join up the akirt, make and finish off the placquet-open-ing, turn up and hem the lower edge, using beads with each stitch as a finish. Now gather waist-part and secure to a deep hand, made of tho right size; then make the bodice, lining it with net or thin silk; hem and finish off the back and the neck with beads, also sleeves, as in the sketch; arrange to th. uper edge of bftndt make. the beaded belt, secure in place ..tld finish, off-