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LA'MERT ON DEBILITY, NERVOUSNESS, AND ALL DISORDERS ARISING from EXCESS, &c. He who in pleasure s downy arms Ne'er lost his health or youthful charms, A hero lives, ana justly can Exclaim, in me behold a man Just Fuhlishcd (in a sealed envelope), Twelfth Edition, price 2s. 6d. or sent by post, free, to any address 3s. 6d. Q ELF-PRESERVATION a Popular Essay on those Concealed Disorders, originating in youthful ex- cesses, or infection, and terminating in Nervous Debi- lity, Local and Constitutional Weakness, and all those Sinkings, Anxieties, and Tremors, which affiict the Weak, the Sedentary, and the Delicate. With Practical Ob- servations on Marriage, and on the Anatomy, Phisiology, and Diseases of the Reproductive Organs, with plain Directions for their perfect Restoration By SAMUEL LA'MERT, CONSULTING SURGEON, 9, Bedford-Street, Bedford-Square, London, Matriculated Member of the University of Edinburgh, Honorary Member of the London Hospital Medical Society, Licentiate of Apothecaries' Hall, London, &c. REVIEWS or THE WOILK. Mr. r.a'Mert, beins; a regularly educated member of the medical profession, and possessed of the highest qnalitlcatiom, is a strong inducement alone to reeommend his work to the perusal of all who feel interested in such matters, for it is a subject of as much importance to the moralist as to the me- dical practitioner; and it really is surprising to see that nothing worthy of notice is to be found on a matter so im- portant in the various writini of standard authors. This cir- cumstance appears remarkable and unaccountable, when ex- perience has shown that local weaknesses and imperfections, I e,"}or hereditary or acquired, constitute the £ r..at majority, perhaps nine-tenths of the causes of nervousness, mental imbecility, and constitutional weakness. We must confes,s we are astonished at the extent of human suffering, anxiety, and misery which is pourtrayed in this work, as cmanatin from peculiar causes, which ar not less ruinous, because they are, not supposed to exist, Unfortunately, there is a false cle licacy and a false refinement ivi-tlie present age, which rather seeks to gloss over immorality than to combat and subdue it. We can only say, that every one who reads this extra- ordinary work will be gratified and enlight ned by its peru- sal."âLT.VIl.WAY BFLL,. Unquestionably this is the most extraordinary and skilful work of the kind ever written. It breathes, throughout, a high tone of moral feeling, and ought to be extensively cir- culated; for it is quite evident that there are peculiar habits acquired at public schools and private seminaries, whieh are totally unknown and concealed from the conductors of those establishments, and which cannot be too stronly reprubat,.d and condemned. The author has taken up tho subject ill a mxsferly and perspicuous style; and lH'il1 written by a duly qualified medical practitioner, will doubtless be the means of savin" many a youth, as well as those of maturer 1'rotii the various evil consequences resulting from such indiscretion â¢â"MAGNET. Published by the author, and sold in London by S. Gilbert, ol and o2, Paternoster Itow Davcy, Broad St., Bristol; Cambrian Office, Swansea; Shackeli, Rouk- seller, Carmarthen Times Office, Iferefoi-d and by all other Booksellers. Mr. La'Mcrt is to be consulted daily at his Residence, and Country Patients, in their letters, are requested to be as minute as possible in the details of their symptoms, age, general habits of living, and occupation in life. ohe communication must be accompanied by the nual Consultation Fee of El, without which no notice what- ever can be taken of their application and in all cases, the most inviolable secrecy may be relied on. Sold in CATIM.VRTIIEN by Mr. SIIACKELL, Bookseller, Guild-hall Square, Price or free by post to am address, price ;3s.6d. IMPORTANT SALE. LLANELLY,âCARMARTHENSHIRE. On MONDAY, the 21th of NOVEMBER instant, and following days, WILL BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. THOMAS DAVIES, AT BRYN-Y-CARAE, LLANELLY, Tlte Residence of J. G. LYNCH, Esq., who is leaving Wales; NUMEROUS articles of modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS; a fine toned Orand Cabinet Piano- Forte, by Rolfe; a two fat Astronomical Reflecting Telescope of great power, by Dollond, with Stands, &c., complete; Electrical Apparatus; Phantasmagoria Lantern, with Astrono- mical and numerous other valuable Slides; Double and Single Barrel Guns Books and Engravings, &c. a Collection of PAINTINGS of undoubted originality and great value, by ancient and modern Artists, con- taining among others, the Eternal Father Plannins the Redemption of the World by the Cross, by Guido Reni; a Magdalen, by Guerchino; a Village Festival, with about 80 Figures, by Teniers Gipsies in a Land- scape, by Morland also a valuable collection consisting of upwards of 3000 Greenhouse & Out-door Plants a New Greenhouse, Hot Water Tank, apparatus and frames, on Rendle's System of Heating, together with Cold Frames a Potting Shed, and Garden Im- plements also Horses, Ponies a New Jaunting CAR, fitted with Mackintosh Curtains and Lamps, Harness, Saddles, Carts, &c. &c. Catalogues may be had of the Auctioneer Messrs. Rees and Thomas, Printers, and at the Principal Inns, Llanelly, and at the Cambrian Office, Swansea. THE WANDERING JEW; Complete for Tito Shilliiigs! Just published, price 2s. in a wrapper, or 25.1)(1. cloth extra Part 79 of "The Novel Newspaper," containing the onlv authentic translation of THE WANDERING JEW: A TALB OP THE JL JESUITS. By EITCR-, r, SUE. Translated from the French, by D. M. Aird, author of The Student's French Grammar," &c. Lately published, in the Novel NewspaJr, uniform with the above, THE SALAMANDER, a Naval Romance. By EUGENE SUE. Complete, 9d. THE JEW. A Romance of the Fifteenth Century. By C. SriNnr-ER. author of "The Invalide," price Is. 6d. THE INVALIDE; or, Pictures of the French Revo- lution. By the author of "The Jew." Complete, price Is. 4d. THE ROSE OF THISTLE ISLE. By Mrs. CARLEX. Complete. Is. 4d THE NOVEL NEWSPAPER SERIES Is published in Parts, 8vo. each containing one or more complete works, without the slightest abridgment, and forms a Standard Library Edition of the most popular Novels, Romances, and Tales, by the most esteemed authors giving for One Shilling Works originally pub- lished at a (guinea and a half! <> The series now extends to 79 parts, and includes the best productions of the most distinguished British. American, and Continental writers. Amongst the for- mer will be found the chefs-d'oeuvres of Scott, Gold- smith, Defoe, Smollett, Godwin, Mackenzie, Miss Por- ter, Mrs. Brunton, Miss Lee, Mrs. Radclitl'e, Mrs. Helme, Mrs. Charlotte Smith, 8cq. and amongst the latter, those of Cooper, Carlen, Bird, Dana, Brockdcn, Brown, Clavers, Fay, Fouque, Hoffman, Kennedy, Longfellow, Marmontel, Neale, Paulding, Sedgwick, Sims, Spin- dler, Thompson, Sue, Tuckerman, Willis, &c. Each work is complete in a neat wrapper, at prices varying from 6d. to 2s. each. Parts 1 to 77 may also be had in 17 vols., handsomely bound in cloth, 58. per volume. Catalogues forwarded, on receipt of a postage stamp, to any part of the kingdom. COOPER'S NOVELS, complete in One Volume, handsomely bound in cloth, price 8s. 6d. The Pilot, The Spy, The Pioneers, Last of the Mohicans, Lionel Lincoln, The Prairie, Red Rover, Water Witch, Ima- gination. Printed from the original text, and without the slightest abridgment. London: Bruce and Wyld, 81, Parringdon-strect Watson, Edinburgh; Maclcod, Glasgow; LcMessurier, Dublin; Philip, Liverpool; Heywood, Manchester; E. W. Shackeli, Carmarthen and Sold by all Booksellers in the Principality. ALL MAY BE CURED! BY ?    