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I AGRICULTURE, MARKETS, &r. I I (From the ark Lane Express" I The weritber has undergone a decided impr. Yenl; indeed the last few days have been as favooirablt; fur to country as could be desired. The accounts which tafif9 us from the agricultural districts respecting sown Wheat describe the plant as KeaUhy and vigorP11^ in appearance, though backward for the time G- yejr no harm having, it seems, been done Ly the severity 0 I the winter. There is consequently nothing, as far ¡¡ our future prospects are concerned, to encourage specU* lation'; and an advance in prices, under these circus1' stances, can only be caused by the supplies falling sbOrt of the legitimate consumptive demand. Unimportafl as the stocks of Wheat now are at all the leadiiiS markets in the kingdom, quotations are likely to influenced in a greater degree than usual by the exteD of the weekly arrivals. Merchants and millers generally little reserve to fall back upon, and should the supplies at any time fall short of the quantity requIted for immediate use, a rise would be almost sure to fullovr, During the week now about to terminate, the deliveries from our own growers have been very small, nor b"e the supplies from abroad been by any means large the trade has, therefore, assumed a decidedly firm tone, gtili prices have rather tended upwards at some ot the principal provincial markets. That an actual advatlce has not taken place has, we believe, been owing to the rather large quantity of American Flour in warehouseí at some of the leading maritime ports. The arrivals Wheat coastwise into Lond48 have amounted to -& ql's: up to this (Saturday) evening. The quanti') brought forward at Mark Lane during the week w land-carriage samples from the neighbouring counties of Essex, Kent, and Suffolk has been trifling in the extreme. The trifling nature of the operations may be attributed more to the high pretensions of holders than to the absence of demand. The receipts of English Barley have been only moderate but with what Tral previously on hand and a fresh supply of 7,541 qr8, from abroad, there has been no scarcity of this graIn. The recent m- iterial decline in its value has, however, had the effect of bringing forward a few buyers; an besides what has been taken for local consumption* several cargoes have been purchased to ship round tl1 Wales, where the article is represented to be exceedingly scarce. Should the inquiry from that quarter eLntiUtle we might perhaps have a rise in prices but, most 0 our maltsters having left off buying, we are not ,nine as to any material advance. The Malt trade haSwconi* rather more active. The arrival of Oats from our own coast have amounted to 984 qrs., from Scotland ta 278 qrs., from Ireland to 643 qrs., and from abroad to- 9,015 qrs. for the week. The decrease in the foreigo supply, and the belief that the quantity now on passage: from the near continental ports is unimportant, have induced the dealers to purchase more extensively. s. s. i a. S. Wheat, Engl., red 72 to 78 Oats, English feed 29-31 White 76-80 Potatoe. 37 4a Norfolk & Suffolk 72â76 Youghall Black. 25 "I Do new 78-82 Scoteli feed 33 -ICY Barley, Malting 53 â 55 Irish Chevalier 50-53 Dublin. 27-30 Grinding 42 44 Londonderrv 31 â r Irish 30-33 Waterford white 26 â 3" Scotch. 46 â 50 Cionmel 31 3S Beans, Tick new.. 44 41 SBED, Rape. :311. 331. Harrow. 47 â 48 Irish âI.â per last Peas, Boiling 54 â 6i) Linseed,Baltic. 47 60 White 52 â 54 Odessa. 47-D 8-10 Maple. 53â 58 Brown.. 9 -10 per hush. Malt, Browil- 68-70 Flour,Town-made Chevalier 76 â 80 and best country Kingston & Ware. 72 â 78 marks 60 â Suffolk & Norfolk 70â72 Stockton 48 53 Rye, new 46 48 Norf. & Indian CorD 50-52 Irish GENERAL A VEltAGE PRICE OF COU N. Week ending April 3.