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CARDIGANSHIRE. Capital SHEEP FARM, and 1850 Sheep. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, THAT very Extensive and well-known SHEEP i- FARM, called CNWCKEITHINOG and TROED- RHIW-CYMER, situate in Cwm Doithie, in the Parish of Llanddewi-brefi. Also, to be Sold by Private Contract, the Choice Flock -of Sheep, settled upon the said Farms, amounting to about 1850. For further particulars, apply to Lewis Morris, Esq., Solicitor, Carmarthen, J. Morgan, Esq, Solicitor, Llan- dovery, and to the Rev. J. W. Morris, Ystradmeuric. CARMARTHENSHIRE. Kidwelly, Saint Mary in Kidxcelly, Saint Ishmael, and Petnbrey Inclosure. I DAVID REES PARRY, of Llwyndwyfilltir, in the parish of Llandeveilog, in the County of Carmarthen, Gentleman, the Commissioner appointed to carry into execution an Act of Parliament made and passed in the Eleventh year of- the Reign of his late Majesty King George the Fourth, intituled, An act for inclosing Lands within the several parishes of Kidwelly, Saint Mary in Kidwelly, Saint Ishmael, and Pembrey, in the County of Carmarthen," and also under the provisions of an. Act of Parliament raadelflnd passed in the Eighth and Ninth years of the Reign of her present Majesty Queen Victoria, intituled, An act to alter and amend an Act of the Eleventh year of King George the Fourth, for inclosing Lands in the parishes of Kidwelly, Saint Mary in Kidwelly, Saint Ishmael, and Pembrey, in the County of Carmarthen," DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, That I will sell or cause to be sold by Public Auction, at the House of Mr. Edmund Blathwayt, known by the sign of the Pelicnn, in the Town of Kidwelly and County aforesaid, on Tuesday, the sixteenth day of November, 1847, at one o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such Conditions of sale as shall be then produced, the following Lots or Piorccls of Land. Part and Parcel of the Lands intended to be inclosed by Virtue of the said Acts, several of which were offered for at former sales. ON PEMBREY MOUNTAIN. A. It. P. A. R. P. LOT 8 e 5 3 25 LOT 9 5 2 0 LOT 8 f 5 0 0 LOT 10 5 2 0 ON ALLTCYNADDA. LOT 8 5 0 0 LOT 9 5 0 0 ON PINGED MARSH. LOT 10 A 10 0 0 LOT 30 B 7 030 LOT 15 b 10 0 0 LOT 30 b 7 030 LOT 14 b 8 2 0 LOT 33 b. 6 0 0 LOT 15 b 8 2 0 LOT 34 b. 6 0 0 LOT 16 b .11 0 0 LOT 20 c 4 216 LOT 29 b .6 0 20 L0,r 20 e 4 216 The above Lots are strongly recommended to the attention of the public as a similar opportunity may not again occur. The purchasers will be required to pay a deposit of One-tenth part of the purchase money at the time of such ilale, and the remainder to be paid within one month after the said sale, and in default thereof the money deposited to be forfeited. The above Lots or Parcels of Land are set out by holes dug in the ground; and plans and particulars thereof toay be seen at the office of my surveyor, Mr. Thomas Bowen, at Aqueduct Cottage, Pembrey. Given under my hand this 30th day of September, 1847. D. It PARRY, Coiiiiiiissioner. CARMARTHENSHIRE. OCTOBER QUARTER SESSIONS, 1847. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next Ge- .l neral Quarter Sessions of the Peace for this County ?11 ?e held at the Shire-hall, in the Town of Carmar- then, on THURSDAY, the 21st day of OcTom;R next, ? Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, at which hour and place all County business will commence and be proceeded with; and that at Twelve o'Clock on that day, the Court will proceed to the adoption of such provisions of the several Acts of Parliament relating to the Ru- ral Police of the said County as shall be necessary, aud to the transaction of all business relating to the assessment, application, and management of the County ?ate and will pass all bills examined and approved of Y the Finance Committee and notice is also given that On the same day a motion for a more equal distribution of the Rural Police Force throughout this county, will be Ina,de and considered, and an application will be made to  rt that an additional copy of Weights and Mea- Sur es tested at the Exchequer, be provided by the county for the use of one of the Inspector of Weights and Measures '?*-latdy 4 =-*J.