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PEMBROKESHIRE. HAVERFORDWEST TOWN COUNCIL.âAn adjourned quarterly meeting of the Town Council was held at the Council Chamber last Wednesday, i'resent: Aldermen -illessrs. James Griffiths and John Lloyd Morgan CouncillorsâMessrs. William Rees, Thomas Owen, Owen Edmund Davies, Joseph Tombs, George Rowe, John Fisher Robbin, and Thomas Rowland. Absentâseven. Ordered, that a set of new hose be immediately procured for the fire engine, and that duplicate keys of the engine house be kept by each of the I)oiiceiiie,-i. -ordered, that Mr. Joseph Lloyd, carpenter, be paid the amount of his bill, subject to the approval of the committee appointed to inspect the work.âOrdered, that the land held bv the late treasurer on Poorfield, be advertised to be let on Tuesday next, for the unexpired term of 29 years.âMr." William Rees proposed at a former meeting, "That Ni r. John Jenkins, the late treasurer's certificate, be signed but on that occasion it was not seconded. Mr. llees again moved that it be now signed, which was seconded by Mr. Robbin, when some of the members of the Coun. cil withdrew; it was ultimately carried. HAVERFORDWEST.âA respected correspondent com- plains, not without reason, of the omission of Mr. Gibbon's name in the paragraph about the explosion of gas that occu, red last week at a Baptist chapel at Haverfordwest; Gibbon is, it appears, the Gas Inspector and the servant of the Gas Commissioners; the other two men are assistants only. As to curtailing accounts, the pruning knife must be unsparingly used. No newspaper however large will hold every thing. Besides what is very in- teresting to a class is tasteless and trivial to the public at large. THE DIVISTO.- In the division on the second reading of the Corn Importation Bill (of which it will be recol- tlio rõCol11,. i.ioc rMihHrhn.l in â  tilt, 111" "a" iJuwuaiiiu m a ÃLUUU ?ULIIIII Ul lite I ?Wi?M?) is the name of the member for Haverfordwest. Sir It. B. P. Pliilipps has recorded his repudiation of Sir Robert Peel's sliding-scale juggle, and at the same time shown his attachment to a more Liberal and equitable system of commerce in Corn. The consistent and en- lightened course adopted by the Hon. gentleman is no less gratifying to the intelligent and Liberal constituency whom he represents than creditable to the sound judgment that dictated it. The launch of the Spiteful, a large steam vessel, will take place at Pembroke Royal Dock Yard on Thursday, the 21th inst.; about four o'clock in the afternoon. The Superb, an 80 gun-ship, will also be sent off the stocks from that establishment, the ensuing slinirlier,, The Frcderico Arsiduca steamer is lying off Pembroke Yard. She is fitted up in a most splendid manlier and is intended to ply between Trieste and Venice. To those who have never been on board of a highly decorated vessel, the opportunity of inspecting her will be a decided treat. An election for an Assessor for the Pater Ward of the Borough of Pembroke, took place at the Victoria Hotel, before Alderman Philp, on Tuesday last, in the room of Mr. Yerward, when lVIr. Wm. Saunders was unanimously elected. On Monday night last, Thomas Williams,an apprentice belonging to the brig Alice, of Milford, on going on board of his vessel over a plank from the quay, fell into the water. Although taken up in two or three minutes afterwards, and the usual means to restore animation applied, life was found to be extinct. A brig, name unknown, timber laden, and abandoned, was fallen in with by the Milford pilots, oft the harbour, on Tuesday last. At 4 P.M., the Argus, Trinity steamer, went out for the purpose of towing her in, but the warp having given way twice, and night coming on, with a rising sea, she was obliged to leave her to her fate. We understand she has since gone ashore on Sheep Island, where she wi!l doubtless speedily become a wreck. When found her stern was out, and the timber floating about in the hold, so that if she had not gone ashore, the con- cussion occasioned by the timber striking against her sides would have before long broken her up.





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