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MISCELLANEOUS INTELLIGENCE. Her Majesty has a bracelet, ornamented with four magnificent diamonds, former ly the property of royal owners, the death of each of whom has been unhappy and untimely. One of them belonged to the Princess Charlotte, two to Marie Antoinette, and the fourth to Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. It is stated that her Majesty is in a condition which holds ont a prospect of her presenting the country, before Jon, with an additional Prince or Princess. Her Majesty, through slight indisposition, was unable to attend the performance of Israel in Epypt on Thurs- day night at Exeter Hall. On inquiry at Buckingham Palace, it was ascertained that her Majesty had only experienced the inconvenience of a slight cold. It is stated that a company is about to be formed in Bristol to trade with goods to California. A child lost its life, at Clifton, a few days since from biting off and swallowing a piece of the wine glass fro-ni which medicine was being administered to it. The me- dical gentleman, who gave evidence at the inquest, very properly and judiciously observed-" Medicine should always be administered to young children by means, of a spoon, or something less dangerous than glass, be- cause, when cutting their teeth, they are apt to bite." Dr. Ogilvie, the incumbent of Ross, has replied, in a long letter, to the 145 memorialists who prayed him to restore the performance of the anthem during setvioe in the parish church, which has been disoostiaued- for some time past by his orders. The rev. gentleman de- clines to accede to the wishes of the large and influen- tial body of his parishoners who signed the requisition, alleging, as his reason, the inefficiency of the choir to perform church music of a high order. It is not true that the Earl of Dalhousie is about to retire from the Governor-Generalship of India, and re- turn home through ill health. Notwithstanding his arduous and responsible duties, the Governor-General's health has greatly improved since his arrival at the seat of war. Lord Clarina is the Irish representative peer to be elected, vice Lord Dunsany, deceased. Sir Charles Napier, the commander of the British cruising squadron, has obtained 10,000 dollars from the Emperor of Morocco in satisfaction of the claim made by Mr. Redmond of 17,000 dollars. Henry E. Russel, clerk for twelve years in the West- minster fire-office, is in custody charged with em- bezzling moneys paid him for the office to the amount offSOO. The arrival of the Indian mail, communicates the loss by fire of two Indiamen, bound for England, in- volving a a sacrifice of property to the extent of little short of £ 60,000 The unfortunate vessels were the George Armstrong, belonging to Liverpool, 491 tons; and the ship Cape Packet, for London, 340 tons. The Cap of Liberty," is the name bestowed by Mrs. Trollope on a widow's cap. Not a bad idea. That was a smart reply of the Roman General Marius to the Gaul who had sent him a challenge-" If you are tired of your life, you can go and hang yourself." On Thursday, at the Central Criminal Court, Samuel Cooper (aged 59), the soldier who lately made an odious charge against the Rev. H. C. Sellers, was found guilty of making that accusation falsely, and sentenced to be transported for fifteen years. Just before the rising of the court, the grand jury returned four true bills for manslaughter against Bartholomew Peter Drouet. Captain Kellet, R. N., has been suddenly ordered out to Behring's Straits, in search of the expedition under the command of Sir John Franklin. At a meeting of magistrates and influential inhabi- tants of Plymouth and Devonport, relative to the late inquiry respecting the Protestant Sisters of Mercy, a resolution was passed, declaring the material allega- tions to have been proved, and describing the inquiry as conducted by the Bishop as partial, unfair, and ill calculated to command public respect." The Sunday Times mentions the death of Mr. St. Lawrence, veterinary surgeon, from glanders, caught from a diseased horse, some of the discharge from which got into a scratch on his hand, whilst he was adminis- tering a dose. The flesh dropped from his )oties, and the eyes fell out of his head, before his death. It is said that the Ordnance Committee, of which Lord Hardinge is the head, have failed to induce the Treasury to assent to an arrangement by which the soldiery were to secure a wider application of their ration money. The plea is the necessity for economy. The largest pane of plate glass ever seen in the West of England has just been affixed in the shop front of Messrs. Butcher, ironmongers, Clare-street. It was supplied by Messrs. J. W. Hall and Co., of Broadmeac, and cost, we understand, ;C120.-B?