-t tlxmda*z?ort of the Committee ap- prov4sjkuuuif_tl«i'Act. ?ana 9th Victoria, cap. 126, relative to Paupe?unatic Asylums, referring to the execution of the agreements for uniting the several counties of Glamorgan, Carmar- ?aen, Pembroke, and Cardigan, for the purpose of erecting ?d maintaining a joint Lunatic Asylum for the said bounties, will be submitted to the Court and that the Court will be gaoved that a sum not exceeding E9000 be borrowed towards the erection of such Asylum, and also that the Court will be moved to appoint a competent person to fill the situation of Bridge Surveyor for the whole of this county, instead of the present two Bridge Surveyors. And notice is hereby also given, that all Appeals and Traverses to be tried at these Sessions must be entered the Clerk of the Peace's Office on or before 10 o'clock in the morning of Friday, the 22nd day of October next, (the second day of the said Sessions), and that on the said 22nd day of October at the hour last aforesaid, all GrandandPetit Jurors, Bailiffs of Hundreds, and Persons bound by Recognizances, must attend and answer to their names; and the several Magistrates of the County are requested to cause all depositions taken before them, and relating to Felonies and Misdemeanours to be pro- secuted at the said Sessions, to be transmitted to the Clerk of the Peace on or before the 16th day of October nxt, and in all cases arising subsequently, imme- diately after being taken. And Notice is hereby also given, that the Court will proceed with business on the said 22nd day of October In the following order:âFirst, Trials of Prisoners; Secondly, Trials of Traverses Thirdly, Hearing Appeals and Common Motions. Notice is also given, that all Persons having claims against the County, must send in their accounts to the Clerk of the Peace's office at Carmarthen, on or before the 11th day of October next, and must attend before the Finance Committee of Magistrates on â Thursda}-, the 14th day of October next, at the County Grand Jury Room, in Carmarthen, at 11 o'c lock in the corning, for the purpose of having such claims audited If required, otherwise they will not be paid. Dated this 30th day of September, one thousand eight hundred and forty-seven. BISHOP, Clerk of the Peace. CARDIGANSHIRE. MICHAELMAS QUARTER SESSIONS, 1847 "VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next Gene- ral Quarter Sessions of the Peace will be held and kept at the County Sessions House, in the Town ofAber- ayron, in and for the said County, on Tuesday, the 19th day of October next, at the hour of eleven in the fore- noon, when all persons summoned to attend as J iirors, lind bound over to prosecute and give evidence at the said Sessions, are required to attend. The Magistrates of the County are requested to return all depositions taken before them, in cases to be tried at the Quarter Sessions, to the Clerk of the Peace, at least one week previous to the Sessions, and in all cases which may be heard within one week, the depositions to be returned forthwith. The Recognizances of prosecutors and witnesses must 'be filed at the opening of the Court on the first day of the Sessions, The Magistrate's Clerks and the Attor- fties practising in the said Court, are requested in all cases of appeal to be heard at the said Sessions to trans- mit to the Clerk of the Peace for the information and guidance of the Chairman, copies of the examinations upon which the removal is grounded, and of the grounds of appeal, seven days previous to the Sessions. The Court will proceed with the trial of prisoners before the hearing of appeals. COUNTY AND POLICE RATES. The Finance Committee of Magistrates will sit in the Magistrates' Room, in the County Sessions House, at Aberayron, immediately after the opening of the Court on the first day of the said Sessions, to examine and in- vestigate the bills and demands upon the County, and to regulate the County expenditure. All persons who have any demands upon the County must transmit their bills to the Clerk of the Peace, on or before Tuesday, the Twelfth day of October next. The Court will proceed with the business relating to the assessment, application, and management of the County Hates, and to pass all bills and demands that shall have been examined and approved of by the Finance Committee of Magistrates, at the hour of three o'clock in the afternoon of the first day of the said Sessions and also to assess and tax the said County with a Police Rate, for the purpose of defraying the expenses of the consta- bulary Force, according to the provisions of the Acts 2nd and 3rd Victoria, c. 93, and 3rd and 4th Vic., c. 88. ABERYSTWYTH COUNTY HALL. And Notice is hereby further given, that at the said next General Quarter Sessions the Court will be moved to alter the order made at an Adjourned General Quarter Sessions of the Peace held in and for the selid county, on the Twenty-second day of September, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty-one, whereby the sum of Eight Hundred Pounds was granted out of the county funds towards the erection of a New County Hall at Aberyst- wyth, so that the said Hall may be used partly as a Town Hall, and partly as a County Hall, as provided by the Act 1st Victoria, cap. 24. And notice is hereby further given, that at the said next General Quarter Sessions, the