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AGRICULTURE, MARKETS, &c. (From the Mark Lane Express.) The weather having remained uninterruptedly fine throughout the week, the cutting of grain has been pretty generally commenced in the southern parts of the kingdom. Nothing very definite can of course at pre- sent be known respecting the yield, but the little we have heard on the subject confirms our previously-formed opinion, viz., that Wheat will not be a heavy crop. Whether it will come up to an average yield many well- informed agriculturists appear to doubt; but if there should be no unfavourable change in the weather, every grain would be well got in, which alone would make an immense difference in the future range of prices in that case the new crop would be immediately available, and the existing scarcity of English Wheat would be at once removed. Much will, therefore, depend upon the character of the weather during the month of August. Public opinion is now strongly in favour of a fall in prices, and this is likely to be the prevaling feeing if the weather should continue fine until the harvest shall have been completed the matter may afterwards be more calmly examined, but at present nothing but wet would have the effect of checking the downward movement. The arrivals from abroad have again been liberal this week, more particularly at Liverpool; and the advices from thence describe the trade as having become very depressed. The arrivals of English Barley have been small but having received 12,956 qrs. from abroad, there has been no scarcity of this grain. The business done has been entirely in low grinding qualities, aud these have been sold at such irregular rates that quotations can hardly be given. A parcel of inferior Egyptian was, we believe, sold at 21s. per qr.; but this affords no criterion for judging of the value of sound qualities. In Malt there has been very little passing, and, in the absence of business of moment, prices have remained nominally unaltered. The market has again been scantily supplied with Oats of home growth, and the receipts from abroad have been comparatively moderate: the total arrival for the week, including 32,572 qrs. of foreign, is 34,162 qrs. The pncipal dealers having bought pretty freely about a fortnight ago, appear to have still sufficient to go on with, and the trade has latterly been very far from active. As it has been quite impossible to effect sales of Indian Corn at almost any price, its real value cannot be given, but 42s. per qr. may be considered as an extreme quotation. A cargo arrived at Falmouth, was, we believe, offered on Friday at 36s. per qr., cost, freight, and insurance. s. s. s. s. Wheat, red. 59 to 64 Oats, Engl, feed 27 -31 Black 23 25 Norfolk & Suffolk .59 â 64 Scotch feed 32-34 White 64-70 Irish Galway 23-24- Barley, Malting.. 40 Dublin 25 Chevalier 42 Londonderry Grinding 34-40 Waterford White 23 Irish. Clonmel 34- Scotch. 40 42 Potatoe. 29 32 Beans, Tick new 44-46 Seed, Rape 301. 32/. Harrow 47 48 Irish -1. â per last Pease, Boiling 45 â 58 Linseed, Baltic 48-50 White .1 56 Odessa. 47 â 50 Blue Mustara, white 8 â 10 Maple 40-44 Flour, Town made Malt, Brown 63 65 and best country Rye, new 45-48 marks .50-5;; Indian Corn 3,5 40 Stockton 40 46 LONDON AVERAGES. £ s. d. £ s. d. Wheat..2,760 qrs. E 3 10 d5 ? Rye 6 qrs. 2 15 0 Barley.. 136 1 19 2 Beans.. 180 2 8 10 Oats 176 1 11 0 Peas 7 216 0 GENERAL AVERAGE PRICE OF CORN. Week ending Mav 15. ImperialâGeneral Weekly Average,âWheat, 7os. 6d. Barley, 45s. 8d.; Oats, 305.. 