HOLLOWAY'S OINTMENT. FIFTY ULCERS CURED IN six WEEKS. Extract of a Letter from John Martin, Esq., Chronicle' f Office, Tobago, Ifest February 4th, 184.5. To PROFESSOR HOLLOWAY. Sir,âI beg to inform you that the inhabitants of this Island, especially those who cannot afford to employ medical gentlemen. are very anxious of having your astonishing Medicines within their reach, from the im- mense benefits some of them have derived from their use, as they have been found here, in several cases, to cure Sores and Ulcers of the most malignant and des- perate kind. One gentleman in this Island, who had, I believe, about fifty running ulcers about his legs, arms, and body, who had tried all other Medicines before the arrival of yours, but all of which did him no good; but yours cured him in about six weeks, and he is now, by their means alone, quite restored to health and vigour. (Signed) JOHN MARTIN. PILES, FISTULAS, AND BEARINGS-DOWN. A remarkable Cure by these Pills and Ointment.âA half-pay lieutenant, lately residing at St. Heliers, Jersey, whose name by request is omitted, had for three years suffered from piles and fistula, besides a general bearing down, of the most distressing nature. lie had twice undergone an operation, but to no purpose, and at last gave himself up to despair. Yet, notwithstanding this complication of complaints, together with a debilitated constitution, he was completely cured of all his infir- mi ties and restored to the full enjoyment of health by these justly renowned medicines, when every other means had failed. Extraordinary Curs in the West Indies, of Leprosy and other direful skin diseases. J nne 3rd, 1844. Mr. Lewis Reedon, of Georgetown, Demerara, writes under the above dateâthat Holloway's Pills and Oint- ment have cured bad legs that no doctor could manage, ulcers and sores that were of the most dreadful descrip- tion, as likewise leprosy, blotches, scales and other skin diseases of the most frightful nature, and that the cures effected there by these wonderful medicines are so nume- rous and extraordinary as to astonish the whole population. Canccrcd Breast.âA Wonderful Circumstance. Copy of a Letter from Richard Bull, Bootmaker, Tatton, near Sout/iamptofi. February 9th, 1845. To PROFESSOR HOLLOWAY. STit,-The Lord has permitted to be wrought a wonderful cure of Cancers or Abscesses, of twelve years' standing, in my wife's breast. In the latter part of the time, eleven wounds were open at once. The Faculty declared the case as past cure, several pieces of bone had come away, and I expected that my poor wife would soon have been taken from me. It was then that a friend recommended the use of your Pills and Ointment, which to our utter astonishment, in the space of about three months, healed up the breast as soundly as ever it was in her life. I shall ever remain Your most grateful and obedient servant, (Signed) RICHARD BULL." Wheezing on the Chest and Shortness of Breath. Copy of a Letter from Mr. Jeremiah Casey, No. 1, Compton-place, Compton-strcct, Brunswick-square, London, April 2o_ th, 184o. To PROFESSOR HOLLO-WAY. SIR,âI beg to inform you that I believe I had been for more than three years, one of the greatest sufferers in the world with Chronic Asthma. For weeks together my breath was frequently so short that I was afraid everv moment of being choked with phlegm. I never went into a bed very often, indeed, I have been obliged to pass the night without being able to recline sufficiently to lay mv head on a table, lest I should be suffocated. No one thought I should live over the winter, nor did I expect it myself; but I am happy to say that I am now able to work from morning to night, and that I sleep as well as, ever I did in my life and this miracle (I may say) was effected by rubbing your invaluable Ointment twice a day into my chest, and taking ten of your Pills at bed-time, and ten again in the morning, for about three months. (Signed) JEREMIAH CASEY. In all Diseases of the Skin, Bad Legs, Old Wounds and Ulcers, Bad Breasts, Sore Nipples, Stoney and Ulcerated Cancers, Tumours, Swellings, Gout, Rheu- matism, and Lumbago, likewise in cases of Piles; Holloway's Pills, in all the above cases, ought to be used with the Ointment; as by this means cures will be effected with a much greater certainty, and in