Magistrates then And there assembled, will proceed to the election of three persons to be members of the County Roads Board, in the room of Francis David Saunders, John Pugh Pryse, and Thomas Lloyd, Esquires, who have respectively resigned, pursuant to the Act 7 and 8 Vic., c. 91, s. 35. Dated this 27th day of September, 1847. ROBERTS, Clerk of the Peace. LAND-DRAINING PIPES and TILES, of various dimensions, can now be obtained at the Llysnew- ydd Brick Company's Warehouse, Strand, Swansea. INSANITY. VERNON HOUSE, BRITON-FERRY, NEAR NEATH, SOUTH WALES. THIS RETREAT for MENTAL IxvAUDS is beautifully Tsituated near the Bay of Swansea. The mansion is large and comfortably arranged, and was formerly the seat of a Noble Family. The scenery is highly pic- turesque, and the air is mild and salubrious. The proprietor and his lady reside in the Establish- ment, and devote their whole time to the promotion of the health and comfort of the Patients, who are consi- dered as Members of the Family. The mild system of treatment adopted has proved eminently successful in restoring those cases admitting of a cure, and in ameliorating the condition of others. For Invalids of the higher and middle classes whose mental and physical systems require repose and renova- tion, this would be found to be a most desirable Retreat.  ?TTc? /IMPORT E»\ ??? ?T? ?SP?AT"E?NyT??\ ) ?? ??- j? ? \) ??<? \'??7 3s. per bottle. pordoz. large bottles 3s. per botUe. ?- pcrdoz. ?? bottle exclusive of carriage ;rom London, THE STANDARD OF COGNAC, WHICH IS THE BEST FOREIGN BBANDY. rrillE PATENT BRANDY and 1 the GENUINE SELTERS /?V-mr?TQ?\ WATER, protected by the Patent f? itJ??J-'J ?.t Metallic Capsule, the only sure and M2 FRERES ?j self-evident safeguard against adul- V vrftfrlVAC^/ teration, can be obtained through- \? ?. -<?/ out the kingdom at the respective prices above-mentioned, or at ?-Lii? 7, .S/M?cM Bars, Brown 4s 6d.perbott!e and 96, :(I?lit J()It?t's Street, Pale 5s. ditto. LO.\DO. AN ECONOMICAL LUXURY. The Original Howqua's Mixture of 40 Rare Black Teas, and Mowqua's Small Leaf Gunpowder. BY ArroiNTMENT. rJfL ^O insist now upon the superiority of these Teas Tover all others, would be only to repeat a fact long since universally admitted. Messrs. BROCKSOPP, HOW, & Co., of 233 and 234, High-Street, Southwark, London, feel confident that their standing in the Tea Market will be considered as the best guarantee for the superiority of their articles, and as distinguishing them fr; T.i cuffing adventurers of the day. The Howqua's Mixture of 40 rare Black Teas is now reduced to 5s. 8d. per lb. CATTY PACKAGE, and the Mowqua small-leaf Gunpowder, to 8s. Od. per lb. CATTY PACKAGE. Half and Quarter Catties may be had. To meet the requirements of Families in Great Britain, the managers of Howqua's and Mowqua's estates have commenced shipping a SECOND GROWTH called SEMI-HOWQTJA, which, while partaking of all the distinguishing qualities of the original, is, as being more economical, better adapted for ordinary consumption. SEMI-IIOWQUA PER lb. Catty Package 5s. SEMI-MOWQUAPEARL LEAF  GUNPOWDER ) ) ?- ?- ?. CAUTION.âThes? Teas are genuine only when con- tained in original Chinese Packages, secured with the seals of "Howqua" and Mowqua." THE CHEAPEST AND REST COFFEE. BROCKSOPP & Co. roast their Coffees by Patent Machinery, and prepare them after the French manner. Great economy and improvement of lfavour are the re- sults, Coffees p/epared by this process being 30 per cent, stronyer than those roasted in the ordinary icay. per lb. per lb. DEMARARA .1 4 1 FINE STRONG MOCHA 2 0 FINE JAMAICA .1 8 [ FINEST RICH OLD no" 2 4 .iu,.d to preserve the aroma. 5LBr^TLca-d £ aTers, Confectioners, See. desirous of be- coming Agents, may apply as above. AGENTS FOR THIS DISTRICT Llandilo Thomas James, Bookseller Llandovery E. Lewis, Tea-dealer, Market- square, and iiees Bishop, Tea- dealer, Stone-street. Brynmawr. David Edwards, Tea Dealer, and John Jones, Draper. Brecon Phillip Bright, Chemist. Haverfordwest Thomas Williams, Chemist, and Gwynnc Harries. Eglwyswrw. J. D. Evans. Pembroke Dock. Thomas Clougher, Bookseller. Milford Haven J. D. Merritt, Chemist. Swansea C. T. Wilson, Castle-square. Dowla;s David Lewis, Tea Dealer. Tredegar. Isaac Edwards, hatter. Crickhowcll. Win. Christopher, chemist. Newcastle Emlyn Thomas and Evans, grocers and drapers. Carmarthen, Llanelly, Neath, Narberth, Newport, Pembroke, Tenby, Merthyr Tydvil, and Cardigan, agents wanted. TWENTY-FIFTH EDITION. Illustrated by 26 Anatomical Coloured Engravings on Steel. On Physical Disqualiifcations, Generative IlIca- parity, and Impediments to Marriage. New and improved Edition, enlarged to 196 pages. Just Published, price 2s. 6(1., or by post direct from the Establishment, 3s. (id. in postage