5d. Rye, 59s. Id.; Beans, 51s. 6d.; Peas, 53s. Od. Aggregate Average of six weeks which governed Duty âWheat, 83s. 8d. Barley, 49s. 7d.; Oats, 81s. lid. Rye, 65s. lid.; Beans, 54s. 5s.; Peas, 55a, 6d. SMITHFIELD MARKET. The following is a statement of the arrivals of live stock into London during the week ending on Saturday last:âBeasts, 770; Sheep, 3710; Lambs, 192; Calves, 480. At the outports, the arrivals have consisted of about 600 Beasts, 1,260 Sheep and Lambs, and 160 Calves, in, for the most part, fair condition. Upwards of 400 head of various kinds of foreign stock were landed this morning, chiefly from Tvotterdam and Hambro; and the supply on offer here <mprised 784 Oxen and Cows, 1,642 Sheep and Lamlc. and 175 Calves. The quality was by no .means good, arula clearance was not effected, although the importers submitted to lower cur- rencies. The arrivals of Beasts from our own grazing districts fresh up, to-day, were considerably on the increase, and large even the time of year considered but the qualityâthough there was a slight improvement in it-was by no means first-rate Notwithstanding the attendance of both town and country buyers was numer- ous, the Beef trade, arising from the prevailing hot weather, was excessively dull, at a decline in the quo- tations paid on this day se'nnight, of fully 4d. per 8 lb*- the very highest figure for the best Scots (and which was obtained in very few instances) not exceeding 4s. Sd. per 8 lbs. Most of the best Beasts were disposCa of; but a large number of the inferior breeds left the market unsold. This was decidedly the largest supply of Beasts exhibited on any previous market-day during the whole of the present year. With Sheep we were very heavily supplied, but there was a great deficient in their general quality. The few prime old Downs Ull offer produced last week's, viz., from 5s. to 5s. 4d per 8 lbs, I but all other breeds declined quite 2d. per S lb* without a clearance being effected. The sale for Lanibo -the supply of which was extensiveâwas in a very d< pressed state, at an abatement in value of 2d. pat S"? the highest figure being 6s. 2d. per 81bs. Ultrves -ore in good supply and heavy inquiry at last week s uCP. sion. In Pigs next to nothing was doing, at pre*10" 5 currencies. A COMPRISON of the PRICES of FAT STOCK, sold in SMITHFIELD CATTLE MARKET, on MONO*. Aug. 3, 1846, and Monday, Aug. 2, I8H. Per 81bs. to sink the offal. July 13, 1846. July 12, 18^- s. d. s. d. s. d. s? CoMse & inferior Beasts.. 2 4 to 2 6.. 3 4 to 3 8 Second quality do 2 8 3 o ,3 104 0 Prime large Oxen 32 36..42 4 4 Prime Scots, &c. 3 8 4 10 4 6 4??? Coarse and inferior Sheep 3 2 3 6 310 4 1 Second quality, do.3 8 3 10 4 4 4 6 Primecoarsewoolled, do.. 4 0 4 2.. 4 8 o4\? Prime Southdown, do. 4 2 4 4 50 5, i, Large coarse Calves 3 6 4 0.. 3 10 45? Prime small do. 4 2 4 6.. 4 8 5 0 Large Hogs 3 8 4 6.. 4 0 4 6 Neat smal4 8 4 10 48 5 0 BUTTER, BACON, CHEESE, AND HAMS. s. s. Cheese, per cwt. S. -j DorsetButter. p. fir. 98 100 Double Glo'ster 60 Fresh Butter, 12s. 6d. Single?itto 48  per dozen Cheshue 56 76 Irish, do, per cwt. Derby. 62 66 Carlow, New 92 â American 54 Sligo 80 â Edam and Gouda.. 48 666. Cork, 1st. 84 Bacon, new. Waterford 80 â Middle.  ;¡â Foreign Butter, cwt. Hams, Irish M Prime Friesland 100 -I Westmorland 88 Do. Kiel. 95 York 98 PRICE OF TALLOW, &c. 1843. 1844. 18 :5. 1846 'lS47-! Stock this day 1,643 16,536.. 12,314.. 8,329.. 6, Price of P.Y.C. 42s. 3d. 41s. Od. 39s. 9d. 41s. 6d. 48s.