half the time that it would require by using the Ointment alone. The Ointment is proved to be a certain remedy for the bite of Moschcttoes, Sand-ilies, Chiego-foot, Yaws, and Coco-bay, and all skin Diseases, common to the East and West Indies, and other tropical climes. Burns, Scalds, Chilblains, Chapped Hands and Lips, also Bunions and Soft Corns, will be immediately cured by the use of the Ointment. Sold by the Proprietor, 241, Strand, (near Temple Bar,) London, and by all respectable Venders of Patent Medi- cines throughout the Civilized World, in Pots and Boxes, at Is. Hd., 2s. Ud., 4s. 611., lis., 22s., and 33s. each. There is a very considerable saving in taking the larger sizes. v j FEMALE EDUCATION. CAMBRIAN SEIINARY, LANSDOWN HOUSE, TENBY. ESTABLISHED by a Lady and Gentleman of the first respectability and family connexions, more than twenty years residents of Tenbv, for the instruction of their own and a limited number of the daughters of the aristocracy on the most approved principles of Home Education. The Establishment is governed by the regulations of the English and Parisian Seminaries now in greatest repute, and conducted bv superintendents selected with much care from the professional talent of the metropolis, who (with their assistants) on a system suited to the present enlightened views of sociely, teach in their different departments English, French, Latin, Italian, German, Music, including Singing, Piano, Harp, and Guitar Drawing, Painting, Dancing, Gvmnastics, Embroidery, Plain and Fancy Needle Work, with everv other requisite essential to a religious, elegant, useful, [ and highly finished education. Applications addressed to the superintendcnts of the establishment will immediately be replied to. London, June 24th, 1815. D I It EC T STEAM COMMUNICATION Liverpool & South Wales. THE Public is respectfully informed, that the NEW and POWERFUL IROX SClEW STEAMER, "TINTERN," Capt. WALTERS, Built expressly for the trade, has commenced plying be- tween Liverpool and Newport, calling at Tenby; and is intended to leave Newport for Liverpool, calling at Tenby, early next week. After cabin. Fore cabin. F arcs from Liverpool to Newport. I õs. 7s. Liverpool to Tenby 12s õs. Tenby to Newport 68. 3s. Children under ten years, half price. The Freight of Goods will be proportionately low, of which lists may be obtained of the agents in the course of a few days. Arrangements are now being made to forward Liverpool and Manchester Goods from Tenby to Pembroke, Pater, Narberth, Carmarthen, St. Clears, &e. &c., at a great reduction both in time and expense from the present system of carriage. In addition to the advantages derived from having a speedy and cheap transit of Goods and Passengers from Liverpool to South Wales, the local benefits will be great, inasmuch as it will form a direct communication between Pembrokeshire and Newport, Monmouth, He- reford, Gloucester, &c. &c., which of course would be far preferable to the usual route via Bristol. For particulars of times of sailing and rates of freight, apply to Darbv and Sim, Sweeting-street, Liverpool" or to N. B. Calder, Ebbw Wharf, Newport; or to W. M. Harries, Norton, Tenby. Liverpool, Nov. 11th, 1845. STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN Liverpool and Bristol, calling at Swansea and Milford, During the Month of NOVEMBER, 1845. THE XEW AXD POWERFUL IRO-, STEAM SHIP, TROUBADOUR, t|SSg§ggggF JAMES BECKETT, Commander. Is intended to Sail with Goods and Passengers as i follows From Cumberland Basin, BRISTOL, CALLING AT SWANSEA. Wednes., Nov. 5 9 morn I Tuesday, Nov. 25. 2 after. Wednes., Nov..). 9 morn Tuesday, Nov. x5. 2 after. FROM SWANSEA CALLING AT MILFORD. Thursday, Nov. 8 morn 1 Wednca., Nov. 26. 1 after. Monday 1-? 