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SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. LOCAL CHARTERING TRANSACTIONS. CARDIFF, Tuesday. The following include the latent fixtures reported OutwardâSteamers. Cardiff to Port Said, 6s. clean Port Said. 6s. dcau Geuoa, 6s ljd, cleltll and f,8. 8.on. 6s, clean, 3,500 tons Hiver Plate, 98 Port Said, 6e, clean Hiver Plate, 9s â Port Said. 6s, 4,500 tons Trinidad, 8s, clean, fuel j, M"reille8, nr. clean, Tre line Genoa, 68 4-sd, clean terms Constantinople, 6. 3d, clean Port Said, 6s, clean Port Said, 6s, clean Plymouth, 4s 6d Barcelona, 9. 3d coal, 108 fuel, clean St. Lucia, 8s Havannah. 78 3d coal, 9" 6d coke Havannah, option Mervetas, 7. ? Plymoutb, 4s 6d ???s SIGNALLED OFF THE LIZARD. Nov. 26.âPassed East: Steamers Cro,Rhill, of Glasgow; Swedish eteaimr living j.b.q.r.; Diuc4wie, of Carnarvon; Count D'A^pre-mont, of tS\^rns«u; Vc daiu, from New York for Rotterdam; Nigel, of Bristol; Pendarves, from Novorosisitk for Amsterdam; iIedwa.y, of London; Michigan, from Balt'- more for London, all well. Pas6-d "West; Mavos, of Kragero; Dolly, of Sandefjord; steamers Hamljurg American liner, from HanVbarg for Now Voslc; James S).)cir. of Cai diff; Benedick, of London; Shieldrake and Moorhen, both of Cork; 'V^nezia. of Ham. burg; Oswcj.<try and Hart, both of West Hartle- pool; t..Huhert, of Liverpool; Diamond, of Glasgow; Oolcng, from London for Birken- head; Graceful, ci Livcipool; British Em. p:re, from London for Boston; Princess Alexandra, of Glasgow* Albania, from Gefle for Bristu!.âV.?n(), E'S?.?troH?: weather, cloudy, hazy; ea, rough; bar., 29'87, falling. SIGNALLED OFF THE MUMBLES. Nov, 26,-Wind, E.S.E., fresh weather cleudy; seli., moderate. Pawed East: Steamras Penzance, of Cardiff Avon, of Glas- gøw; Alceeter. of London Hesper, of West Hartlepool; Alice de Peaux, of Rouen Lord IOrne, of Liverpool. Paused Weld: Steamers Itosella, of Whitby Lindisfarne, of Newcastle. I FOREIGN ARRIVALS AND MOVEMENTS OF LOCAL VESSELS. Gem ;ni passe I Giuveseud for the Tyno 26th. SwifUlurc left Devonport for Cardiff 25(h. S. W."?e!)t .M?J.S'B.Md<?ux 26th, Beigaou p.?l Dover for Middl,?l,.r..gl? 23ti?. I.? Banouere Krn? Gib.1t?,- 25Ui. Tredegar arrived Parages 25th. Pontypridd left Algiers for Hamburg 25th. I<eda docked Oporto 25th. Wevtergate arrived St. Jiazaire 26th. Hart left Fahnouth for C-diff 26th. Barry left Algiers for Rotterdam 25th. Alacrity arrl\ed Honlieur from Cardiff 2Wi. Fainnead arrived Las Palmas from Cardiff 23id. Mandalay arrived Mat;iIle8 24th. Flowergdte pamed Cunatuntinopie for Hamburg 24t; arrived Buenos Ayr from Cardiff 22nd. Pre.ton left Cohstunliaople for the Danube fcord. left