âImperialâGeneral Weekly Average,-Wheat, 77s. Id Barley, -51s. 43 Oats, 3ls- 8d Rye, 57s. 7d Beans, 51s. 5d Peas, oils. lOd. Aggregate Average of six weeks which g-onrned DutY Wheat, TDS 6d.; Barley, 52s. lOd. Oats, 31s. 8d. Rye, 56s. t(d. Beans, 52s. 5d.; Peas, 56s. 10d. LONDON AVERAGES. E S. (I £ s. d, Wheat. 4,305 qrs.3 17 1 1 Rye. 142 qrs.2 16 0 Barley. 1,731 2 15 4 Beans.. 833 2 7 9 Oats. 5,198 1 16 0 Peas 453 2 17 3 SMITIiFIELD MARKET. For the time of year, the imports of live stock into London continue on a very moderate scale, those since this day se'nnight having been composed of only 220 Oxen and Cows, 121 Sheep, and 31 Calves, from Holland and Germany. These small importations are generally attributed to the comparatively high prices of stock noW ruling on the Continent, and which leave, notwithstanding the operation of our import laws, an unusually small margin of profit to the shippers. At Hull and the various other outports the arrivals have consisted of about 400 head chiefly of Beasts. There were on offer to-day about 200 beasts, 120 Sheep, and 19 Calves from abro., the whole of which moved off slowly on somewhat easier terms. From our grazing districts the arrivals of Beasts fresh up this morning were usually large indeed, it was one of the largest supplies on offer at this season for many years past. Notwithstanding the attendancc of buyers was large, the Becf tradt., owing to the im- mense number of Beasts on show, and the change in the weather, was excessively dull, at a decline on last week 3 prices of quite 2d. per the highest quotation fof the best Scots not exceeding 4s. 2d. per 81bs. At the close of business a large number of Beasts left the market unsold. The number of Sheep were considerably on the increase, and of very excellent quality. The primcst old Downs, which were rather scarce, moved o" slowly at last week s prices, viz., from *s. ioa. to os oa* per Sibs., bllt all other breeds were very dull and quite 4-ù. per 81bs. lower than on this day sr-nnight, With LambS we were scantily supplied, yet the Lamb trade \ih i" a very depressed state at a fall in value of Id. per Sibs., the highest figure not exceeding 6s. per 81bs. CAlves were in short supply and heavy demand at Friday's quotations. In Pigs very little was doing, and the ratt,9 had a downward tendency. A COMPARISON of the PRICES of FAT STOCK. sold in SMITHFIELD CATTLE MARKET, on MONDAY April 13, 1846, and Monday, April 12, 1847. Per 81bs. to sink the offal. April 13, 1816. April 12, 184". s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. Coarse & inferior Beasts. 2 6 to 3 0 3 10 to 3 2 Second quality do 3 2 3 6 34 3 6 Prime large Oxen 3 8 3 10 3 8 3 10 Prime Scots,&c 404 2 40 42 Coarse & inferior Sheep.. 3 10 4 2 3 6 3 10 Second quality do. 444 6..40 4 4- Prime coarse woolled do.. 464 8..46 48 Prime Southdown do. 4 10 5 0 410 5 6 Lare coarse Calves. 46 5 0..40 46 Prime small do. 5 2 5 4 48 5 0 Large IIogs 3 6 4 6.. 3 8 4 4 Neat small Porkers 485 0 46 5 0 -=-' BUTTER, BACON, CHEESE, AND HAMS. s 8 C h ee,?(, s s I Cheese, per cwt. s. II. Dorset Butter,pr.fir. 54 â Double Gloucester.. 62 64 Fresh Butter, 14s. Gd. Single ditto 52 62 per dozen. Cheshire 56 g4 Irish, do., per cwt. Derby 58 66 Carlow, new 100 American 52 54 Sligo ,,80 Edam and Gouda.. 48 <? Cork, 1st 98 100 Bacon, new. 66 80 Watrford. 98 100 Middle â Foreign Butter, cwt. Hams, Irish 80 Prime Friesland.106 Westmoreland 96 Do. Kiel 102 â York. 90 000 PRICE OF TALLOW, &e. 1843. 1814. 1845. 1818. 1317. Stock this day 18,376..22,235..211,46..13,<>16..11,392 Price ofY.C..