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TO BE LET, THE COLLIERY of GWALYRHWCH, embracing T a large Field of hard coal, with a vein of seven feet in depth, being in the parish of Llanelly, and affording an admirable facility of conveyance, either for inland consumption or shipment to Pembrey. Apply in the first instance, by Letter, to the proprietor, C. (i. Griffiths, Marchog Llwyn, Llanelly. TO BE LET, AXD ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, THE Mansion House & Farm of GLANRANNELL JL in the parish of Talley, together with the Garden, Coach-house, Six Stall Stable, ° Barn, and the usual Farm Buildings the Farm consists of about 123 Acres. Also the Shooting over the Glanranneil Estate, of nearly .0.0 Acres, and the Fishing of the River Cothy, which runs through the Estate. The Mansion, Farm, and Estate are about 12 miles from Llandovery, Llandiio, and Lampeter. For further particulars apply to Mr. Wm. Morgan, Bailyvicar, Llansawel, who will shew the Farm and Es- tate, and to Mr. Frampton, Gray's Inn, London. INSANITY. VERNON HOUSE, BRITON-FERRY, NEAR NEATH, SOUTH WALES. rI 1111S RETREAT for MENTAL INVALIDS is beautifully A situated near the Bay of Swansea. The mansion in large and eomfortably arranged, and was formerly the seat of a Noble Family. The scenery is highly pic- turesque, and the air is mild and salubrious. The proprietor and his lady reside in the Establish- ment, and devote their whole time to the promotion of the health and comfort of the Patients, who are consi- dered as Members of the Family. The mild system of treatment adopted has proved eminently successful in restoring those cases admitting of a cure, and in ameliorating the condition of others. For Invalids of the higher and middTe classed whose mental and physical systems require repose and renova- tion, this would be found to be a most desirable Retreat. CARMARTHENSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. AT a Meeting held the 14th day of August, 1847, at Athe Offices of Mr. Good? in Carmarthen, the Premiums to be awarded at the next General Meeting, to be held at Carmarthen, on Wednesday, the 22nd day of September, 1847, were determined upon, The whole of the Animals for the Prizes (which are not by the Rules required to have been bred in the County) must have been in the possession of the Exhi- bitor, and his property at least 6 months, previous to the Shew. No Animal is to take more than one Premium. Notice in writing to be sent to the Secretary, on or before Saturday, the 11th day of September next, of the intentioll of parties to exhibit Stock, describing what premium the said Stock is to be shewn for, which notice must be accompanied with a Certificate, signed by the Claimant, of his having bred such Stock, or that the Bulls and Stallions have covered within the County (and his property and in his possession six months be- fore the day of exhibition.) The Secretary will pre- pare proper Labels according to such Notice or Num- ber, which shall be fixed to such Animals, previous to their being examined by the Judges. No person to be admitted to the place of Exhibition but the Judges and Umpire, and the Keepers of the Stock, from the hours of ten to half-past 12 of the Forenoon of the said day of the Exhibition. No Stock to be taken away from the Field before three in the Afternoon, without the consent of the Committee. All Stock exhibited at the Shew must be in the Yard at half-past nine o'clock the day of the Meeting. Blank Forms of Certificates may be obtained on appli- cation at the Secretary's Offices, Carmarthen. Dinner will be provided at the Ivjr-Bush Hotel, Car. marthen, at half-past 3 o clock.âTickets 2s. 6d. each. SIR R. B. P. PHILIPPS, Bart., President. MAJOR-GENERAL SIR JAMES COCKBURN, Bart., Vice-President. Mr. GEORGE GOODK, Secretary. PEMBROKESHIRE. VILLAGE OF SAINT DOGMELL'S. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On SATURDAY, the 25th day of SEPTEMBER instant At the Angel Hotel, in the Toronof Cardigan, 4 LL that Messuage, Tenement, and Lands, called .A. TYRFFYNON, situate in theviiiageandpari? of St. Dogmell's aforesaid, in the said county??'em- broke, and now or late in the occupation qf ':£liza- beth James, widow. For further particulars r Thomas Davies solicitor, Cardigan. Cardigan, Sept. 1st, 1&47. â¢. V Perish of Llanon, near Pontyberem. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. THOMAS WILLIAMS, AUCTIONEER, On TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th, 1847, f riME STOCK and CROP of the under-mentioned X FARMS, viz.: LLETTY'ii.%VYLATtIS, CWM, PANTYFFYNON, and GELLIWYDI, the Property of J. Feake, Esq., who is giving up the Farms. The Crop on LLETTY'liWYLWS consists of 10 Field Mows of Wheat, 64 do. of Oats on CWM, 20 do. Wheat, 60 do Barley, and 44 do. of Oats; on PANT- YI" Y-NON, .>0 do. Wheat, 40 do. Barley, and 60 do. Oats on GELLIWYDI, 5 do. Wheat, and Ã¥ do. Oats; about 60 or 70 Tons of well-hawested old Hay, and about 22 Tons of splendid new Clover Hay. The Stock on the said Farms consists of 4 excellent Draught Horses, 1 handsome Black Galloway, 206 Sheep, being 30 Two vear-old Leicester Ewes, 35 Two year old Southdown Ewes, 15 Leicester Lambs, 15 South- down Lanibs 40 Lambs of the Cross Breeds, 2 Leicester Ram Lambs, 7 Southdown Ram Lambs, 1 Three year old Leicester Ram, I Two year old Southdown Ram, 30 One year old Wethers, 30 One year old Ewes, of the Leicester and Southdown Breeds. Implements of Husbandry, I Waggon, 2 Carts, 3 Sets of Harness, 2 Ploughs, 2 Harrows, 1 Chaff Cutter, I New Weighing Machine, capable of weighing a Ton, a 14 Counter Double Shaft Corn Drill, 1 Corn Dressing Ma- chine, I Stone Roller, I Moveable Granary. A capital Dog Cart and Harness complete; with many other Articles too numerous to mention. e- The Auctioneer begs leave to call the attention of Agriculturists to the above Stock, &c. The Horses being of the best kinds, and the Sheep of the respective pure Breeds, selected by the Proprietor at a great ex- pense, from some of the most celebrated Breeds in the Kingdom. They will be put up in suitable Lots. Sale to commence at Lletty'rwylws, at 12 o'clock at noon precisely, as the whole must be disposed of in one day, therefore the Auctioneer solicits the favour of early attendance. Long credit will be given on approved security. Plaisnewydd, near Llandovery, Aug.Slst, 1847. CARMARTHENSHIRE. TO BE LET OX LEASE, A VERY neat and newly-built COTTAGE, com- prising two front parlours, two kitchens, five bed- rooms, and an underground cellar and dairy, delightl'ttlfy- situated on the banks of the river Towv, about four miles distant from the post town of Carmartnen, aud the romantic watering place Llanstephan. The Tenant may be accommodated with any quantity of Land from 10 to 200 Acres. To a Sportsman this place offers many advantages, as there is a pack of Foxhounds as well as excellent Shoot- ⢠ing and Fishing in the immediate neighbourhood. An exclusive right of Sporting may be had over a large tract of Land. For further particulars, apply to W. B. Gwvn, Esq., Pilrhoath. IMPORTANT SALE OF A FREEHOLD FARM. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the SKINNER'S ARMS I-, N, in the Town. 1 of Aberystwyth, On THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER the 16th, 1847, at the hour of five in the afternoon, (Subject to such conditions as shall be then produced,) ALL that Freehold Farm, called GLANMORFA- AUCHA', situate near T re'rddol, in the Parish of Llancynfelyn, in the County of Cardigan, containing 62A. i R. 16P. (more or less) of most valuable Land, eu- closed and divided into 8 Fields. About 2A. 2R. of the above is covered with Water, being part of Pill Tre'rddol, the boundary of the Farm on one side, and is noted as a resort of wild fowl, and very valuable as affording convenient and ample watering places. For further particulars apply to Thomas Jones, Esq., Brynowen, or to Messrs. John and Hugh Hughes, Soli- citors, Aberystwyth. CARMARTHENSHIRE. IMPORTANT SALE AT PANTDDWFWN, NEAR ST. CLEARS. Sate of all the icctt-bred "Farming Stock, 'Crop, Imple- ments of Husbandry, Household