stamps. rip HE SILENT FRIEND A Medical Work on the exhaustion and decay of the frame, from the effects of solitary indulgence, infection, and the injurious consequences of the abuse of Mercury with observations on the obligations of marriage, and direc- tions for obviating certain disqualifications. Illustrated by 26 Coloured Engravings, by It. and L. PERRY and Co., 19, Berners-street, Oxford-street, London. Pub- lished by the Authors and sold by Strange, 21, Pater- noster-rony Hannay, 63, and Sanger, 150, Oxford-street; Starie, 23, Titehborne-street, Haymarket and Gordon, 146, Leadenhall-strcet, London. PART THE FIRST treats of the anatomy and physio- logy of the re-productive organs, and is illustrated by Six Coloured Engravings. PART TilF. SECOND treats of the consequences re- sulting from excessive indulgence, and their lamentable effects on the system, producing mental and bodily weakness, nervous excitement, and generative incapacity. It is-particularly addressed to those who are prevented in consequence from entering into the marriage state, and points out the sure means of perfect and secret restoration to manhood. It is illustrated by Three Explanatory Engiavings. PART THE THIRD treats of the diseases resulting from infection, either in th? primary or secondary form, and contains explicit directions for their treatment. The consequences of early neglect or of mistreatment, and of the abuse of mercury, in entailing broken health, and a miserable existence, are also clearly pointed out. This section is illustrated by Seventeen Coloured Engravings. PART THE FOURTH treats of Perry's Preventative Lotion, by the use of which the dangers of infection are obviated. Its action is simple but sure it combines with the virus chemically, and destroys its power on the system. PART THE FIFTH is devoted to the consideration of marriage, and its duties. The reason of physical dis- qualifications, and the causes of unproductive unions, arc also considered, and the whole subject critically and philosophically inquired into. The CORDIAL BALM OF SYRIACUM is ex- pressly employed to renovate the impaired powers of life, when exhausted by the influence exerted by solitary indulgence on the system. Its action is purely balsamic its power in reinvigorating the frame in all cases of nervous debility has been demonstrated by its unvarying success in thousands of cases. Price lis. per bottle, 01: four quantities in one for 33s. The E5 cases of Syriacum or Concentrated Detersive Essence can only be had at 19, Berners-street, Oxford- street, London whereby there is a saving ofjEl 12s. and the patient is entitled to receive advice without a fee, which advantage is applicable only to those who remit JM for a packet. PERRY'S PURIFYTNG SPECIFIC PILLS con- stitute an effectual remedy in all cases of gonorrlio-a, gleet, stricture, and diseases of the urinary organs. Price 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and lis. per box. PERRY'S PREVENTATIVE LOTION is a never failing preventative of infection. Used in accordance with the printed directions, it affords a safeguard against the approach of disease. Price 33s. a bottle or in £.5 cases. Sold by all Medicine Vendors in Town or Country. Consultation fee, if by letter, FI.-Patients are re- quested to be as minute as possible in the description of their cases. Attendance daily at 19, Berners-street, Oxford-street, London; from 11 to 2, and from 5 to 8; on Sundays from 11 to 1. Agent for Carmarthen, Mr. J. W. White, Chemist, Guildhall-square E. Ward, Chemist, High-street, Bre- con Philip Price, Post Office, Bridgend H. Webber, Guardian Office, Cardiff; Walter Thomas, Chemist, (op- posite Angel) Merthyr; W.Williams, Chemist, High- street, Cardigan; O. E. Davies, Chemist, Haverford- west; Joseph Potter, Herald Office, Haverfordwest; R. C. Treweeks, Chemist, Pembroke, and Thos. Evans, Chemist, High-street, Swansea, of all of whom may be Chemist, SILENT FRIEND." had the BLAIR'S GOUT AND RHEUMATIC PILLS. AN Additional and Important Evidence of the Salu- AN,??yd Effects of BLAIR'S GOUT AND RHEUMATIC PILLS, from Mr. Thomas Yates. "5, Albion Road, Stoke Newington Green, 6th February, 1847. Sir,-NVith much pleasure I acquaint you with the benefit that I have derived by taking Blair's Pills. On my journey five weeks since, while at Chepstow, I had distressing symptoms of an attack of Gout in one foot, and with the utmost difficulty reached Bristol. By this time the disease had so much increased that I could not place my foot on the floor, the swelling being exten- sive and the pain excruciating. Having often heard of Blair's Gout and Rheumatic Pills, I immediately sent to Messrs. Ferris and Score, Chemists, Bristol, for a box, which when I had taken, the pain had wholly subsided. I continued