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ARMARTRIEN MONTHLY MARKET, on WtdnesUay andVVaS Very largely supplied with fat and store sheep ambs, though trade was in a very inactive state at di,oo Pill, prices. There was but very few fat beasts, or C0 8, or Callcs shown, and but little business was 1,aiisacted.  FAIRS have been held at Newport (Pern- an eshlrE'), on the ???' at Narberth, on the 29th ult., od at Dryslwyn on the 2nd inst. The shew of small ?. ? ?ttle at those p)aces was a full average one, but v elV Were sold, and at ruinously low rrice, gO()tl 3 WERE S°' AN(* AT ru',10usb" P'ices, good 3 YEA' R' s old stHrs were scarce, and in better demand. p beasta "ere also scarce and in fair demand, at from 4d l° Pcr lb. according to quality, sinking offal. Co  calves sold at fully late rates Horses of all ?'P?ons, and colts, continue in good supply, and ? ? hanged owners, but at lower prices. Sheep con- tin ? Plentiful supply, the trade very sluggish, at an awa^e rate of about 5d. per lb., sinking the offal J>j a'^ sorts continue to be sold at remunerating Ibices J*⢠CASE OF CHOLERA.âIn the present time of  ?'? disorder and contagious diseases, it is by no thp ? surprising that every sudden attack which termi- Haj ?t?IIy should be attributed to Asiatic Cholera, aild ? Was therefore with somewhat blunted disposition th';it "L' lleard the rumour that a death had resulted from Cr era °? Wednesday last on board the "hænix while on} !er P??sage from Tenby to this port. An inquest was he] view of the body of William Erans, the de- tear'ed, 'It the Town Hall (the body having been conveyed t rI 'hL, inue), before John Hughes, Esq., Coro- Hg? ^'len the following evidcuce was adduced:âJ ames â¢Mu^ar'no Store Dealer, Cardigan, deposed that ?iai-iiie Store De-.il er, Cardigan, de p ose d that *bo °'clock in the afternoon of Tuesday, he dined %Vith ?ceased at the Welsh Back, Bristol, having for <li? ?? beef, pofatoes, and wa'er. About two o'clock ?en '?d went 011 board the 7V?Mt.r, being rather tipsy *h«>n ?e sailed. About three o'clock he complained 0r of Cran,P iu the stomach and went to b' d, being very tji?' ?? P died between 5 and 6 o'clock on W cd- l*h 3ytnorning- JoLn Dogget, Fireman on board the I ?. horning. Jolin Dog?et. nrFmp.n on board the '?' deposed that in deceased complaining of cramp i? }.-? ?' he put ?"" in his (witness's) bed. He was ?erv ?'? and drank 3 or 4 pints of cold water during the "'?' ? ?'?? in ?'? morning and witness believed ? d'? of cramp. The jury retum"d as their verdict th?Leased died by the Visitation of God from the t({' ? of cramp." OST-O,.}, Ai:RA?GSMEK'rs.âSome ver y impor- 'aiU! ]1 Nations take place this day. All letters must in fo? a erations take place this day. AU letters must ill fUture "?'? stamps affixed to them, as no money will be ?a)ip ? at the windows. The route of the Pembroke mail be ??sd, so as lo pass through Tenby. The most ?Co ???t part of the new arrangement is that letters ?)r '?rokeshire from Bristol must be posted in that ? ?c evening, so as to be in tIme for the cit i y ^ve in the evening, so as to be in time for the Glo ?termail, or they wiit otherwise be delayed a day Ati,L ?'?' as the Cardigan letters now are. This will Hot "?rely affect Bristol it will be inconvenient also to ? "!?)-? Cardiff, and Swansea. The alteration is to  persons at Tpnby, l'emhrol,e, nd Ha\'erfordwest Pefsons at Tenby, Pembroke, nd Haverfor d west to ?'a.n their London letters at an earlier hour. TIL I"IFANT SAPPHO.âWe have been informed th Louisa Tinning, the Infant Sappho, purposes ?if '?g Carmarthen very shortly for the purpose, of ?Sj??S? concert. Thalberg, MoscheHes,and Sir Geo.  ???? each written testimonials in favour of her hr aOdiIlary genius, and Her Majesty has presented her ?'? a splendid diamond for her talented per- for^Ce at Buckingham Palace, so that any pre- h? '"8 announcement would be scarcely politic. The 1? ? Sappho's concert at Tenby and other towns have bp? attended by large and enraptured audiences. ,Nl r G:orge Gordon Lawrence Williams passed his e?- '??tion at Apothecaries' Hall, on Thursday last, in j,6 feience an,l practice of medicine, and received Liaterti ?cate to practice. A "? CIRCUMSTANCE.âThe Rev. Aquila Bar- erIe, eyan minister, of Newport, was appointed to Ho k Risca on Sunday week. The rev. gentleman, f been suffering from violent spasmodic pains for aoeOtirs previously, assended the pulpit at the ap- Poim j. but in a few minntes after the commence- tieuj hut in a few minntes after the commence- ineilt Of llls Sermon> he was taken so seriously ill as to te hr, 11 to proceed. He intimated this fact to the COTJIJ gtln, and was about to leave the pulpit, when he fpii backwards in a state of insensibility. Many I)er '? ?erc much a l arme d supposing h:m to be dead 'ere much alarmed, supposing him t be dead JVTr r>n^' A surgeon was immediately sent for, and r, Ell,ber was instantly removed. After some time he rp?j ? but %vas unable to return to Newport that night. ?r ?rber is now able to resume his duties.