Furniture, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, j je., c.. of the said farm. f MR. GO ODE BEGS most respectfully to announce, that he has fixed JD WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, the 8th and 9th days of SEPTEMBER, 1847, for the sale of all the important STOCK of CATTLE, SHEEP, HORSES, COLTS, PIGS, &c., &c., also of all the CROP of the said Farm of PANT-DDWFWN, in the Parish of Llanfihangel- Abercowin, in the county of Carmarthen, the property of R. T. Dixie, Esq., who is going to give up Farming. The Live Stock which will be sold on the first days sale, consists of 24 prime Milch Cows of the pure Castle- martin breed, 1 superior Bull, do., 1 two years old Heifer in calf, 5 yearling Heifers, 6 two years old Steers, 3 yearling do., and 18 Calves, 8 capital Cart Horses, one very useful saddle mare possessing good action and quiet in harness, 1 Bay Horse do., 1 Bay Colt, rising three years old, 2 Bay Fillies of the same age, and one yearling colt all well bred, 128 Sheep, 84 Lambs, and 14 Store Figs. The Implements of Husbandry consist of 3 Carts nearly new, Iron Ploughs, a double Tom Plough, Harrows and Drag, a capital Cylinder Iron Roller with double shafts complete, a capital Scarifier by Finlayson, do., for grass lands, Winnowing machine, Chaff-cutter, &c., &c., also several sets of cart harness, &c., in good condition, one Gig and a four wheeled Phaeton, lots of well seasoned timber prepared for agricultural and other purposes. The Crop, &c., which will be sold on the second day's sale, consists of 90 mows of prime Wheat, 250 mows of Barley, 200 mows of White Oats, all got up in excellent conditionâalso the Household Furniture, consisting of four post and other Bedsteads, Mahogany Tables and Chairs, Washhand Stands, Looking Glasses, capital Eight-day Clock in a mahogany case, all nearly new, Earthen Ware, &c. &c. Dairy and Brewing Utensils, with many other articles too numerous to insert. An early attendance is particularly requested each day as every article is to be disposed of without reserve, the proprietor having come to a determination to give up Farming. The sale will commence each day at 11 o'clock in the forenoon. Long credit will be given on approved security. St. Clears, August 25th, 1847. HAVERFORDWEST. To be Peremptorily Sold by Auction, BY MR. H. P. GOODE, (Before the Commissioner of Her Majesty's Court of Bankruptcy acting in the Prosecution of the Fiat awarded and issued against JOHN irNYi-xs, a Bank- rupt, pursuant to an Order of the Court of Review,) At the Castle Hotel, Haverfordwest, On WEDNESDAY, the 22nd Day of SEPTEMBER, 1847, at eleven o'clock in the morning, (Subject to such conditions of Sale as shall be then and there produced,) THE FOLLOWING FREEHOLD PROPERTY: :l LOT 1. a N undivided Moiety of and in the Messuage^or .XJL Dwelling-house, BackYard, & Out-buildings, situatt in Bridge-street, in the parish of St. Martin, in the Town and County of Haverfordwest, now occupied by Mr. James Rees Lloyd, as tenant from year to year, at the yearly rent for such Moiety of jgl2. The other undivided Moiety in this Lot will at the same time be offered for Sale, so that the opportunity of purchasing the entirety will be advautageously presented. LOT II. The large and commodious but unfinished and unoc- cupied Storehouse, situate between the last-mentioned Premises, and the Castle Gaol in Haverfordwest afore- said. I.OT III. The Messuage or Dwelling-House, lard, and Appur- tenances, situate in Bridge-street aforesaid, and now occupied by Mr. Wm. Jenkins, Cabinet-maker, as tenant from year to year, at the yearly rent of 1:1(1. N.B.