the pills until I had taken two-and-a- half boxes more, when to my gratification I was per- fectly restored to health, and able to resume my journey. I respectfully assure you that I shall recommend this valuable medicine to the fullest extent in my power, and never while travelling shall I in future be without it. During my illness my residence was at Mrs. Slocombe's, Greyhound Inn, Broadmead, Bristol, whose family, if requisite, will confirm the facts I have stated. I forward my case to you for publication, that the afflicted maybe assured of and obtain relief. I am, Sir, yours respectfully, THOMAS YATES, Traveller to Messrs. Day and Martin, 97, High- Holborn, London." To Mr. Prout, 229, Strand, London. The efficacy of Blair's Gout and Rheumatic Pills is now universally acknowledged, and for the class of dis- eases known as Gout, Rheumatism, Lumbago, Sciatica, Tic Dolereux, and all analogous complaints, comment is unnecessary. The continued series of testimonials, of such indisputable authority as the above, renders this one of the most popular medicines of the present age. Sold by T. Prout, 229, Strand, London. Price Is. Hd. 2s. 9d. per box: and by his appointment by Mr. J. W. White and Mr. Davies, Chemists and Druggists, Carmar- then Morgan, Davies, and Stephens, Merthyr Tydfil: Phillips, Cardiff: Williams, Brecon; Morgan, Mat- thews, Abergavenny; Phillips, Newport; Goulstone, Llandovery; Farror and Heath, Monmouth Jones and Williams, Brecon; Williams and Phillips, Milford: French, Neath; Dawe and Son, Wilson, and Evans, Swansea; Thomas, Cowbridge; Bassit, Newbridge; Humphreys, Aberystwyth; O. E. Davies and Hicks, Haverfordwest, J. S. Evans, Cardigan, and by the ven- dors of medicines senerally throughout the kingdom. Ask for BLAIR'S GOUT AND RHEUMATIC PILLS and observe the name and address of Thomas Prout, 229, Strand, London," impressed upon the Government stamp affixed to each box of the Genuine Medicine. FOR STOPPING DECAYED TEETH. PRICE 2s. 6d. PATRONIZED BY HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN, Her Majesty, the Queen Dowager, His Royal Highness Prince Albert, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent, His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, And nearly all the Nobility, the Bishops and the Clergy. THOMAS & HOWARD'S SUCCEDANEUM, FOR filling Decayed Teeth, however large the cavity. It is superior to anything ever before used, as it is placed in the tooth in a soft state, without any pressure or pain, and in a short time becomes as hard as the enamel, and will remain firm in the tooth many years, rendering extraction unnecessary, It arrests all further progress of decay, and renders them again useful in mas- tication. All persons can use this SUCCEDANEUM .THEMSELVES WITH EASE, as full directions are enclosed. Prepared only by THOMAS and HOWARD, Surgeon Den- tists, 64, Berners-street, Oxford-street, London, who will send the Suceedaneum free hy post to any part in the kingdom. Price 2s. fid. Observe: the Suceedaneum is sold in Scaled Packets with full directions for use enclosed, by the following Agents J. W. White, Chemist, Guildhall-square, Carmarthen; Mor- timer, do. Mrs. Evans, near the Cross, do.; Davies, Mer- thyr Tydfil; Phillips, Cardiff; Williams, Brecon; Morgan, Abergavenny; Williams, Newport; Goulstone, Llandovery; Fanor, Heath, Monmouth; Jones, Brecon; Phillips, New- port: Matthews, Abergavenny Williams, Milford; Harries, and O. E. Davies, Haverfordwest; James Evans. Druggist, Lampeter, and all C!wmists and Medicine Vendors. "'Hold Wholesale by BARCLAY and SONS. Mr. EDW ARDS, SUT- TON & '?o.,a:id ?HWUERY and SON, London; J. and R. RAIMES and Co., Edinburgh. LOSS OF TEETH. Messxs.^liQ^ARD and THOMAS continue to supply the Losi of lot] RprJng or wires upon their new system of SELF-AOIIESION, which has procured them such uni- versal approbation, and is recommended by numerous l'hvsicians and Surgeons as being the most ingenious system of supplying artificial teeth hitherto invented. They adapt themselves over the most tender gums, or remaining stumps without causing the least pain, rendering the painful operation of extracting quite unnecessary. They are so fixodas to fasten any loose teeth w]wre th gums have shrunk from the use of caiomel or other causes. They also beg to invite those not liking to undergo any painful operation, as nractised by most members of t e profession, to inspect tfwir painles yet ell'ective system and in order that their improvements may be within the reach of the most economical, they will con- tinue the same moderate charges. Messrs. HOWARD and THOMAS, Surgeon Den- tists, 64, Berners-street, Oxford-street, London. At home from ten till four. Their new method of fixing Artificial Teeth has obtained the approbation and