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CARDIGANSHIRE. The announcement of the marriage of Miss Thomas, of Lampeter, to Alr. Mr. J. H. Morgans, which was in- serted in our last publication, was utterly without foun- dation. The disreputable author of this dastardly com- munication has been discovered but as the parent of the young lady whose name has been taken in question, has thought fit to be lenient to the perpetrator of this petard to the comforts of private life, we do not feel it incumbent upon ourselves to prosecute the affair farther, although we have shrewd suspicions that the author of this hoax has indulged us with his communications on other occasions, and we, therefore, warn him that a re- petition of his offence will consign him to the tender mercies of the law. ABERYSTWITII.âTHE LATE ELECTION.âIt must be quite fresh in the memory of our readers that on the night of the polling at Aberystwith, on receipt of cer- tain intelligence from Aberayron that Mr. Pryse had been elected, the mob committed excesses by breaking the windows of several of the respectable inhabitants of the town. A few days since at a special sessions held at the Town-Hall, Aberystwith, for the purpose of determining the claims of the several persons who had their windows broken on the occasion; the parties claiming failed to prove that the damages were felo- niously done to bring it under the 7th and 8th, George IV., and therefore could not obtain compensation. UPPER CARDIGANSHIRE.-AGRICULTV-RE, CATTLE FAIRS, &c.-Tlie winter crops in this neighbourhood look remarkably well. Oat sowing, and potato planting are going on rapidly; gardening the same. At Trpgaron fair held on the 16th ult., there was a great show of horses, though but few changed hands, and at reduced prices compared with this period of last year. There is a slight increase in the demand for oxen. Mr. Evan Davies, Tanrhidie, in the beginning of this week, bought a lot in the neighbourhood at about 30s. a-head cheaper than they would have fetched this time 12 months past. At Aberystwith market last Monday, there was a slight advance in every description of corn:âWheat fetched from 6s. 6d. to 7s. 6d. per bushel; Barley from 4s. 3d. to 4s. 6el. Oats 2s. 3d. to as. Beef from 5d. to 6d. per lb. Mutton frpm 6d. to 7d. Pork 4!d. to 5d. Veal 5d. to 6d.; Salt Butter (16 pz. to the lb.) from 7d to 8d.; Fresh do. (18 oz. to the lb.) Is.; Cheese 3d. to 3!d. per lb. TRAMPS AT ABERYSTWITH.âNotwithstanding every effort made to suppress the Tranifymisance, it continues as rife as ever in the upper portion of Cardiganshire. On Tuesday last two able-bodied'vi ilnts were brought up at the Town-Hall, by P.C. Isaac Morgan, before David Edwards, and Thomas Jones, Esqrs., municipal magistrates, charged with begging. The first was John Murphy, an able-bodied Irishman, not more than 25 years of age when apprehended Is. lOd was found on him. He said he got his living by going about the country with his basket," but it did not appear that he had his "basket" with him in the instances of beg- ging proved by the police constable, nor could he pro- duce one at the hearing. The next prisoner, Samuel Hollis, was about 20, and rather good-looking. He had 5id. upon him, and railed in good set terms against being sent to prison for begging. He had a luxuriant crop of light hair, which he ever and anon thrust his fingers through quite carelessly, and then descanted eloquently upon the evil of the modern fashion of cutting the hair of detenues in prison It's no joke, please yer honors, to have one's hair cropped in prison. Here I go to Cardiganâgets cropped for nothing at all but begging a bit-comes outâthe whole summer is lost, because nobody will employ me for looking at my cropped nob, people will think I have been in the crib for stealing; it's too hardâI'm blow'd if it a'int." The magistrates were inexorable and or- dered both tramps to the tread-mill for one month, without giving any directions that the love-locks of the eloquent young tramp should be kept sacred from the foul touch of the county scissors of Car- digan.




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