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MISCELLANEOUS INTELLIGENCE. I Her Majesty celebrated the seventh anniversary of her union" with his royal highness Prince Albert, at Buckingham-palace, on We dnesday week. King Louis Philippe has conferred on the Duke de Montpensier the superior command of the artillery, in the department of the Seine. A service of plate, weighing more than 3,000 oz., is to be presented to Mr. Houldsworth, as chairman of the Manchester and Leeds Railway Company. Among the figures in relievo, are those of Sir R. Peel, James Watt, and G. Stephenson. Mr. Bailey, R.A., supplied the design. A number of Queen's new counsel will be made either previous to the circuits or in Easter term. Amongst the applicants for silk the following are mentioned:- Mr. Bliss and Mr. Granger, of the Northern Circuit; Mr. Townshend, of the North Wales Circuit; Mr. Miller, of the Midland and Mr. Prendergast and Mr. O'Malley, of the Norfolk Circuit. The last accounts from Naples state that Mount Vesuvius, which had been for some time in a nearly quiescent state, had again begun to throw out immense torrents of lava. The General Mining Company for Ireland have com- menced operations on Lord Dunally's silver, copper, and sulphur mines at Tipperary. The experiment lately made by the Pope to clear Rome of its mendicity, has so far been successful. 1 The library of the Right Hon. T. Grenville, has been removed to the British Museum. Mr. Hind, of the Observatory, Regent's Park, has just discovered a small telescopic comet in the constel- lation Cepheus. Government intend introducing a measure for col- lecting agricultural statistics. Great activity prevails in all the dockyards in France. There are to be launched at Brest, during the year 1817, the "Tagus" of 100 guns; the Perseverante," 60; the Nemesis," 50 the Faune," first-rate brig; and the steamer, Cafarelli." At Cherbourg, the Sane" steam-frigate, of 540-liorse power, is to be launched on the 15th instant. An agent of the Mexican government has established himself at Marseilles, with authority to naturalise per- sons as Mexican subjects, and to issue letters of marque against the United States. At the late half-yearly crown-audit for the Forest of Dean it was unanimously agreed upon to represent the impolicy of preserving the deer, as offering great temp- tation to a certain class of men to violate the law. The University of Oxford has granted £500 for the relief of the distressed Scotch and Irish. The Chinese say that a lie has no legs, and cannot stand but that it has wings, and can fly far and wide. The Highlands (embracing two-thirds of the area of Scotland) abound in copper, lead, haematite, and other valuable mines, as yet hardly opened. In the old park of Dunster-castle, for a very long series of years, stood a huge elm tree, the height of which was 100 feet. This tree, supposed to be the largest in West Somerset, was thrown down on Tuesday week, and when measured was found to contain 741 feet of solid timber, or 18 tons and 21 feet. A Western paper announces the marriage of Miss Polly Schrecongrost. We unite in congratulating her. She did well to change her name. What a pity it is that John Ollenbaubengrapensteinershobenbicher (who, it appears, has got a letter in the Baltimore post-office,) could not get rid of his name by an equally agreeable process.-American paper. The Newry Examiner says that £ 1000 has been sent to each of the Roman Catholic archbishops of Ireland, from Liverpool, for distribution among the poor. The Devonport Telegraph states that a plan pro- posed by the Hon. Capt. A. Jones, R.N., for placing Nelson's ship, the Victory, in the great quadrangle of Greenwich Hospital, is under consideration at the Admiralty. The leading article of the Barbadoes Liberal of Dec. 26, is as follows:âThe holidays and the rain leave us no alternative but to lay before our readers a half sheet this evening. The Pharmaceutical Times states that nine-tenths of the physic administered in Britain is for the cure of diseases of the hypochondriac and melancholy kind. In the Court of Exchequer on Thursday Mr. Wakley, M.P., coroner for Middlesex, brought an action for libel against the proprietors of the Medical Times. Verdict for the plaintiffâdamages £ 175. It is said that Mr. Fergus O'Connor has become the purchaser, for E20,000, of the Mathon estate, in Here- fordshire and Worcestershire. This purchase will doubtless have been made on the part of the Chartist Co-operative Land Socity. Dr. Litchfield, Rector of All Saints, Th.s-treet, who died in 11-57, left 3,083 sermons, written by his own hand.