recominendiition of the following eminent Physicians and Surgeons :âSir James Clark, Bart, Physician to her Majesty; I)r. Locock, Physician Accoucheur to her Majesty; Sir B. (?. Brodie, Bart., Ser?. Surgeon to her Majesty; the late Sir A. Cooper, Bart., Scrg. Surgeon to her Majesty; Sir David Davies, Physician to her Majesty, the Queen Dowamr; Dr. Merriman, Physician to her It 11' the Duchess of l?5eiit Dr. Chambers, and numerous other Mom- bers of the Medical Profession. C":UTION. Unprincipled individuals prepare the most spurious compounds under the same names they conv the labels, bills, advertisements and testimonials of the original Thomas s Succedaneum. It is therefore h?htv nece?.'ry to see that the words "Howard & Thomas are õn the wrap- per or each article. All others are fraudulent imitations. HOLLO WAY'S PILLS. The testimony of ? CVe/'?/MM vouching to eleven cases of cures by these wonderful 7?7? EX' TRACT of a Letter from the Rev. George Prior, .jri/Cumte of Meva":h? Letter Kenny, Carrigart, Ire- land, 10th January, 1'?H. TO PROFESSOR HOT.LOWAY. 'âI send YOU a crude list of some e)rven cases, a1l curedbv the use 01 your Pills. I cannot exactly ? ?a?!t W-ssinnal nvne to the various complaints, but tilI'li I know, some of them ',), the slül1 01 UUI N an1.thls county. In a oush.tter this gc¡}tlcma stah's ns f)l\ows :Vithin a ;'hurt of mv M_?U ?,?i?asmaU  f?? more th;w twentv >eais had he'n in a !Jad state f h'llth. more th?tweutv years h? ? Oi uit. 9 wInch ?? him so muc h "oud that I heard him say, for l 11ââf never ate Ins food or enjoyed it so much .M ?ince takmg ?°?' FiUs- CSigned) GEORGE I'RIon The above (Rl"nell) JU J jP    The ahove reverend nd pious gentleman pu'ellased some pounds worth of the Pills tor the be fi p ^'lrur"a Confirmed Asthma, accompanied with great í:ure of a í:onfirmed Asthma, a.ccomprtl/lC 11'1t,¿ ,r¡rcat D?<7!?:-Extra.ctofa letter from John Ihompson bsq proprietor of the ?-?M? GMa??M, Amiagn 17th April, 1846. TO PROFESSOR HOLLOW AY. SIS,âThere is at present living in this city a Serjeant, who had been for many years in the army at Cabul, in the East Indies, from whence he returned in September last On his way here, from the change of weather of a. tropical to a moist climate, he caught a very violent cold, which produced a confirmed case of Asthma. In December last he commenc.'d taking your Pills, and by the use of two I Is. boxes, with two 4s. 6d. pots of your Oint-nent weil rubbed into his breast, he is, I am happy to say, not only quite cured of the asthma, but is also become so strong and vigorous, that he informed me vesterday he could now run rounrl the Mail with any person in the city, and that he never got any Medicine equal to your Pills and Ointment. (Signed) J. THOMPSON. The Earl of Aldborough Cured of a Liver and Stomach Complaint. Extract of a letter from his Lordship, dated Villa Messina, Leghorn, 21st February, 184.3. TO PROFESSOR HOLLOWAY. SIR,âVarious circumstances prevented the possibility of my thanking you before this time for your politeness in sending me your Pills as you did. I now take this oppor- tunity of sending you an order for the amount, and, at the same time, to add that your Pills have effected a cure of a disorder in ii-iv Liver and Stomach, which all the most eminent oithefacuuvat home, and all over the Continent, had not been able to effect nay, not even the waters of Carlsbad and Marienbad. t wish to have another box and a pot of the ointment, in case any of my family should ever require eittier.-Your most obliged and obedient servant (Signed) ALDIHOROUGII. The mighty powers of these extraordinary Pills will do wonders in any of the followlIlg complamts Ague, Asthma, Bilious Complaints, Blotches on the Skin, Bowel Complaints, Colics, Constipation of the Bowels, Consumption, Debility, Dropsy, Dysentery, Erysipelas, Female Irregularities, Fevers of all kinds, Fits, Gout, Head-ache, Indigestion, Inflammation, Jaun- dice, Liver Complaints, Lumbago, Piles, Rheumatism, Retention of Urine, Sore Throat, Scrofula, or King's Evil, Stone and Gravel, Secondary Symptoms, Tic- Doloureux, Tumours, Ulcers, Venereal Atfections Worms of all kinds, Weakness, from whatever cause, &c., Sold at the establishment of Professor Holloway, 214, Strand (near Temple Bar,) London and by almost all respectable Druggists and Dealers in Medicines through- out the civilized world, at the following prices :âIs. lid, 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., lis., 22s., and 33s. each box. There is a considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. N.B.âDirections for the guidance of Patients in every disorder are affixed to each box. A CATHOLIC CLERGYMAN AXD HOLLOWAY'S PILLS.