-istol Mercury. In the county of Worcester there are 24 turnpike trusts, with a total length of roads of 522 miles, 3 furlongs, and 60 yards; the total of tolls is E31,833 of expenditure 30,596; and of debt and unpaid interest, £ 99,999. Mrs. Mary Tucker, of Brampford Speke, Devonshire, has bequeathed upwards of twelve thousand pounds to different charitable and religious institutions (selected, it is said, by Sir Robert Inglis); including EI,000 for repairs and alterations in the Brampford Speke church Barnstable infirmary, E600 Devon and Exeter hospital, £ 1,000; Blind Institution, Exeter, E,500 Christian ivnowiedge Society, £1,000; British and Foreign Bible Society, £ 500, &c. Sir T. Ackland, on Thursday night, obtained leave of absence, until after Easter, for Sir H. Inglis, on the ground of indisposition. He was happy to say that the hon. member was progressing uninterruptedly towards health. Mitchel, the convict, is to be removed from Bermuda to the Cape of Good Hope, the climate of the latter being better adapted to the pulmonary complaint from which he suffers. In future, regiments are to be stationed in each place two years instead of one. By this plan a saving of £ 100,000 a year will be effected in the three kingdoms. Her Majesty's surveying brig Pandora, Lieut. Com- mander Wood, is coming home from the Pacific, with a freight of gold diggins," to the amount of nine tons-or to the value of L900,000 sterling. This will give the lucky commander about £ 11,000 for the freightage, the admiral's share will be £ 2,875, and Greenwich Hospital will benefit to a like amount. Besides the appointment of Mr.Barkly to the govern- ment of British Guiana, we find that Mr. Higginsâthe celebrated writer with the signature of Jacob Omnium in the Times newspaper, who so powerfully advocated the cause of the colonies-has been named as Governor of Sierra Leone, and Mr. Gregory appointed to the go- vernment of the Bahama Islands, vice Captain Matthew, recalled-very happily, no doubt, for the Bahama island- ers. Such appointments as these do certainly look like an earnest of some further kind consideration for the colonies.â The Barbadian of Jan. 10. The First Lord of the Admiralty has conferred the appointment at Grenwich Hospital, vacant by the de- cease of Captain John Simpson, upon Capt. Thomas L. P. Laugharne. We understand that Major-General Sutherland is to have the command of the the troops in the Mauritius.- Globe. Between February, 1818, and the same month in 1849, there have been 35 new journals started in Eng- land but 13 of them have departed to that bourne from which no newspaper returns. In an article on the necessity of medical provident institutions, a correspondent of the Medical Times says- Ir. Great Britain alone nearly 30,000 medical men toil without amassing a competency for old age." Mr. Gilbert A'Beckett, the well-known writer in Punch and in the Times, has been appointed a magis. trate of the Woolwich and Greenwich police courts, in the room of Mr. Jeremy, decased. The Scottish Central Railway Company have re- solved, by a very large majority, to run morning and evening trains on Sundays for public accommodation. A SENSIULE JURYMAN.âIt will be scarcely credited that a person of respectable exterior presented himself at the court of adjourned quarter session, held in a neighbouring county, last week, as one of the jury, with a certificate from his medical attendant stating that he was ill in bed that he could not leave his house, which certificate he presented to the chairman himself amidst the laughter of the whole rourt.-Bristol Mercury SrrrosED MnWER AT I:ILINGTON.-On Wednesday morning, shortly after six o'clock, the body of a gentle n?n)y-atnred man between 50 and 60 rears of age was d.scnveredh.??h h. throat cut and in a pool of fil'bi in the rnrrCe to a field '? Dennis's brick ? f?. ,in n tt? he Ca?don?n-road. Isli?'on. within a short  the  ?"? Dock Ju'nctin of the London and North Western R R»u«aj. A workman named E!i Deayp'r fire, r TP-ed the ??' to which he was at- rZi bv b f8 of a ?? On L?n?ng up to it he found the face and neck covered with blood, and L;! ,v r i8 Re pool in which it lav. About four or five ? '<-Pt!rom the spot was a purse, empty, with the ex- | p ion of a small key, and in the mud of the pond, about thirty feet off, they found the blade of an nM razor bound round with strong cord, in order to give a hold and answer the purpose of a handle. The distance of the razor from the body leads to the suspicion of murder having been committed coupled wirh the fact of tl-,e purse beit)g fouiid empty. The body was identi- fied as that of Dr. Crook, of Camden-town. A coroner's inqnest has subsequently been held, and from the evi- dpncp adduced, there is little doubt that the unfortunate man committed the act of self destruction. COMPETITION COMPETITION !âA barber (a stranger) recently set up in business, in Belgrave-gate Leicester. His termsâ" Shaves for a halfpennyâcuts hair (London style), for a penny." Hie brethren of the caft, terrified at the prospects created hv a competition so cutting," have bought" him out fit is razors, and everythingâfor £ "â S.. «p;iit<l an a.-t deserve* 1'\1 I,; ¡{' f'C'i'ord




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