- Willmott'¡; Life (l Joremy Taylor. The Limerick Chronicle says a deed of separation is about to be executed between the noble Earl, the colonel of a hussar corps, and his Countessâthe latter to enjoy £ 2,500 a year. The marquis of Waterford has announced his inten- tion of selling the Dunganuon estate, producing more than E2,000 a year, and it is supposed that others will follow his example. A correspondent of the Edinburgh Chronicle states that r. Rowland Hill intends to make a new and important use of the electric telegraph for postal com- municatidn. The subscription at Rome for the Irish sufferers amounts to upwards of 1:2,000. Mr. Cobden is now in that city. The first five-pound notes ever issued in the Isle of Man have just been put in circulation by the Commer- cial Banking Company. In a recent trial in the Loudown County Court, U. S., counsel laid it down as law that slaves were not persons, but property, and that there was no lawful marriage for them The Guardians of the Atherstone Union have given each person receiving out-door relief, an additional 6d. per week, in consequence of the high price of pro- visions. Petitions to Parliament are in course of signature in Exeter praying for the abolition, or at least a modifica- tion, of the window-tax. The London pugilists by a series of sparring exhi- bitions, have raised nearly £ 200 for the relief of Irish distress. The King of Prussia has forwarded the Prussian Order of Merit to Sir David Brewster. Fifty corn-laden ships, for England, are ready to sail from Alexandriaâwe have stomachs fur it all." According to accounts from Rome, 25th ult., the inundations have so completely destroyed all the pro- duce of the lands in Calabria, that great apprehensions of serious riots from the distress these visitations have occasioned are entertained in that country, as well as at Messina. The railway gauge for Ireland is to be uniform and universal at five feet three. Baron Pasquier, sen., first surgeon to the King of the French, inspecting-surgeon and member of the board of health of the army, and Commander of the Legion of Honour, died on Saturday, after a long illness, in his 74th year. The Total Abstinence Society of Liverpool adopted a new plan of obtaining an audience for their lectures on Tuesday, having offered soup tickets to those who should attend. By this means a goodly concourse assembled to hear the advantages to be derived from total abstinence, and at the close of the speeches 433 soup tickets were distributed. A Patent Mile-Index has been invented. It is a I simple piece of mechanism, worked by the wheel, and indicates every mile the vehicle has travelled. The metropolis is inundated with spurious cocoa, which is composed of sago flour, potato flour, and mo- lasses, with hardly a third part cocoa it is coloured with Venetian red and brown ochre. It is contemplated to establish a fund towards the formation of a school in the University College, Lon- don, for the education of Indians in the several branches of science, and to prepare them for the difierent pro- fessions in their own country. The Incorporated Society for the Propogation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, have founded t'yo exhibitions c,f L20 per annum each, in the University of Durham, for theological students who intend c'evo'.ing themselves to the service of the church in the Colonies. A tleet of twenty vessels arrived in our river yester- day with cargoes of various bread stuffs.âLimerick Chronicle. On Monday upwards of 100 tons of sprats and plaice were landed at Billingsgate; the sprats were retailed at 31b. a penny, and plaice of large size a halfpenny cach. The Lord Bishop of Worcester has convened a special meeting of the members, friends, and supporters of the Worcester Diocesan Board of Education, to be holden at Worcester this week, with the view of memorializing the first law of the treasury on the pro- priety, in the future application of Parliaiiier-tary grants, of regarding the maintenance as well as the establish- ment of elementary schools, and also of rendering assistance to trainiug institutions. The Dundee Courier remarks, that during the dis- cussion on the Queen's Speech not a single Scotch member made the slightest allusion to the suilerings of his countrymcn. The Chairmanship of the Primitive "rsleyan Metho- dist Society of Ireland is vacant by the lamented death of the venerable Adam Averill, contemporary of the celebrated John Wesley, at the patriarchal age of 93 years.-Leeds Mercury. The Duke of Nassau has placed at the disposal of the charitable committees of his States the corn in the granaries of his domains, at the price hi" II hiel¡ it could h:\lc been sold last autumn.




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