- A poor person who had been in a very declining state of health for a considerable time, and had tried all the doctors in his neighbourhood, without deriving the least benefit, has been restored to perfect health in a few weeks by Holloway's celebrated Pills, which were pre- sented to the then apparently dying man by a distin- guished member of the Catholic Church. John Thomp- son, Esq., the proprietor of the Armagh Guardian, can attest to the truth of this, as well as other remarkable cures, that have been effected in that part of Ireland, by the use of this in valuable medicine. ON THE SECRET INFIRMITIES OF YOUTH AND MATURITY. WITH TWENTY-FIVE COLOURED ENGRAVINGS. THIS DAY IS PUBLISHED, Sixtcenth Thollsand, in a sealed envelope, 2s. 6d., or for- warded post-paid, to any address, secure from obser- vation, for 3s. 6d. in Postage Stamps. SELF-PRESERV ATION: a Medical Treatise on O Marriage, and on those Secret Infirmities and Dis- orders of Youth and Maturity, that are usually acquired at an early period of life, which tend to destroy physical and mental energy, ardour, passion, and all the attributes of Manhood. Illustrated with Twenty-five Coloured Engravings, on the Anatomy, Physiology, and Diseases of the Urinary and Reproductive Organs, explaining their various structures, uses, and functions, and shew- ing the injuries that are produced in them, by solitary habits, excesses, and infection. With practical observa- tions, on the Treatment of Nervous Debility, Local and Constitutional Weakness, Syphilis, Stricture, and other diseases of the Urethra. By SAMUEL LA'MERT, Consulting Surgeon, 9, Bedford-st., Bedford-sq., London, Matriculated Member of the University of Edinburgh, Honorary Member of the London Hospital Medical Society, Licentiate of Apothecaries' Hall, London, &c. CONTEXTS OF THE TREATISE. Chapter 1. On the Philosophy of Manage, with its Hindrances and Obligations, and on Infelicitous and Unproductive Uniou.-Cliapter 2. On the Anatomy and Physiology of the Generative Organs, their functions structures, and secretions, proving that great Mental and Physical Power are dependent upon their healthy action.âChapter 3. On Solitary Habits their various effects on the Animal Economy the concealed cause of Debility of the functions of the Stomach, Lungs, and Brain, and general weakness of the Reproductive Or- gans.âChapter 4. On the Secret Disorders of Youth and Maturity, and the Treatment of Nervous and Local Weakness, Mental Debility, and Premature Decay.â Chapters 5 and 6. On the 'Disorders arising from in- discriminate Excess, Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Strictures, and other diseases of the Uretha. REVIEWS OF THE WORK. Unquestionably this is a most extraordinary and skilful work, and ought to be extensively circulated for it is quite evident that there are peculiar habits acquired at public schools and private seminaries, which are totally unknown and concealed from the conductors of those establishments, and which cannot be too strongly reprobated and condemned. The Engravings that ac- company the work are clear and explanatory and being written by a duly qualified medical practitioner, will doubtless be the means of saving many a youth, as well as those of maturer age, from the various evil conse- quences resulting from early indiscretions." -.Ilagilet. This work has the advantage over other treatises on the same subject, in being the production of a regularly educated and duly qualified member of the medical pro- fession, who has had very great experience in the treat- ment of a class of infirmities resulting from secret habits and excesses, which, for their treatment, the utmost secrecy, confidence, and skill, is so essentially requisite." -London Journal. At Home for Consultation daily, from Nine till Two, and from Five till Eight; and all letters immediately replied to, if containing the fee of 9 1, for advice, &c. tpr The work may be had, price 2s. 6d.. in Carmar- then: of Mr. Shackell, Bookseller, Guildhall-square; Davey, Broad-street, Bristol; Times Office, Hereford; Kent and Richards, -52, Paternoster-row, London. I  BRISTOL GEERAL ? ? M????? HAV!8AT:0? C?A?Y Offwe 1, QiMy,-Br?o?. F_RHE following STEAM VESSELS are intended to A Sail from CUMBERLAND B-VSIN, BRISTOL, and as under mentioned, with or without Pilots, and with liber- ty to tow Vessels, during the Month of OCTOBER, 1847. FOR CARMARTHEN, CALLING AT TENBY. PHCENIX. I Friday, Oct. 1. 19 mom-\ F,il.v- 8. 5 morn l Friday, Oct. 15. Si morn Friday, 22 4 after ¡ -ó' Friday, 29 9 Aloriiing. I FROM CARMARTHEN, CALLING AT TENBY, PHCENIX. I Tuesday, Oct. 5. 2'j after I Tnpsdav. 12 0 morn Tuesday, Oct. 19. lUmorn Tuesday. 26. 6 morn 1- FROM TE.I;By.-Three hours after leaving Carmarthen. I S 1-1 zV -NI l? 0 C' FOR DUBLIN. SHAMROCK. Fridays. Fridav, Oct I 101,inorn Friday, 8. 