C.!?,for the Dn,,b? K,,d. l:by left Lewf^s for New York 23rd. Heslfuen arrived the Tees from Bilbao 24th. Ra't-by arrived Teneriffe from Cardiff 24tli. &k;dby passed Port Eaid for Hombay 24th. Jan. left BPhao f- Cardiff 26th, K<*&iyn left St. Malo for bwa<isea 256li. Klu-ubina left Swansea for Lisbon 26th. l\J1gown It.r'l'i,,eù Charente 23rd. Restcrmel left Sulina tor Hull 26th. Keuding arrived Seriphos 25th. Cfereda arrived Genoa 20th. Bdf(,rd passed Constantinople ?t)r :Sl)voroisk 26th, St. Gothard antvo<l Balfcchick 2'tb, Wef-toe left the Tyne for Louden 24th. Robert Ingham l,ft London f??, Bl1:h 24tb. ChMin?C?oeJ passed P'Ta 26th.  I CARDIFF.âA RRIVALS. ROAlfc" DOCK. Kov. 26.âJuno, $, 626, Gothenburg, pitprope. &c. Arab, s, 2,722, Dundee, light.  B'?nt??" ? *i,12?.' Bcdlormie, t", 187. Barrow, scrap iron. MaJ\ott?, E, 185, Middlesborough, pig iron. BUTE EAST DOCK. Nov 26 âUsk, B, 544. Vernon, H, 645. Burnock, 8, 180, Swansea, IjhL BUTE WEST DOCK. Nov. 26.âVolney, s, re. Harmony, 72, Kilkeel, P. at David llees. 193, Dublin, burnt ore. Eng Jand, 1:$, 492. Lviiwood, 184, \V,i.-tenorù, pitwood. PENARTH DOCK. Nov. 25.âEnterprise, h, 70. Bristol, light. Ocean, 8, 63, Bli.dt-Q}, light. Rover, s, 82, Lirei-pool, oil. SAILI;o\GS. ROATH DOCK. Nov. 26.-E1mflelù, s (Townsend), Venice. Merthyr, s (llinton), Oiwrto. BUTE EAST DOCK Nov. 26.âAvon, s (Stewart), Ola-gow. ?vd.a (Kielv), Cork. BUTE WEST DOCK. Nov. 26.âLlamlaff. s (Edwards), Sheerness. Iron Kin, 8 (Gibson), Cork. Christ'na, s (Davey), Water- iud. Bantam Cock, s (Leary), Roads. Sir William Molesworth (Minchinton), sea. Arthur, 8 (Child), Dublin. Penseverancc (Snell), M3ry Nisii (Rudge). Siioreham. Orplieus, 0 (Richards), Liver- pcol. Viltc des Counts (Gailee), PorrAc. PENARTH DOCK Nov. 25.-0CNiD, s, Btol. oonl. Marion, s, Bris. tol, ooal. Clifton, j», Bristol, coal. ENTERED OUTWARDS.âNovember 26. Malta, lied Jacket, B, PalioL, 1,^27, Geo. Hallett St. M-l-, Activity, B, R?lk, 677, L. G.?,t New York, liv,?hban 1, B, Major, 2,668, J. m.tli?'. and Sons Genoa. North Gwalia, ef B. Evans, 1,418, R. Ropner Port Said, Duke of York, s, B, Undale, 1,973, Chellew, Hodges &- C.. Carlshanm, Bris. sr Nwy, Hummel, 614, "Lindsay, Gracie & Ward Gibraltar, St. Fagan's, s, B, Mackie, 821, Burlev, Matthews & Co. J.y, )Ie¡;olut.e, R, Que, 76, Morel Bros. k. Co. Far. and }1u,Ja08. Dominic, E, Forljes, 1,893, W. Col- ling., jun, & Co. Bunim Ayr'?. Etlielburga, e, B, Wil?t-, 1,446, Len. nard, Harris & Co. Bilbao. Maria, s, Hot, Laudmann, 1,525, PYmaÃ, Wat- tion & Co. Rodi(ort, Aquitaine, s, F. Reneauleaud, 979, L. Gueret Han-burg, City of Rotterdam, s, B, Green, 347, J. 7. Duncan & Co. Passages, San Jose, i, Spo, Romero, 621, Powley, Thomas & Co, Bombay, Easby Abbey, s, B, Cooper, 1,900. Pyman, Watson & Co. Kngfton (Jamaica), City of 0louce6ter, B, '"?' 