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GLAMORGANSHIRE. CON FI P. MAT ION .âYesterday, the Lord Bishop of St David's held a confirmation at St. Mary's Church, Swan- sea, when a number of young persons, the majority of whom were females, received that solemn rite. CRICKET.âAn interesting return match of this noble Rame came off in a field, near St. Helen's, Swansea, on Tuesday last, between the Swansea and Neath clubs; when, after a spirited contest, victory was declared for the former by 84 runs, the Swansea gentlemen having roade li5 in one inning. The batting of Ir. Cameron, who seemed a perfect master of the game, was much admired. A dinner, provided by Mr. Gregory in his Usual good style, was served up to about 40 gentlemen In a tent erected for the purpose. The Forresters' band "oas on the ground, and contributed greatly to enliven the scene. THE MILITARY AND THE POLICE.-When Greek meets Greek then comes the tug of war. Proof of this occurred at Swansea on Saturday night last, or rather early on Sunday morning, when policemen Noah Owen and Jeremiah Vaughan, the latter having but recently resumed his duties after a severe illness, hearing an uproar in that den of infamy, Regent-street, Proceeded to take the frail delinquents into custody, when two soldiers, in a state of drunkenness, came to their rescue, and knocked poor Vaughan down several times, and with a stick beat both policemen most unmercifully. Owen is suffering much from the ruffianly conduct of the il light company" gentlemen, who will undoubtedly receive due punishment, perhaps in heavy company. ODD FELLOWS.âOn Tuesday evening last, a large and respectable tea meeting was held in the Market- place, Swansea, which was gaily ornamented on the "Ceasion with evergreens, wreaths of lfowers, and appro- priate devices, for the purpose of raising funds for the ,ert,eti qn of a school for the education of the children of Odd Fellows. It is computed that there were at least 1000 individuals assembled at this monster party, and bv 5 o'clock each seat had found a ready occupant, every cup was in request, and mirth, cheerfulness, and hilarity pervaded the vast assemblage. The company was afterwards addressed hy Mr. W. H. Michael, Surgeon. Mr. J. Coates, and' Mr. J. Owen. The Odd Fellows Brass Band was in attendance, and added much to the lively scene. We have not heard what the pro- ceeds of the tickets were. but they must be considerable; and the promoters of the project have now no cause to despair of realizing their praiseworthy object. CATCHING A TARTAR.âMKRTHYH POLICE.âIn our publication of the 5th inst., we reported a robbery of wearing apparel from the dwelling house of Mrs. Owen, on the 2d insto. It appears the police on the appre- hension of a man obtained possession of the articles, and Oil the prisoner being taken before a magistrate a miner from Cornwall alleged that they were his property, but being positively sworn to by Mrs. Owen as those sto- len from her premises, the previous witness was fully committed to take his trial for the robery. THE SUNDAY SCHOOL ANNIVERSARY of the English IVe-slevans, was held on Sunday last. In the morr.ing and evening, the Rev. C. W. Vibert, superintendent of the district, preached most eloquently from appropriate texts. Both discourses bore remarkably on the duty of parents and others, to educate the rising generation in the principles of true religion. After the services, about 20 of the senior scholars recited several chapters from the bible, and religious pieces, and also sang in a manner that evidently shewed that much pains had been taken In their instruction. CARDIFF POLICE, SEPT. S.-Precent, Henry Morgan and Whitlock Niciioll, Esqrs.âThis being the annual licensing day for the borough, the usual licenses were granted. The consideration of the applications of new spirit licences was deferred for a week. John Ford and his wife were charged with assaulting Sergeant Langmore of the 75th Regiment, and also with endea- louring to incite the military to fight. Elizabeth Ford Was fined 10s. and costs, and John Ford was admo- nished and discharged. Mr. Superintendant Stockdale, stated that considerable obstruction was occasioned to the free passage of the mails by reason of trucks, stones, goods, &c., being left out in the streets the parties had all been repeatedly cautioned, but the cb"tructions w>ntinue(j Several parties then appeared, and on their r "using to remove the things immediately they were lsc arged The bench also directed that a notice be o en to all persons offenditig, that the streets must e kept clear, and the thoroughfare be unimpeded, and the Poli. ce have positive orders to see the law carried into effect. William Webber was charged with stealing 2 sovereigns from George. Gordon a confectioner, re- manded. Robert Clanship, Richard Jenkins, and Phillip Taylor, labourers, were charged with stealing a purse, Containing 12s. 6d. from the person of Robert Jones, toaster of the Gelert, of Portmadoc, as he was lying asleep at the Hope and Anchor public house. The prosecutor having sailed did not appear, but the servant of the house proved seeing Tayhr throngh a window tftke something from the captain's pocket, and go with it tHe other prisoners. Boun d in recognizances of £ 10 > to appear when the captain returns. Owen Davies, sSt er. at the Cardiff Arms Inn, was charged by i da-it Stockdale, with behaving in a grossly decent manner in the public streets, on Saturday evening last. The prisoner said he had been drinking, and that it was his first offence. Fined 10s. and costs, or be imprisoned for 11 days. Committed.



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