7 morn I From Trafalgar Dock, LIVERPOOL CALLING AT MILFORD. Saturday, Nov. 1 10 morn I Thursday,Nov.20. I after. Monday, 10 6 morn ) Monday, Dec. 1 ]o morn FARES:âTo Liverpool, Cabin, El Steward's Fe, 2s. 6d.; Deck, 7s. 6d. Goods intended for the above Steamer, from Liverpool, must be at the Trafalgar Dock two hours before the ad- vertised hours of sailing. For further particulars apply at the Officc, No. 2, St. Stephen-street, or at the Wharf Cannons' where is a lock-up warehouse for the accommodation of ship- pers, and where all Goods are landed and discharged. Goods forwarded free of commission. Gi.-o. H. EVANS, 2, St. Stephen-street; Liverpool, Mr. THOMAS M'TEAR, lo, Water Street; Swansea, Mr. JOHN EDWARDS Milford, Mr. C. H. N. HILL.  BRISTOL GENERAL ?????STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY au O?e 1, C!?y, .Br/?. THE following STEAM VESSELS are intended to JL Sail from CUIIPFITLANI) BASI", BUIsTor" and as under mentioned, with or without Pilots, and with liber- ty to tow Vessels, during the Month of NOVEMBER, 184.5. FOR CARMARTHEN, CALLING AT TENBY, PIKE NIX. I Friday, Nov. 7. 11 morn Friday, t4. ,).morn I Friday, Nov. 21. ?mom I ""lay, â28 4 after. I FROM PIT (E, NIX,. AT TENBY, I PHCENIX. I Tuesday, Nov. 4. 7,morn Ti.P<d»V il. 2 after. Tuesday, Nov. 38. 7 morn ( Tuosdar. 2.V 1 after. I FOR DUBLIN. SHAMROCK or VICTO RY, Fridays. I I Friday, Nov i.Il morn Friday, 14. 6 mom | F?i,[,?l, Nov. 21. 9imorn '}rid., 28.. 9-morn I ivcunns mesclays I FOR CORK. "H()SR Tucdays.-SABRTA PRMAVS I Tuesday, Nov. 4. 8 morn Friday,' 7.11 morn Tuesday, 11.3 after. Fr idai- â 14.. â¢â¢ 6, morn -1 1 'ru,?"? ,I ,Y, ov.l I Friday: â 21 9.imorn TU(?,?day, â 25 2 after. rriday, â 28. 4 after. I lieturn luesaays and Fridays. FOR WATERFORD. NORA CREIA, Tuesdays.âOSPREY. Fridays. I Tuesday, Nov. 4. I n,,r,, Friday, I. II morn Tues(lai- 11. 3 after. Fridav,â 14 6 morn l:('da', Nov. ÃL. 7imorn Fridady, â?I.9',morn TUL'ci;v 25. 2 after. Friday, â 28 4 after.  Return 1 uesdays and Fridays. FOR TEXBY STAR, Tuesdays.âPIirE?i? Fridavs. I Tuesday, Nov. 4. 8 morn Friday, 7.II morn Tuesday, 11. 3 after. Friday, 14.rl Tuesday, Nov. 18 8 morn ? ?rl -21 9?morn Tn('(íav, â 3=). 2 after.  Friday, 28 4 after. I nW.\l TEXBY. I â PHCENIX, Tuesdays.-RT A n. Kntnrrlavs. Tuesday, Nov. 4.IO.mor;1 I Saturday, 8 1 morn I Tuesday â 11. 5Rafter. Saturday. -15.7 morn Tuesday, Nov. )8..?.10 morn I Saturday, â 22 11 morn Tuesday, 23. 4 &itpr. SnfnrHuV 9Q 6 morn FOR MILFORD, PATER HAVERFORDWEST I CALLING AT TENBY. STAR. Tuesday, Nov. 4 8 morn | 1'uday, Nov. 18. 8 morn I Tu-d.? 25 2 after. FROM IIA\ERFORDWEST, C\LLINTG AT PATER, I MILFORD & TENBY. STAR. Friday, Nov. -i 11 morn Friday, 14 G morn I Friday, Nov. 21. 9 siorn I Friday. 28 3 after. I I RUM MILFORD. I STAB. Friday, Nov. after. Saturday, 15. 1 morn I Saturday, OY. 22. 5 morn Friday, 28.Hnicht FOR SWANSEA. I COUNTY OF PEMBROKE. I Tuesday, Nov. 4. 9 morn Friday, -i 11 morn Tuesday, 11. 4 morn Friday, 6 morn I Tuesday, Nov. 18. S'-morn Friday, 21 10' mom ?, A,? )-, 2?) 2 morn Friday, 28. 5 morn I Tr 4 ,T: A FROM SWANSEA. I COUNTY OF PEMBROKE. I Saturday, Nov. 1. 7 morn Thl\rdÃ¥, 11 morn Saturday, 8.12 noon. Thursday, 13. C> morn I Satunlay, Nov. 15. 7 morn I Thursday, â 20 10 morn I Saturday, 22. 11 Jmorn Thursday, â27. 41morn Saturday, Nov 29 6 morn I FOR CARDIFF, LADY CHARLOTTE. Monday, Nov..3. 7jmorn \rpc!upstlay,- 5 9 morn Friday, 7.10'murn Monday. 10. 3 afler. Wednesday. 12.8 morn Frldav, H. 5],morn Monday, Nov. 17. 7 morn Wednesday,â 19 8 mori; Friday, 21. 9morn I Monday. 24 1 after. Wednesday,â 2f> 3 after. I Friday, 28. '8 morn FROM CARDu'r- I LADY CHARLOTTE. I Saturday, Noy. I. 5mom Tuesday, â 4. 7 morn ThIlTJOctaT, 6. 8 morn atuf(lai, 8.10',morn Tuesday, 11. 2 1 Thursday, â 13 3 Rafter. Saturday,Nov. 1.) 5 morn Tuesday, IS. 61,rnorn Thursday, 20 8 morn Saturday, 22 8tmorn Tuesday, 2.-) 12 iiooi,. Thursday, â 07 -y after. Saturday, Nov. 29 Rafter. The whole of the above Vessels arc fitted up for the conveyance of passengers and goods.â-Female Stewards on Board.âCarriages and Horses shipped with care. Horses and Carriages to be shipped two hours before sailing. Particulars may be obtained by applying at the Bristol Steam Navigation Company's Office, Quay, Bristol; where all Goods,Packages, Parcels, &c.shouldbc addressed :â for Swansea, to W. Terrell & Sons, M, Back: and G. C. Glasson, 12, Quay ,trect:-for Cardiff, to R. H. Johnson, Clare street Hall, Marsh street:âand for Newport, to J. Jones, Rownham Wharf, Hotwclls. AGENTS.