1 .570, I'owly, Thonas & Cn. Gen" Wordsworth, H, B, Will., 1,245. C.?, Hall Boucau, B. s, F, Jarno, 643, A. C?p,,ii? P.J?, Rembrandt, 8, B, Gedden, 1,1 Cav, Hall & C.. Savona, Brenner, s, B. Read, 1.178, Oay. H?ll & C.. Vlh:nl:iad/a: IB;Ikr.' :5.11p R-e and Song Chrlstiaiua, Highflyer, Nwy, Ericksen, 936, C. E. Evans & Co. Mauritius, Sierra Miranda, B, M'Mastcr, 1,739, E. C. Downing CLEARED.âNovember 26. St. Ma1o, Ati"ity, ?, B, 1,260 coal Port Said, Duke of York, s, B, 3,800 coal Curlsbamn, Bris, s, Nwy, 1,100 coal New Orleans, Imaum, 8. B, water halla6t Gibraltar, St., Fagan's, s, B, 1,600 ooal Jertey. Resolute, B, 135 coal Para and Manser, Dominic, B, 300 coal Buenos Ayres, Ethelburga, s, 8, 2,550 coal lUchefort, Aquita.ille, 8, F, 2,000 ooal B.lbao, Maria, Hol, water ballast Hamburg, City 01 Rotterdam, s, B, 700 coal Trinidad, Hogand, Swn, 156 coal, 160 patent fuel Bf-ueau, Boucau, n, F, 1,400 coal P..a. San J?e, b s, Spn, 950 coal Boiebay, Etwby Abbey. B, 3,800 coal Kingston (J- -), aty of Gloucester, 8. 8, 2,9W cool Gt'Dfw or S.ona, Brenner, s, B, 2,100 coal la Ilcchelle, RÅebud, B, 1,500 coal Mauritius, ki Miranda, B, 2.750 -1 Malta Red J,??t, 8, B, 2,500 ".1 St. Naza-ire, Earl of K<Mbf!.7. ?. B, 1.500 coal P R?.?b,-dt, B, 2,130 patent fel Burccloi.ii, Col. ?, Spn, 750 %l Chrihtiania, Highflyer, Nwv, 1,800 coal 1MPOK L'S.â\ovt-mbeir 26. Gothenburg, Juro, s, pitjjropn, kc; HaJJ, Harrson Bajrow, Bedl?le, 6. «-rau iron, Do%,Ljs 11-? Co. Mi('d)M'bMMh, MMcoMe? ?g'' u'm, ''Mo?rga?. ?* t()L.cfr.iJ;lBT¿eo: 8 Kilk-I H?mony, potat?M, M. En?md Dublin, David it-, burnt ore, 0. Tenniuit & Son BARRY DOCK.âARRIVALS. NOT. 25.âgwalia, e, Barrow, ligbt. Activity, s, Havre, light. Liough Fisher, a, Fleetwood, iigbt SAILINGS. A Nov. 26âImaum, s, New OrieMW, bunk on)y. A.ti,tty, St, IZ.?, oe, _ly. NE WPO RTâARRIVALS. ALEXANDRA DOOK. Nov. 25,-I.iVVftlO, e, 925, Hamburg, water ballast, gtewiirt, «, 760, v Middlesborn-gh, pig iron. Antrim, s, 172, Whitehaven, rng iron, OLD DOCK. Nov. Sâ«, 241, Cork, water ballast. Nov. 26.-F. L. B., 8, 129, j/orieufc, pitwood. RIVER WHARVER, No". â Rikem 41 ⢠Bideford, light John, s, ,826., B,ool, '?' &?t? of LMOMter. 129, Bristol, light. Nov. 25.rede?u- e, 59, Bit,?), light. Ir?. D" light T?il-,I-KNr, 8, lræ ?.?Bri??' 122, Liverp?.?n?j; Ethel, 255c, Bnstoi, general. SAJUNOS. RIVER WHARVES. Nov, 25,-T.degv, ((-3.kl.) Bristol. Topic, s (F.rg..), B?lft. 'W? Roee, t (R??,'  ??: ? <?"? C.,k. 1'ebble, DubMn Loodonderry. George, > (Murphy), -d  ??' '-?' B?"" '? S?m°' ?*' "?' ? w'f. Wil- M:, &Li'Q,o, Ger, Mr.gJeby. 