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j jLf g | si JS gjy I ?CTtMe .Nec;i'e '.???'? ? ??Sk ??' ''?- t t>«o*ny of rocins "'V;^ -?'"? ? ? P'nM,?' °! bysc?amtd?ors ?,;?' ?/'?-'? P-nt ?. [: ?. kum ?.ch ooi- ?' ^a: ai>^⢠ors: brslii&ut. *V y.* J^ r ⢠T ⢠1 W *7 ?-,°6t frde mongers 3.cd ????' .?i''ndmM !.<KM? cf rociM <.??.??. ^°r0" ,n -y>y~7 "y>â oil, Pt"  Vf. difficulty 3ami>l« | b?rd s-?at-f. V?'???.?' ?* mn.na'a.o. From Iron- 'Av^ver tur*>r: â f!grapp^tiffpaf^.?jiwi I |j: BRITISH :||j ?hrcu?b & throu tmtm Y Kwssffi! jjihrriL-iitj y ihiitifcSftj ? II I THIS !3 THE KINC? | OF FURNITURE YOU I CET WHEfi YOU BUY j FROM THE â¢â¢ R.F.C." NOT Furniture «>j irh m a? M ho? <?;d sui-fd?e wor?. j but ha-ncUomeiy designed, strong, well-built produc- tWD: calculated to a-r?e a I Ii&.Liine of satiel actionâ 'I )LAnTFACT1JRI"D !? the 0 0 1-) 1 Iz 11 V/Y BY SKiJ?L?U h?lTiKH  l?.BOLR. ÃUntalogtles i CASH OR Railway II EASY I' I II Freel | PAYMENTS Faxes Pajd. THE sgsgc 111 IIH jHRHfii! pffifai ?!?j?!s!??????  FURNISHING CO., J| 29. Station Road, Poft Talbot. II J j Chnrch Street High &tJ-eet J A.lJE.a'I'Il..L1ÅY. BAEGOtO. ¡ ¡ 'J 'I'aJÃ, 51. Holton I () PO?f?PRIDD. BARHY DOCK. II S9. Ccraacercial Street, Tredegar. ) HEAD ESTABLISHMENT, I, I 42, CITY ROAD, CARDIFF. !I t :¡g:fi:£ :i1!f:.fi:.t¡ II CROWN DAIRY. Special Supplies of | '?E°? ?*"? ?*? ?' EGOS for Shrove Tuesday, at 8 lowest prices; also real IJ WELSH BAGON & HAM I I Delicious Flavour. Q 1 Near 91 Mansel St., | Albert Hall. Swan sea. 2G3rd YEAR OF OFFICE. 1 f ?? FIRE 3 ?Ut D?L OFFICE THE OLDEST INSURANCE OFFICE IN THE WORLD. r- ;oa rol.1 dated 1:(. Insurances effected on the following risks: FIRE DAMAGE. Resultant L. ni Rent and Profits. EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY. PERSONAL ACCIDENT, SICKNESS AND DISEASE. FIDELITY, GUARANTEE, BURGLARY, PLATE GLASS. Swansea Office:- VICTORIA CHAMBERS, 7 and 8, OXFORD STREET. Y, A. DAVTES, District Inspector Ask Your Grocer for Cambrian Pickles. I GIVEN AWAY. Lady's Silver Wristlet Watches, Cents' Silver Watches, And Hundreds of Other Useful Articles. EVERYONE MAY CET A PRIZE. NO SKILL OR MONEY REQUIRED. Jj\V \rE are making up boies containing 10 'wV usehl a.rtinl? of Jewellery, compris- ing: bracelets, broochee, pendants, fountain pens, etc., each article absolutely delightful a.nd well made, and would be appreciated hy anyone who may be fortunate to possess SitE. ND US A POSTCARD ONLY, NO MOS, Stating your r-e-me and address dearly. and we will forward you a box of jewellery which you will then proceed to sell amongst your relatione and friendc at is. 6d. each. When you have succeeded in selling the articles you remit us a Postal Order for the amount, and we will forward you by return as directed a, lady'fi or eent's watch. We will allow yon 21 days to either sell or return to us. We will give a prize if you are onlv ablr< to sell five or more articles. SEND AT ONCE. DON'T DELAY. To DALE & Co., 41, HiXn St., BRISTOL. â¢BHMnMIWIIIIIff "NIWTMiMlilllllillilBWWH MMMMMUM J I TRELOAR, The Tobacconist, I! FOR ATjL HIGH Cli^SS Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos J WIND ST. OXFORD ST. S (Opposie tG.P.O.) (0ppot-; t0 11 T-ai)i re) iVN ATIOiAL INSURANCE ACT. 1912. il LJORTANT NOTICE to the RPeidonts cf tile BBYNMEJJN WARD, ificluaiio; Cwm- lelm. iiaiod. Brynhyfryfl, Pent re, Cwm- bxrid, Sianselton and District. Ovinsr to an omit^ion on tx.rne of the official ol)ie6 of tu« Paiwi of Che«niets and l'har- of the A(i<irtrsi of J. and D. C. REES, M.P.S., Cheniieta and I'harmaciets. RED CROSS ORUG STORES, 115. Old Duke Hotel), ,t is importaiit that r«i»identt> in the abo nentildtled Districts ehould that In- iured t'eraon^ may obtain their il»dicin«fl 4ild AppliitiDe6 at :hat AGdn" .11.1 pt'eeentar tion oi the Doctor e i'rescript i-«rn4. Ple:u*? Noto AddreaeREfcuS BROB. ij. Yl P.S.. D. G. R-aes, M.P .S.), RED CROSS DRUG STORES (Exactly Oppoeif-e the Old Duke Hotel); UO at 9, FABIAN-STREET, ST. THOMAS. POST TEN^ANT-ROAjr Mrs. Stead, si-ter of the late Mr. W. T. St.pad. who has been a ivemher of the ->urhwark Board of (juardians for â tv viae-. i.» i>erioUilv J' CAMBRIAN PICKLES ale unsur- for QiJa-utj-; Quit' the ..ery beet j ,'He.




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