âMr. R. STACEY, Carmarthen Mr. George Hughes, Tenbv; Mr. John Rees, Haverfordwest; Mr. Palmer, Milford Mr. Bowcn, Pater Mr. John N. Smart, and Mr. E. T. Turner, Swansea; Mr. Pridham, Bickford; Mr. Iartin, Ilfraeomhc and Mr. J. Clarke, Iii(leford -?Ir '\Iarti.,i, Ilfracoiiil.)c ali( I -\fr. J. Clirke, NOTICE.âThe Proprietors of the above Steam Packets will not be accountable for any Cabin Passenger's I,u»ga £ e. (if lot or damaged) above the value of £ 5; nor for any beck Passen- ger's Lujjjgage (ifiost or damaged)above the value of2<'<s. un- less in f'aéh casc entered as such, and freight in proportionpaid for at the time of delivery; nor will they be answerable for any other parcel above the valtic of 411s. (if lost or damaged) unless entered as such, and freight in proportion paid for the same at the time of delivery. Not accountable for any Goods without Shipping Notes All letters seeking information 10 be post paid. Bristol, November, 18i6. i CAUTIOX.-All Persons advertising Succedaneum for Stopping decayed teeth, fraudulently attempt to imitate Mr. Clarke's original Succcdaneum; and if any Succedaneum than Mr. Clarke's be purchased, it will be discovered useless. Mr. Clarke can say, without the slightest exaggeration, that he has sold 3,000 bottles of Succedaneum within 16 months & 2,800 individuals have been able to use it successfully; and most of the other pur- chasers have been to Mr.Clarke, at his residence, 61, Lower Grosvenor-Strcet, London, to have their teeth stopped, without any further charge than the original cost of the Succedaneum, price bs. Sold wholesale to all the che- mists in town and coiintrn- and none is genuine unless had through Messrs. Barclay and Sons, wholesale Medi- ?c'n'e Warehouse, 9o, Farringdon Street Edwards and Son, 67, St. Paul's Church-yard; Hannay and Co., 63, Oxford Street; Colleck and Moseley, 13'), Upper Thames Street, London; and other respectable wholesale Medi- cine Warehouses or Mr. Clarke can send it by post to any part of the United Kingdom, on receiving a Post- office order. FOR STOPPING DECAYED TEETH, HOWEVlUt LARGE THE CAVITY. Patronised by Her Majesty the Queen Dowaqer, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Gloucester, Ilis Grace the Duke of Wellington, and the principal Nobility. Mr. CIIAUKE s OUCCEDAXEUM for otopping Decayed Teeth is far superior to anything ever used before, as it is placed in the tooth without any pressure or pain, be- comes as hard as the enamel immediately after applica- tion, and remains firm in the tooth for life; not only rendering extraction unnecessary, but also making them again useful for mastication. All persons can use Mr. CLARKE'S Succedaneum themselves with ease, as full directions are enclosed (price 5s) and sold by all res- pectable medicine-vendors in town and country, and can be sent by post on receiving a Post-office oraer.-Pre- pared only by Mr. Clarke, Surgeon-dentist, 61, Grosvenor Street, Bond Street, (removed from 53, Harley-Street, Cavendish-Square. ) LOSS OF TEETH. Mr. CLARKE still continues to supply the loss of teeth, from one to a complete set, upon his beautiful, svstenk of self-adhesion, which has procured him such universal approbation in some thousands of cases; and recom- mended by Sir James Clark, bart., M.D., and Dr. Locock, Physicians to Her Majesty, and numerous other mem- bers of the medical profession, as being the most in- genious system of supplying artificial teeth hitherto invented. They are so contrived, as to adapt themselves over the most tender gums or remaining stumps without causing the least pain, rendering the operation of ex- traction quite unnecessary and in order that his system may be within the reach of the most economical, he will continue the same moderate charges.âMr. Clarke, Sur- geon-dentist, No. 61, Grosvenor-Strcet, Bond-Street, London.