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Family Notices

Family Notices

BHITHS, ¡¥Lti'AG:ES, If DtJH13. BIRTHS. On Fnday night last, Mrs Evans, Matrotiofthe \Vork- ]iousc.inthis town, of a son. At Danydre, Newport. Pembrokeshire, Annp, the wife ofCapt.David Evans.ofadaughter. On the 29th ult., at Beaufort Cottage, Swansea, Mrs. John Richardson,of ason. On the 2d inst., Mrs. Griffiths, of the \Vyndham Arms, Merthyr,ot' ..son. DEATHS. On the Pth inst.. at the advanced as-p of 101 years. Mary Lewis. wi,Lw of the late Mr. 10r'"an Lw¡s, of the Old Priory, in this to'n. M ? Oa Saturday,the 5th inst.. at home with (.hristi.m iurtituJe, Margaret. wife of ,'Jr..John E\a!)s.shipi);)!]dpr.f)f tlat p(;rt. aged 42, lig fo,-tr children. She \IS for 17 ve:trs i faiti:fu! member at the Wesleyan Methodists eonnt-xion. On the 4th inst., at Frood, near Mcn'.ivr. of tcver, aEred 7 years. Jane, the voungest daughter of Mr. Thomas IIliall1s, f:)rmer. On the nrh inst.. very siiddciili,, t))e infant child of Mr. James Gou)d. Copd 'y-CYtn:ner, Mc)t!i\r. L'Kety. at Caincocd. near .\b:stA'i:h, Rowlands, nged 59 years. Onthe;Jd in.t.,MissJones, dauTht"rofthe]ate :\ír, W iIlianl Jo!)t.'s, ot Hafoda: near Abt'rystwit'). a.?ed JC. On the7th inst.,at Spring Hill, \port, PetJlbrok.e- sh)re, Eiixabcth, wife of Capt. John GrUSths, of the Bng. Jollll (lin, of 32 \'parA.' On the 1st instant, aged M, Mr. R. Jonc.s Iatid]on! oft))eOxfo)-<)!nf!. S .<iS!-a. On the 1st ins[.. suddenly, r", C. D. Gi! r.:lict of the late Mr.Joh!) Gni,o! H. M. Dujk-yar.t.roi'tStno!t:h.. On thcday named,she Illd prepared to returnto Devon- shire.froma visit to her son in G).-unr)-'g \nsh:rt', b')t was seized with a fit of apop!exv, and died in a fen' hours. At Hampton, Harriet, 'daughter ofWiilia't) Ewart Esq., M.P.