4tniorti I Fridav, Oct. n. 8\mom I Friday, â?. 4 after. n "I.'f- Friclay, if 'Hur1LUö. 1'riaay, Returns Tuesdays. FOR CORK. ROSE, Tuesdays.âSABRIX A, Saturdays. Saturday, Oct. 2. ll^morii Wednesday,â 6. 3i after 9. ⢠S miwn Saturday, lb 9 morn  ?, Wedrmtla.v.âM S?ttnflf?.â?.5aftsr ? We? I e4. 'i? 27 I morn Saturday, 29 J Morning, Return Tuesdays and Jnidays. FOR WATERFORD. NORA CREINA. Tuesdays.âOSPREY, Fridays. I Friday, Oct. } lO'.moni Tuf?y,â5.Softer. FI'Hay: â S 1\ after I Tuesday.â 12. 7?MomL Fridav, Oct. 15 8\morn Tiesiav, â 19. lifter. Friday, 22. 4 ;tfter Tuesday, â 25 7Jmorn Friday, ?. 9 Mormng. Return Tuesùays and Freda)" I FOR TENBY. STAR, Tuesdays.âI'lLENTX, Fridays. Friday, Oct. 1. lO)lorn Tuesday, 5 3 afh'r FridaY, 8 5 morn Tuesday, â 12 e^mom J Fri,lay, Od. 15. 8\moru I Tuesday,â19.H.? ?ftcr I Fridady, 22 4 after I Tuesay, 25 7 morn Friday,2\1 9 Morning. FROM TENBY. PHfENIX. Tuesday's.âSTAR. Saturdays. Saturday, Oct. 2. Ã-no01 Tuesday, â 5 SJ after I Saturday 9. 7 murn Tuesday, .,19 9 morn I Saturday, Oct 16 10', mora Satur,lay. 2 L. 6 morn Tuesday 9 morn Sn.turd.iy, 30 Morning. FOR 1v£; 'PÃTÃR'&"iid7)WEST I STAR. Tuesday, Oct. 5 .3 after Tuesday, 1*2 .0;morn 1 Tue-<d?,0ct.!9.?afte:- | Tuesday, 26. 7 morn FROM HAVERFORDWEST. STAR. Friday, Oct. 1.10 morn Friday, â 8. 6 morn I | Friday, Oct. 15 3 morn Friday, â 22 5 morn rnuiiy, y iuojiuu I r llUaJ, FROM MILFORD. STAR. II Saturday,Oct. 2 Gmorn I Friday. â 8 12ui^ht Saturday, Oct. 15 4 morn F'rH?''â?. Hni?ht oaturuay, o Morning. FOR SWANSEA. COUNTYâTuesdays & Fridays. BERESFORDâThursdays & Saturdays. Monday, Oct. morn Tuesday, 19 ..I after Wednesday, :;0. '2'morn Thursday. 21 â .1'm ir;i Fridav, 32 -ll,mora I ,3a t.rday, 23 I a,mir 'I I FROM SWANSEA. I BERESFORI)âTuesdays & Fridays. COUN TYâThursdays & Saturdays. I ?Oct. IS ll^ mornl Tuesday, 19 i morn ay Thursday, 21 4 morn Friday, 2' -5; morn 2, 6 iiiorii 1 I FROM SWANSEA TO ILFRACOMBE. I BERESFORD, Mondays.âCOUNTY, Wednesdays. I I Friday Oct. 1 91 'mo, n Monday 4 2imorn Wed. 6 2\lllorn Friday, 8 â 5 morn Monday U â5 morn Wed. 13. 6 morn IFri 1 8 nurn MM?v. LS.Umorn Wednesday â 20. I after I Fridav. â¢â¢ 32-. 4,mora Monday, 25 4\Mornin<f. Wednesday, 27 -4 Friday 21 9 Morning. FROM ILFRACOMBE TO SWANSEA. BERESFORD, Monl,ivs.-COUNTY, Wednesdavs. Fri(by. Oct.- I 2 J after I Nlii,lay, 4 (i .morn Wed. 6 I after Friday, 8 9;morn I 11 9 morn [ Wednesday,â 1.3, 10 in;! fn I Friday, i) 1 ,utef M??y. t8 3 after i Wednesday,â 20 5 al'trI Friday, 2. 9 morn Monday. 2) 8i morn Wednesday, 27 10 morn Friday 29 I after. FROM BRISTOL TOr CARDIFF. LADY CHARLOTTE. Monday Oct. 18 11J morn Tuesday, â 19 12Aafter Wednesdayâ 20 2 after Thursday, (Jet, 21 3 alter I Friday 22 4 j after Saturday, 23 5 morn I FROM CARDIFF TO BRISTOL. LADY CHARLOTTE. Monday Oct. 18 9morn Tu"sùay I!j II ¡men) Wednesday 20 12 1, after Thurs. Oct. 21. I (after Friday â 22 2 i after Saturday 23 3.,1after FROM BRISTOL TO NEWPORT. I Monday Oct. 18 11 morn I Ilon(la.N, Oct. 19 1 iiic)rti Tuesday 19 letter Wednesday 20 2 aft??T I Thurs., Oct. 21 3 after I Friday 22 4 after Saturday 23 6 morn FROM NEWPORT TO BRISTOL. I Monday Oct. 18.. 9 morn Tuesday 19.. 11 morn Wednesday 20.. 13'.after 1 h'irs lay, Oct. -?..H,aftt-r I Friday 22 ?a?t.-r saiu! 4!LY -ii 3 11 aflN I The whole of the above cs^els are fitted up for the conveyance of passengers I., on Board.âCarriages and Horses shipped with care. Horses and Carriages to be shipped two hours before sailing. Particulars may be obtained by applying at the Bristol Steam N ayigation Company's Office, Quay, Bristol; where all Goods, Packages, Parcels, &c., should be addressed for Swansea, to XV. Icrrell & Sons, .^3, Back; and G. C. Glasson, 12, Quay street: for Cardiff, to R. II. Johnson, Clare street Hall, Marsh street:âand for Newport, to J. Jones, Rownham Wharf, Hotwells. AGENTS.âMr. R. STACEY, Carmarthen; Mr. Joseph Morgan, Tenby; Mr. John Rees, Haverfordwest, Mr. Palmer, MIlford Ir. Bowen, Pater Mr. John N. Smart, and Mr. E. T. Turner, Swansea; Mr. Pridham. Bideford; Mr. Martin, Ilfracombe and Mr. J. Clarke Lynton. OTICE.-The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets will not be accountable for any Cabin Passenger's Luggage, (if lost or damaged) above the value of £ 5; nor for any Deck l'as eu- .'er's Luggage (iflost or damaged) above the value of 20s.: un- less in each case entered as sucli, and freight in proportion jJai<1 for at the time of delivery nor will they be answerable for any other parcel above the value of 40s. (iflost or daiiitgect) entered as such, and freight in proportion paid for the same at the time ofuelivery. Not accountable for any Goods without Shipping Notes. All letters seeking information to be post paid. Bristol, October, 1847.


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