âAt home from eleven till four. HEALTH, LONG LIFE, AND HAPPINESS. PARR'S LIFE PILLS, (the best Medicine in the J- World) are now established as the only certain cure of disease in the human frame. Sufficient has already been advertised in the public prints to convince any reasonable person that the efficacy of this medicine is unbounded, and that every disease will soon vanish from the effects of this popular remedy. Already the Pro- prietors have received and published 26 different sheets of Testimonials and, besides, have received some thou- sands of letters confirming all the statements published, and proving the immense benefit derived by all classes by taking P ARlt'S LIFE PILLS. Testimonials are re- ceived daily, and it would be impossible in a newspaper to publish one half received; and the following arc se- lected as people well known in their respective neigh- bourhoods, and whose testimony is unquestionable. Further sheets of Testimonials may be had gratis of all agents. From Mr. JV. Alexander, Bookseller, Yarmouth â Great Yarmouth, March 27, 184.5. Gentlemen,âBeing recently at Norwich, I called upon a gentleman at his request. He said, having seen your name in the newspaper as an agent for the sale of Parr's Pills, and also letters addressed to you testifying their efficacy in the cure of various complaints, I resolved to try them. I had been very unwell for two or three years, my stomach much out of order, and I constantly felt a painful difficulty in breathing I employed two medical gentlemen, and took a great quantity of medicine, but derived no benefit; on the contrary, I found myself daily declining and getting weaker, so that I could scarcely walk from one street to another indeed I was in a me- lancholy desponding state. Accordingly I purchased a box and took them as directed. At the end of a week I was much better, having taken, I think, only eighteen pills consequently, I continued taking them regularly, and when I had taken two boxes and a half, I became quite well, and to this day I have enjoyed life, having now good health and good spirits. If, however, I feel any slight indisposition, I have recourse to the medicine I have so much reason to prize, which restores me to my usual good health. This gentleman wished his case to be made public, although, for obvious reasons, he could not authorise me to give his name. This timid, perhaps in some cases, prudent cautiousness, is not uncommon. A neighbour- ing gentleman has several times admitted to me that he derives great benefit from the occasional use of Parr's medicines, but will not permit me to mention it to any one. I am, dear Sir, yours respectfully, WILLIAM ALEXANDER. p.S.âThe Pills have entirely removed the Cough and Asthma. You will probably remember the name of the respecta- ble octogenarian gardener, Mr. Cowles, of Blunderstone, who still (with his son-in-law) attends our excellent ve- getable and fruit market. Mr. Cowles, when I last saw him, a few week ago, was in excellent health, and although 88 years of age, works at digging in his garden several hours in the day. He still continues occasionally to take the medicine, which he believes, under Provi- dence, to have been the means of conferring on him so much comfort. WILLIAM ALEXANDER. Mr. Hackett gave the following unsolicited testimonial to the Efficacy of Parr's Life Pills before leaving New York. TO THE PROPRIETORS OF PARR'S LIFE TILLS. Sirs,-Ilaving used Parr's Life Pills on several occa- sions when attacked by violent Bilious complaints, and having been fully satisfied of their efficacy, I beg leave, in justice to you, as proprietors of the medicine, to tes- tify as much. Yours, respectfully, Long Island, Nov. 9, 1814. W. H. HACKETT. CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. Beware of spurious imitations of the above Medicine, none are genuine unless the words Parr's Life Pills" aro in WHITE LETTERS on a RED GROUND, engraved in the Government Stamp, pasted round each box; also