âThe Tenant was bound by his agreement to put the Premises into complete repair, and the rent for the- two first years ending at Michaelmas, 1847, was to have been, and is to be allowed him in satisfaction thereof. For further particulars, apply to Mr. John Prickett or M. Joseph Marychurch, Assignees of the Estate of the said Bankrupt; Mr. H. P Goode, Auctioneer and Land aluer, or Mr. William Rees* Solicitor, all of Haver- fordwest. DIOCESE OF ST. lDAVID^ NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that, by virtne of Her S Writ, issued on the 23rd day of July last past, directed to the most Rev. Father in God, William, by Divine Providence Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, Pruuate of all England and Metropolitan, and by virtue of letters- mandatory issued by him there- upon to the Right Rev. Chas. James, by divine per- mission Lord Bishop of London, and by him to the Right Rev. Connop, by the same permission, Lord Bishop of St. David's, the last named Bishop (in obedi. ence to the said writ and mandatory lettershdoth hereby cite and admonish the Dean and Chapter and Arch- deacons of his cathedral and Collegiate Churches and Dignitaries of the same, and all Rectors, Viears, and Clergy of his said Diocese, to appear before him, his Vicar-General, in matters Spiritual, his Surrogate or other Commissionary in that behalf lawfully appointed in the Parish Church of St. Peter, in the County of the Borough of Carmarthen, on Friday, the Seventeenth day of September next ensuing, betwe.cn the hours of Nine and Twelve in the forenoon, then and there to elect and appoint sufficient Procurators, lawfully anti sufficiently empowered, in the name of r whole Clergy of the Diocese of St. Dand's, to appear at the Convocation and Congregation to be held before the said Archbishop or his"titutP, on Wednesday the 22nd day of Sep- ket?ter next ensuing, in the Chapter House of the -Cathedral Church of St Paul, London, with continuation and prorogation of days, to treat upon arduous and weighty affairs, which shall concern the State, and welfare, public good, and defence of this Kingdom and the subjects thereof, to be tiwu and "therfe seriously laid before them, and to give their good, counsel and assist- ance in the said affairs, and to consent to such thinss as shall be wholesomely appointed, for the honour of God, and the good of the Church, and to do such other matters and things as are required by the said letters mandat.ory, 7", VALENTINE DAVIS, N.P., Deputy-Registrar. Registry, Carmarthen, 28th August, 1847. ASYLUM DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN LIFE OFFICE, No. 72, Cornhill, London, Established in 1824, for Invalid and Healthy Lives, and Officers and others travelling or Resident abroad. Chairman-Lieut. Gen. Sir .las. Law Lti-bington, G.C.B. Deputy Chairman-Charlei Wm. Hallett, Esq. TO EQUITABLE L'OI.ICY HOLDKKS. The Asylum Company originated in 1827 the System of Equitable Bonus He-assurance for 1R:¡O. thence con- tinued to 1840, and now current for I860. The facility has recently been added of securing the approaching Bonus without any actual outlay in case of premature death, and of deferring the outlay to Survivors until after the Bonus shall be declared. ADVANTAGES OFFERED BY THE ASYLUM. Low Premiums for every year of life. Ascending Scale, commencing at a very reduced rate, progressing, and determinable at pleasure ofparty. Alternative Scale, by which one-third of premium re- mains on loan, at 4 per cent. Premiums for the long term of 20 years. Age 20 | Age 30 I Age 40 | A?cM Per cent. per ?n. 0 IM 8 f ? 6 H ( 1 J5 5 f 2 18 5 Invalids insured at rates adapted to circumstances. Naval and Military Officers may pay a rate varying with Climate and Service, or a fixed rate for all parts of the worid. Policies on the lives of others, not necessarily void if the life assured travel beyond prescribed limits. Loans on Policies which have acquired a purchaseable value. Formalities waived, so that in certain cases the or- dinary references may be dispensed with, should the Company's Medical Officer be satisfied without them. Policies virtually completed in a Day, by the Party calling at the Company's House, 72, Cornhill, London; or, with all convenient speed by letter addressed to the Resident Director. Prospectus and full explanation may be had, on writ- ten or personal application. GEO. FAUKKX, KF-q., R< trident Director. 0.a. -1.


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