92ri, WaIU, Wi!. h''stFJJ' F, *?' ?' ?*?' Wi). %junt & 00. OLEAMD.-KoTember 2o. a. â Bhyl' ø, B, 1,6M ?l md IM spiegel Uon ._i_ Or, 1,WO -1 ",MPOWN.-N?mber 26. 8*ewwt' t** iron. B. Ctething, jun.  5DIpe, 8, ««««'. .9 Bultm1 80A ?? ?' ?'??- ? °"'?' 8°" S???o ? P'?°<?. W?tt.. W- EXPOBTS COASTWISE.âNovember 26. BridgwO;=rJt <?" itt- Bi?Md?. Julia, us ?it,. S.mtn? Joint 0<?.it. tee Wlk,, & 0, We??d AUce T., 145 coal. T Willu k. rv* (: 1.'1 00.  Wexford, KenDlid. 146 nÅI, MOD. Collieries Cowpu,. Ban:8lapJe. LIada, 40 00&1, WUer\oo 00aI O<&P'UlY '5ÃIÅaI, u, ea.norrl¡¡b'¡ SWANSEA-ARRIVALS. NORTH DO(IL j 9-' 2&-4 246, W,?. 26.-p,o::t, U- 4 Ty)", a. 4(10. UOB,,&, &I.. -Ml? PRINTS OF WALES DOCK. No. 25.âAnnandale, 966, Tilt C-?, -pp?, ore. N? 26.âSt?" Wetter* 964, Antwerp, nil. V.?i- gation, d, 1.017, Ge?a, via GLg, a-.1.?, Jue cLgot,<i,&M, Lt. N-i, uil. SAILINGS. NORTH DOCK. Nov. 25.âLareasbire Lad (Hall), Whitstsble. Nov. 26.âJessie and Emily, (Harries), High. bridge. SOUTH DOClL NOT. 25.âSt. Hilda, s (Wilkie). Belfast. Rio For. mctso, b (Read), Dfracomt*. Edmun4 (Barber), "i' ly Nov. 26.trd, (Th.,i.), Treport Mourae, s (Switt), Newry. Fetguslie, 8 Bei- ¡.t, PRINCE OF WALES DOCK Nov. 25,-Falken, s (Bjornmack), Stockholm. Ith¡c,a, s (Gheagis), Patrcs. Nov. 26 âRheubina, m (Evans), Lisbon. ENTERED OU1WARDS,-No""mlJf>r 26. Baltimore, Lord Erne, s, B, Dunn, 3,647, Willi-, Tiirrey & Co, Genoa, Denia, 8, B, Botting, 1,197, Rutherford & Ch Oheutenay, Jules Chagot, s, F, /.ehuede, 656, L. Gueret Cannes, Millicent, e, B, Ix>ynes, 473, Kwher, Renwick 1J"c.uvil1e. Tyne, 0, B, Sewen, 400, frishcr, Renwick Rouen Forwood. 8, B, Porkons, 365, G. Lennajrl St. Jolin's (Newfoundland). Florence, B, Blackler, 199, Hiurien B, & Co, CLEIARED.âNovem!»er 16. SC J.1h??', (Newfoundland), Florence, B, 300 coal New Yok, Wells City B. 5(r Lrei*enil Cannes, Millicent, e, B, 200 cool, 700 fuel (iwttoa. Denia, «. B. 2.150 1-1- BomÅux, WrUgon11, s, B, 1,300 fuel Bordeaux, Badnea H-'ki- @, B, 100 coal, 670 fuel Norfolk (Va.), Pin?'s Point" 0, B ,1CO ?nera) tMPOHTS.âywember 26. Genoa, ?vtf?.iou, ø, 1,4.H? W- 1-1-mi-e, Crown Spelter Company IMPOttTS COASTWISE.âNovember 26. Bristol, Collier, s, general Bristol, Uio Formoso, », geaerdj Liverpcol, Suniigiit, e, general, John Bacon (Limited) EXPORTS COASTWISE. Z6. A7t.nmoutb, Ckiiiier, geueral Ilfracombe, Uio Formoso, 0, i1!Ileral Liverpool, Sunlight, a, generai, J. Bacon (Limited) Wexford, Jevesa, 100 coal, Mannave i Co. PORT TALBOT.-ARRIV AL8. «, 77, Bideford, iKliut. Nov. 25.-Vlctor, 181, Youghal, pibwood. SAIUNGS ( N?. 22.-PurveyorS ,u^tle>- ?? Pimmtb Florrie '"IIA^0^â¢1"11 (k*bW' Eüng ^PLV 'MPORTK.âNovember 25. Youghal, VMtor, pitwood, J. J..?. & Co.