the fac- simile of the signature of the Proprietors, "T. ROBEKTS & Co.. Crane Court, Fleet Street, London," on the directions, Sold in boxes at Is. li., 2s. 9(1., and family packets Us. each. By JOHN W, WHITE, Chemist, Agent for Carmarthen Mr. O. E. Davies. Druggist, Haverfordwest; Mr. Pressor, Chemist, hh mner; Mr..1 a nes Evans, Druggist, Lampeter, and by all respectable Medicine Venders, Sold in boxes at Is. lid., 2s. 9d., and family packets at I Is., by Edwards, 64, St. Paul's; Barclay and Sons, Farringdon-street; Sutton and Co., Bow, Churchyard London; Mottershead and Co., Manchester; and J. and R-. Raimes and Co., Edinburgh Mitchell, Apothecaries Company, Glasgow; and by all respectable druggists and patent medicine retailers throughout the kingdom. Directions are given with each box, by John W. "W hite, Chemist, Agent for Carmarthen; Mr. 0. E. Davics, Druggist, Haverfordwest; Mr. Prosser, Chemist, Rhym- ney; J. S. Evans, Chemist & Druggist, Cardigan; Mr. James Evans, Druggist, Lampeter, and by all respect- able Medicine Vendors. Just Published, Price 2s. 6d., free by post 3s. Gd., a New and important Edition of "THE SILENT FRIEND," A MEDICAL Work on Physical Decay, Nervous Debility, Constitutional Weakness, excessive In. diligence, &c. With Observations on Marriage, &c. with 10 Coloured Engravings. By R and L. PERRY and Co., Surgeons, London. Published by the Authors, and sold at their rcsidcnce also by Strange, 21, Pater- noster Row; Hannay & Co., 63, Oxford street: Noble, 109, Chancery Lane; Gordon, 146, Leadcnhall-street; Purkiss, Compton-street, London. OPINIONS OF THE rUESS. We regard the work before us. The SILENT FRIEND, as a work embracing most clear and practical views of a series of complaints hitherto little understood, and passed over by the majority of the Medical profession, for what reason we are at a loss to know. AVe must however confess that a perusal of this work has left such a favourable impression on our minds, that we not only recommend, but cordially wish every one who is the victim of past folly, or suffering from indiscretion, to profit by the advice contained in its pages."â Age and Argus. A;'fu,d:\¡ of THE SII.HNTFIUENO seem to be thoroughly conversant with the treatment of a C1MB of complaints which are, we fear, too prevalent in the prescnt da,. The per- spicuous style in which this book is written, and the va- luable hints it conveys to those who are apprehensive of entering the marriage state, cannot fail to recommend it to a careful perusal."âERA. This work should be read by all who value health and wi«h to enjoy life, for the truisms therein contained, defy all doubt. "âFAKMEKS' .IOUKNAI.. THE CORDIAL BALM OF SYRIACUM, Is a gentle stimulant and renovater in all cases of Debility, whether Constitutional or acquired, nervous mentality, irritation and consumptionâby the use of which the impaired System becomes gradually and effectually restored to pristine health and vigour. Sold in bottles, price lis. and 33s. The £ 0 Cases may be had as usual at their Establishment. THE CONCENTRATED DETERSIVE ESSENCE, an anti-syphilitic remedy for searching out and purifying the diseased humours of the blood, removing all cu- taneous eruptions, Scurvy, Scrofula, Pimples on the head, face, Secondary Symptoms, &e. Price lIs. amI 33s. per bottle. PERRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILLS, Price 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d. and lis. per box, Have long been used with perfect success in all eases of Gonorrhoea, Stricture, Inflammation, Irri tation. \c. These Pills arc free from mercury, capaiva, and other deleterious drugs, and may be taken without interference upon in every instance. Sold by all medicine venders^. Messrs. Perry & Co. may be consulted at their residence 19, Bcrners-street, daily from 11 till 2, and 5 till 8. On Sundays from 10 tiil 12. Agent for Carmarthen, Mr. J. W. White, Chemist, Guildhall Square of whom maybe had she Silent Friend.

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